President Maduro: United States Is Living An Anti-Racist Spring

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Above photo: President Maduro from Screenshot Hispan TV.

The President of Venezuela said that the US is experiencing an anti-racist spring, in reference to the massive protests for the murder of George Floyd.

“People on the street are saying who Donald Trump is every day,” said the Venezuelan president during his participation on Monday in the TV show “Between Values,” in which he also asserted that the American people “live an anti-racist spring”.

On the other hand, he stressed that historical figures such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King are more present today than ever among Americans who fight for their rights. “They are the martyrs for a future hope, for a new society that is emerging in the US,” he said.

He also stressed that individualism and pettiness are the essence of systems of world domination through the denial of social being. “Capitalism is based on the use of collective work for enrichment and the conquest of individual power,” he said, not without first clarifying that treason and complexes such as the ego emerge from this devaluation.

“Humanity needs a great revolution in values ​​and the center of that stage is love,” he insisted.

In another part of the interview, he referred to Latin American unity efforts and said that the arrival of a wave of right-wing governments in favor of the US regime President, Donald Trump, represents a setback in the union of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The US uprising started after the death of Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police, in the US state of Minnesota, continues to spread in different cities of the United States to denounce police violence and racism.

Protesters demand justice for Floyd and other African Americans killed by US police while calling for reforms in that country’s police system.

  • tttbnr

    Those are interesting insights from a bus driver.

  • Nylene13

    Who better to understand we the people than a bus driver?

  • kevinzeese

    A bus driver who was a union activist, became an adviser to Hugo Chavez, who became a member of the National Assembly and its president then served as Foreign Minister and Vice President.

    He has had a pretty amazing career. In his re-election, the US knew the opposition could not defeat him so they worked to undermine the legitimacy of the election by discouraging candidates from running and calling for a boycott of the election. In the end five candidates ran and almost 50% of the population voted.

    I was there for the election visited multiple polling sites and saw an election that was run better than US elections. There were more than 300 international election observers who unanimously found the election met all standards for a democratic election under international law and Maduro was legitimately elected.

    Since his election he has stood up to ongoing US coup attempts, economic war and military threats. He has become more popular because he has defeated the US. It is no easy taks taking on the United States and the wealth inside Venezuela, but he is succeeding against all odds.

    He knows very well what the US is like. He has been here, and visited neighborhoods in multiple cities. Unlike what the US says about him, he is telling the truth about the United States.