Prison Labor Replaces Striking Garbage Workers In New Orleans

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On Wednesday, dozens of garbage workers, employed by the temp service People Ready, went on strike, demanding proper safety equipment.

The workers, who make only $10.25 an hour are also demanding hazard pay and paid sick leave.

“$10.25 to pick up trash – come on now. It’s contaminated now with coronavirus,” strike leader Gregory Woods told Payday Report this week.

After striking, the workers were fired en-masse earlier this week

However, many workers had hoped that the city would find a resolution to hire the back. Now, the city has found new workers to replace the striking workers, prison labor from nearby Livingston Parish.

“Metro Services Group has long been an advocate of helping persons who had been incarcerated return to society in a meaningful and productive way,” said the city’s sanitation services in a statement. “Metro makes no apologies for this policy as a core element of our commitment to being good corporate citizens.

Under state rules, prison inmates, employed by Metro Services, will be paid only 13% of what garbage workers, who only make $10.25-an-hour, are being paid.

“I really don’t like it,” says Woods. “They are really trying to use those dudes to do our job, and they paying them way less than they were paying us.”

“They are trying to show the world that people will still do our job without giving us the proper protective equipment,” says Woods. “All of it is a hustle for them, a scam for them. They saving money that’s all they are doing – that’s all it is”.

The workers have been on strike for four days, but so far, the city of New Orleans has refused to meet with them to discuss their safety concerns.

Despite the use of inmates, garbage workers say that they will continue to strike in New Orleans. They have built widespread community spreads from unions and community groups, but still, the city has refused to meet with them to discuss their safety concerns.

“They aren’t trying to hear us,” says Woods. “They don’t care about us; they would let anything happen. If we were to get sick, they don’t care if we spread the disease. They just don’t care”.

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  • 0040

    I recall when MLK was assassinated for supporting a garbage strike in Memphis . My how things have changed ?

  • didactic1

    The planned contraction of workforce by the fraudulent pandemic government-hedge find swindlers clearly aims to bring slavery back way beyond prison labor. Non high level professionals will be give a basic package of benefits, a bit of cash and a lifetime of temporary make work jobs to prevent class violence. The media will bless this as compassion.

  • didactic1

    MLK was dead the moment the lawyer relief acts, civil rights acts ,were passed. He got uppity with labor and antiwar rhetoric. Bye Rev.

    LBJ and Helms took care of the Kennedy’s and King. LBJ knew his drinks could be mixed with a traceless chemical that would tip his blocked heart into oxygen starvation,if he didn’t follow orders.

  • 0040

    He died in Memphis while supporting a strike , choosing to miss the point won’t save your rhetorical failure here.

  • didactic1

    LBJ did not die of a broken heart. He had severe cardio issues for at least 20 years before his final, o f several heart attacks. He didn’t sleep because he was a miserable sob alpha control freak who called minions at all hrs to bully them and his suspected enemies.

    He knew Vietnam was hopeless but over a million people dead and more maimed because he didn’t want to be red baited by the right and some in his racist party.

    He drank and smoked too much and when not abusing people verbally he abused them sexually.

    I regret a big CI killed him suddenly. Slow death from stomach cancer would have been so nice. He showed that Crime pays. He was far sleazier than Nixon, not as smart as Nixon and was far more damaging to human life than Trump.

    Must go to Austin soon to pee on his grave.

  • 0040

    Quibbling over details is pointless ? AS POTUS’s go Johnson was middling, a product of our political system . He and Nixon are equally responsible for the debacle that was Vietnam, although in the end Nixon payed the higher price , probably deservingly. He became a scapegoat of epic proportions.

  • Joe M


  • didactic1

    Better than sitting in a cell being spit on and fondled.

  • didactic1

    The United States needs to go. Anything that discredits it is helpful.

  • didactic1

    Nixon didn’t initiate commitment to long term struggle in Vietnam. Jumping Jacks Flash did.

  • jemcgloin

    Mike Pence was the head of the ‘capitalist model’ rebuilding of New Orleans after Katrina.

    The Right is extreme.

    The Left is moderate.

    Centrists need to choose a side.

  • 0040

    He certainly wanted too , but the stinking bag of feces Johnson left him with was to toxic to be used successfully . He then abandoned Vietnam , and cancelling the draft gave him a landslide reelection in 1972 and took the steam out of an impending at the time American revolution.

  • didactic1

    Jumping Jacks and his macho bespectacled Haaahvahd advisors DID it.

    Action. Took out Diem too.
    That was it. Maybe that’s why Jack didn’t jump high enough in Dallas.

  • 0040

    Other than sleeping with Marilyn Monroe and averting WW3, with help from Khrushchev during the Cuban missile crisis , and denying CIA air-cover during the Bay of pigs fiasco , JFK was killed before he did much of anything ? That he signed off on the Diem assassination , before it occurred is dubious at best. That he owned it once it was done is true. JFK was a product of his time , and a sex scandal with a Marilyn like East German spy would have probably seen him sent packing in 1964.