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Above: Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese speaking in Ashland, OR as part of a west coast Occupy tour.

Popular Resistance announced today that it is increasing its activities on radio and with podcasts.

The long-time show, Clearing The FOG, which began on We Act Radio in Washington, DC, announced a Patreon to crowd-fund work to improve the show and expand the number of listeners.

Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese will also be hosting a second show, Thinking It Through, which will be available to podcast donors.

We have written about how the next decade will present opportunities for major progress in achieving economic, racial and environmental justice as well as peace. It is important for people who care about these issues to be well informed about the issues and what we can do about them. We are expanding our podcasts now because we want people to be able to take full advantage of the opportunities ahead.

You can visit and donate to our Patreon here.

Building a stronger people’s media is a critical part of creating change. Independent and social media can overtake the corporate media and make sure the views of the people are heard.

FOG stands for Forces of Greed, and after we ‘clear the FOG,’ we will talk about what we do now that we know the facts. The Thinking it Through podcast will be a more free-wheeling discussion between us, sometimes with guests, to talk about where the movement goes on particular issues.

We will bring our experience in a wide range of campaigns to the discussion. We have won important campaigns and lost campaigns. Our experiences, along with the analysis of our guests, will provide listeners with an opportunity to be well informed on what they can do to create positive change.

You can visit and donate to our Patreon here.

Donors to the podcasts can also ask us questions that we will answer on the air and we also have various Clearing the FOG items you will receive when you donate.

We hope you will join us be part of the transformational movement we all know is needed.


  • Looking forward. Like that your adding how to move forward besides analysis of problems. Excellent first segment of your course btw

  • Johnny Prescott

    It is direly needed. Defining the problem is relatively easy. Coming up with realistic solutions in society filled of brainwashed and apathetic people is difficult.

  • Alan MacDonald

    Sincere Congratulations to you two, Kevin and Margaret, on your well deserved leading of the way in “Popular Resistance” against the forces aligned against ‘we the people’!

  • Alan MacDonald

    How, exactly would you “define the problem”, yourself, Johnny?

    Just askin.

  • Johnny Prescott

    People have no agency over their politics and thus the business class rules over us, and due to this, capitalism is destroying the planet.

  • Alan MacDonald

    So, if I understand you, Johnny, Capitalism is the seminal cause of the problem — and your strategy in America would be to turn the American people against capitalism?