Presidential Candidates Interrupted By Black Lives Matter Activists

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Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders attend Netroots Nation. Hillary Clinton skipped the gathering.

Phoenix, AZ – “Black Lives Matter” protesters interrupted Democratic presidential candidates Martin O’Malley, former governor of Maryland, and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) during their appearances Saturday at Netroots Nation, a progressive conference being held in Phoenix this year.

O’Malley was interrupted after just one question during a panel discussion with Jose Antonio Vargas, and Sanders had barely begun speaking before he was cut off.

Demonstrators began chanting, “What side are you on?” during a Q&A session with O’Malley. O’Malley allowed the protesters to finish, but drew boos when he said that “black lives matter, all lives matter, white lives matter,” according to Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel. O’Malley later admitted that he made a mistake in his choice of words and said he did not mean any disrespect

Sanders was quickly interrupted when he spoke and told protesters that he agreed with them.

Sanders tried to continue speaking, but Vargas eventually ended the panel early.

While O’Malley and Sanders had a difficult time speaking on Saturday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, chose not to attend the conference and was campaigning in Arkansas instead.

‘Black Lives Matter’ Activists Interrupt O’Malley Sanders Forum by NBC Affiliate KPNX.

Black Lives Matter Protesters – Martin O’Malley Crashes Politically at Netroots Nation by The Benjamin Dixon Show

  • cruisersailor

    Wouldn’t it be better if the Black Lives Matter people waited for the Q&A session to ask their question instead of chanting?

  • rgaura

    Both of these candidates have terrible records on black incarceration, and brutality during their tenure as governors. Vermont has a hugely disproportionate incarceration rate of blacks, and ships them out of state to private corporate control in a very brutal way. And do we even have to mention Baltimore, Maryland? They have a lot to answer for, and platitudes won´t cut it. These lives were taken by murder, not `lost´.

    These women, (and why not print their names) are showing political leadership. I´ll reprint my comment from common dreams;

    Finally, a note of sanity in this election process! Who is the candidate who will articulate a very corrupt process of predation by economic entities that has been shaped and legislated into existence by both major parties? I would say the narrative goes something like this; back in the 90´s the Clinton presidency acquiesced to the financial set to 1) criminalize the unruly poor and colored populations by flooding their communities with drugs, with the massive proceeds to fund black budget projects and buy up any political opposition. 2) move factories and jobs overseas with government subsidies 3) Create a gulag of prison slave labor, as well as break up families and therefor, organized dissent. 4) Destroy Aid to Families with Dependent Children, and any other social service that might help people live in dignity. We could backup a bit and note that the drugs were flown into Mena Arkansas while Clinton was partying in the statehouse, and El Toro air force base while the Bush cartel was in control of Texas. (Read Cockburn´s Whiteout). The dry run for massive financial fraud was also in play, as HUD was losing 1.2 Billion dollars a year in sector six, which encompasses TX and AK. When the asst secretary at HUD asked to see the paperwork, it was blown up at the Federal building in Oklahoma. Since then the banking/housing scams have gone global, and buildings containing the paperwork keep blowing up, as in building 7 WTT. Aaron Russo was right, this thing has been engineered by both parties, and represented by the Bush and Clinton cartels, and planned for a long time.
    Go Black Lives Matter! Que Viva la Resistencia!


    Great Words.

    #Black Lives Matter.

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