Postal Workers Joined by Occupy Caravan Protesting Shrinkage and Privatization of the Post Office

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The U.S. Postal Service is under attack.  After a 2006 law that required them to pre-pay 75 years of pension benefits — essentially paying the pensions of postal workers not yet born — the vultures are circling and an effort to privatize the post office is coming.  Former OMB director, Peter Orzag, who is now a vice president for Citigroup urged the privatization of the Post Office noting that one of its assets is an overpaid pension fund!  And, he urged a subsidy for the privateers so they can provide service to rural, low-population areas.  As Orszag well knows, the Post Office receives no subsidy, it is required to pay for its service out of its own funds.

Postal workers went on a hunger strike, are planning on attending both the Democratic and Republican Conventions in order to make the shrinkage of the post office an issue in the campaign.  Here’s a video of a recent protest outside of the postal headquarters by postal workers joined by Occupy Caravan . . .

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