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Protecting The OPCW Against Transparency

Above photo: Nathalie Loiseau MEP.

Who is Nathalie Loiseau?

On the 15th April 2021 an extraordinary event took place in the European Parliament, in Brussels. An Ireland South MEP, Mick Wallace, expressed concerns over the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) handling of an alleged chemical attack in Douma, Eastern Damascus, Syria, on the 7th April 2018, which was immediately blamed on the Syrian government prior to the OPCW investigative team securing access to the site of the reported attack.

A “chemical attack” that led to the US, UK and French bombing of Damascus and Homs on the 14th April 2018, targeting purported “chemical weapon” research centers, a claim denied by Syrian officials and employees at the centers.

Wallace’s intervention can be watched here:

Wallace addressed his question to the Director General of the OPCW, Fernando Arias, but before Arias could respond the subcommittee chairwoman, Nathalie Loiseau interceded to apparently protect Arias from such “fake news” questioning.

“I cannot accept that you can call into question the work of an international organization, and that you would call into question the word of the victims in the way you have just done,” Loiseau reprimanded Wallace.

Clearly incensed, Wallace retorted – “Is there no freedom of speech being allowed in the European Parliament any more?. Today you are denying me my opinion!”

At that point Wallace’s microphone was cut and Arias was given the floor. The OPCW DG failed to respond to the issues raised by Wallace. Instead, he expressed gratitude for the “words of support” from MEPs present and reinforced claims that the Syrian government is responsible for “humanitarian catastrophe of massive proportions”.

In so doing, Arias, further denigrated senior members of the original OPCW investigative team dispatched to Douma, whose findings have been deliberately buried by the OPCW because they conclude that no chemical attack took place – a finding that would render the tripartite alliance in Washington, London and Paris liable to prosecution for war crimes, having carried out unlawful aggression based on spurious “intelligence” claims emanating from compromised open sources, including the UK/US/EU-incubated White Helmets, embedded with the armed groups in Douma and throughout Eastern Ghouta.

Those responsible for the “humanitarian catastrophe” are the same nations who appear to be corrupting the OPCW’s integrity to serve their “regime change” agenda in Syria. Not forgetting that former OPCW DG, Jose Bustani, had been intimidated by John Bolton and pressured into resigning when his conclusions threatened to scupper US/UK-led plans to invade Iraq in 2003 based on the WMD dodgy dossier.

Who is Nathalie Loiseau?

Loiseau is a staunch ally of French President, Emanuel Macron, former Secretary of State for European Affairs until March 2019. In July 2019 she was elected an MEP. Since then, she has been a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Security and Defence. Loiseau has defended Macron’s domestic record despite the horrifying increase in state-sanctioned brutality to suppress rising economic unrest in France since Macron came to power. 

This means that Loiseau was a French Government Minister when Macron’s government decided to bomb Syria immediately after the alleged Douma “chemical attack”. Loiseau’s response to a question regarding Douma in the French National Assembly on the 10/4/2018 was an unequivocal condemnation of the Syrian government, leaving no room for doubt that they were to blame for the attack. Loiseau described events on the 7th April 2018 as a “monstrosity”:-

“It is a violation of international law, a violation of all conventions and UN resolutions, but a monstrosity because it is one more step into the barbarism that Syria has suffered for seven years. Bashar Al Assad has shown he is the enemy of his people. What happened in Douma [..] are women, men and children deliberately murdered while they slept.” (translated from original French text)

Three days after an event that had not yet been investigated, Loiseau was already arguing for punitive intervention – “France will ensure that the ban on the use of chemical weapons is respected [..] We want the whole truth, we want to act, we must work to bring peace to this martyred country.”

Loiseau continued in this condemnatory vein. On 15/4/2018 she gave an interview to France’s TV 5 Monde, one day after France, US and UK bombed Syria. The reporter refers to the French Defence Ministry assessment report which was based largely on “declassified French intelligence” and open source witness testimony, videos and photographs and asks Loiseau to give reassurances that the conclusions drawn are correct.

Loiseau cites the “medical NGOs on the ground” which probably refers to the FUKUS- financed White Helmets embedded with the Army of Islam (Jaish Al Islam) in Douma, an extremist armed group also heavily promoted & supported by the UK FCDO (Foreign Commonwealth Development Office) via one of their many outreach agencies responsible for media and PR for the “opposition” militia in Syria.

Loiseau claims that symptoms “observed in the victims show that chlorine and powerful neurotoxins were used.” A claim later proven to be completely false by the dissenting OPCW inspectors. Loiseau argues that none but the Syrian government had cause to deploy chemical weapons and that only the Syrian Army had helicopters which were used to drop the chemical weapons. “So there is absolutely no doubt”… according to Loiseau.

The reporter gamely presses Loiseau on the lack of analysis of the presumed chemical products. Loiseau repeats the White Helmet-amplified claims of symptoms, suffocation, convulsions and so on. Symptoms that would be explained differently by medical staff on duty in Douma Medical Point on the night of the attack – when interviewed by acclaimed journalist, Robert Fisk, on the 17th April – three days after the unjustified FUKUS bombing of Syria.

the patients, he says, were overcome not by gas but by oxygen starvation in the rubbish-filled tunnels and basements in which they lived, on a night of wind and heavy shelling that stirred up a dust storm.”

This explanation was repeated by interviews I conducted in the Douma Medical Point shortly after Fisk’s visit.

For Loiseau, there is no alternative explanation, no the images have not been manipulated – it was later proven that they were manipulated. Loiseau responds to TV5 concerns that information on social media is not a basis for launching punitive strikes against a sovereign nation, by blaming Russia for the delay in the OPCW inspection. Loiseau effectively isolates the propaganda war as being generated solely by Russia with their ‘talk of manipulation, provocation and uncertainty” – talk that has been vindicated by the subsequent testimony of OPCW dissident inspectors. Loiseau finishes by stating:

“We are certain we do not strike facilities which themselves have been used to produce and use chemical weapons unless we are certain that these chemical weapons have indeed been used”

It was no coincidence that FUKUS launched the attack against Syria the night before the OPCW Inspectors were due to visit Douma. Many in Damascus came to the conclusion that the US alliance were trying to thwart the investigation and to possibly destroy evidence or even to empower the terrorist groups into staging further “chemical attacks”.

It is therefore, not surprising that three years later, Loiseau is defending the OPCW against transparency because she is effectively defending France against prosecution for acting unlawfully and carrying out an act of aggression that could have precipitated military escalation in the region, even led to direct confrontation between Russia and the US Coalition. An act of aggression that Loiseau actively endorsed.

Loiseau is deeply embedded in the anti-Syria regime change complex

On 3/3/2021, Loiseau participated in a webinar “Syria: The fight against impunity” – hosted by Renew Europe and heavily promoted by The Syria Campaign – “how can the EU reassert itself in the eyes of Syrians and use its power to uphold international justice and accountability for crimes against humanity?”. Not only did the title of the webinar hark back to Loiseau’s lexicon at the time of the alleged Douma attack, the other participants represent the FUKUS-backed “opposition” to the Syrian government.

Screenshot of Loiseau’s intervention in the Syria webinar hosted by Renew Europe, promoted by The Syria Campaign.

Other speakers included Bassma Kodmani, former spokesperson for Hillary Clinton-courted Syrian National Council – Kodmani is widely considered a US intelligence asset – and Rami Jarrah a “journalist” embedded in Syria at the start of the “Arab Spring” and responsible for maintaining the narratives that have criminalised the Syrian government since the FUKUS-led destabilisation project was initiated in 2011 (planned long before).

The Syria Campaign is a central lobbyist in the regime change complex. Seed-funded by Syrian oil-executive, Ayman Asfari, who has also generously donated to the UK Conservative Party under Theresa May and is extensively invested in regime change in Syria. May was Prime Minister when FUKUS bombed Syria in April 2018.

The Syria Campaign runs much of the PR for The White Helmets and ensures considerable public donations are given to the controversial organisation accused of war crimes by the Syrian people that have endured the armed group invasion and occupation – the White Helmets are almost universally described as “Nusra Front (Al Qaeda) Civil Defence”by those civilians. The Syria Campaign has consistently advocated Syrian “No Fly Zones”, effectively a declaration of war. Even Hillary Clinton admitted that a NFZ  “would kill a lot of Syrians”.

The White Helmets have also been instrumental in supplying “evidence” of the alleged chemical attacks attributed to the Syrian Government by the FUKUS-dominated international community and UN. Any initiative that will discredit this externally funded and protected, terrorist-linked organisation threatens the entire “regime change” humanitarian pretext – intervention to prevent the ‘gassing of the Syrian people” by a “tyrant”. In the case of Douma, it was even admitted by a BBC Producer, Riam Dalati, that the hospital scenes were staged – by the White Helmets.

White Helmet “evidence” that supported the Khan Sheikhoun chemical weapon claims in 2017 was discredited by former Iraq weapons inspector, Scott Ritter. Loiseau is aligning herself with the alliance of media and FUKUS-aligned perception influencers who have managed the Syria narratives from the beginning and who have ensured ten years of misery, war, bloodshed and displacement for the Syrian people they claim to defend.

Loiseau’s participation in this webinar and the narratives she reinforces during her statement firmly identify her as a Syrian “regime change” lobbyist. There can be no doubt that her silencing of dissent in the EU Parliament is driven by her bias against the Syrian government and allies.

Transparency is the only way to restore OPCW credibility

Those calling for transparency from the OPCW are not attempting to destroy the OPCW, on the contrary they have all expressed a desire to restore credibility to the organisation. The OPCW is a global security agency, it has now been afforded the mandate to attribute blame, a move supported primarily by the FUKUS alliance. Effectively this means the OPCW might be responsible for military intervention against another nation deemed to have used chemical weapons. How will the world be reassured that the report is not doctored as the OPCW has clearly falsified the Douma report according to its own senior inspectors? The future of global security hangs in the balance and airing concerns and respecting the opinions of experts in their field is the only way forward.

A recent Statement of Concern, published on 11/3/2021 expresses the concerns of a number of eminent individuals including Jose Bustani, Tulsi Gabbard and US Colonel Lawrence B Wilkerson:

“The issue at hand threatens to severely damage the reputation and credibility of the OPCW and undermine its vital role in the pursuit of international peace and security. It is simply not tenable for a scientific organization such as the OPCW to refuse to respond openly to the criticisms and concerns of its own scientists whilst being associated with attempts to discredit and smear those scientists. Moreover, the on-going controversy regarding the Douma report also raises concerns with respect to the reliability of previous FFM reports, including the investigation of the alleged attack at Khan Shaykhun in 2017.

We believe that the interests of the OPCW are best served by the Director General providing a transparent and neutral forum in which the concerns of all the investigators can be heard as well as ensuring that a fully objective and scientific investigation is completed.

To that end, we call on the Director General of the OPCW to find the courage to address the problems within his organization relating to this investigation and ensure States Parties and the United Nations are informed accordingly. In this way we hope and believe that the credibility and integrity of the OPCW can be restored.”

On that basis, we can safely conclude that Loiseau is defending global insecurity and perpetual war. Loiseau silenced a voice of reason in the European Parliament out of self interest and in the interest of France’s neocolonialist ambitions in Syria that have nothing to do with the protection of the Syrian people who rejected French rule in 1946. Loiseau argued that France would stay in Syria when former President Trump favoured withdrawal of US troops in December 2018.

Loiseau is an intervention-biased voice that has no place in any reasonable debate and it is unethical that an MEP with such long, deep connections to Globalist policies led by the US – Loiseau declared vigilant partnership with the US in March 2018 – is permitted to interfere in the campaign to hold the OPCW accountable.

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