Privatization Of Prisons Gets New Life Under Sessions Order

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One of the ugliest policies in the move to privatize public services has been the private prison industry. We have reported on the abuses of private prisons, riots at them and  how they put profit ahead of prisoners as these shocking photos show. The private prison industry is a corrupting influence in US politics.  We have reported on howImmigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is striking deals with private prison companies to lock up a “guaranteed minimum” of mothers with their children in euphemistically-termed family detention centers” and how they are getting wealthy abusing immigrants.  Corporations are turning the US justice system into a profit making venture at every step in the process.

Popular Resistance agrees with the statement of the ACLU issued in response to Attorney General Sessions withdrawing the Obama administration policy to move toward ending private prisons.

The Trump administration, through a memo from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, withdrew an Obama administration policy to reduce and ultimately end the use of private prisons by the Justice Department.

David C. Fathi, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s National Prison Project, issued the following statement:

“Handing control of prisons over to for-profit companies is a recipe for abuse and neglect. The memo from Attorney General Sessions ignores this fact. Additionally, this memo is a further sign that under President Trump and Attorney General Sessions, the United States may be headed for a new federal prison boom, fueled in part by criminal prosecutions of immigrants for entering the country.

President Trump, whose super-PAC received hundreds of thousands of dollars from private prison companies, has issued executive orders calling for increasing criminal prosecutions of immigrants. He has repeatedly expressed support for new legislation to impose harsh, unnecessary new mandatory minimum sentences for these prosecutions.”

This decision to continue to use private prisons by the Trump administration ensures that the profit of private prisons will come before treating prisoners humanely. As the former acting attorney general under Trump ( removed from office for her concerns about the legality of Trumps travel order from seven mostly Muslim countries), Sally Yates said when she deputy attorney general Sally Yates under Obama wrote private prisons “simply do not provide the same level of correctional services, programs, and resources; they do not save substantially on costs; and as noted in a recent report by the Department’s Office of Inspector General, they do not maintain the same level of safety and security.” The result will be a downward spiral in US treatment of prisoners which is already severely problematic. 

The downward spiral in treatment of prisoners will be accompanied by an up spiral in private prison profits. The trend toward corporate profiteering from what is becoming a prison-industrial complex will continue. Injustice will thrive while justice is diminished.

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  • TecumsehUnfaced

    People will die because of Sickie Sessions. How can we give the Attorney General the starring role in the murder trial he deserves? How about one for all the traitor senators that voted to approve this monster?

  • timmfr30

    he is a little pissant and will harm our democracy with his vitriol


    The inmates need to not do any work while in prison, and they’d go out of business real fast.


    We’re not a democracy….

  • If only this were true. We pay taxes on our wage slave incomes to incarcerate our own brothers and sisters to protect a monetary economic system of private property that discards us as excess labor when we are no longer needed. We are imprisoned for trying to survive in the margins of a society that values private ownership over human life. We are imprisoned as slave labor, because of we have been forced into homelessness and joblessness, forced to become violators of the property rights of the privileged ownership class in order to survive. We all live in a system of monetary slavery that benefits only an increasingly smaller and smaller number of wealthy individuals.

  • timmfr30

    I agree…semantic brain fart


    Where do they get cheap slave labor? From prisoners!

  • Yes, but that is not the only source of income for prisons. Nor should it be a source of income for prisons at all, in my opinion. People who need to have their freedom restricted by society should only be those in need of serious help. Making them into slaves is not a way to help them. The problem we face when anyone is maladjusted to society is at the very least, two fold. What aspects of this maladjustment are derived from the individuals behaviors and what aspects are derived from the behaviors of the society? When imprisonment becomes such a widespread phenomena, then we need to ask ourselves why have property rights enshrined in money become more important than even the most basic of human rights, like access to clean air, water, food and healthcare? When we invert our values through the use of money, we inevitably end up with systems of slavery like the prison-industrial complex. By the end of WWII, these camps became known as concentration camps. I find it offensive that you dump the burden of responsibility on those being enslaved.