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Video: Protest at White House, Close Guantanamo, Diane Wilson Goes Over White House Fence

Above photo by Ted Majdosz shows Diane Wilson after she went over the White House fence being held by police and attack dog.

Video above by Eddie Becker who writes:

Diane Wilson, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, like a Guantanamo detainee, managed to scale the White House Fence, in an effort to draw attention to the plight of the 104 hunger striking Guantanamo detainees, most held without charges. She was immediately surrounded and arrested by a Secret Service swat team armed with automatic weapons and a German Shepherd.

Video and photos below by Bill Hughes

Bill Hughes writes:

Human Rights activist Diane Wilson was arrested on Wednesday afternoon, June 26, 2013 around 2 pm for going over the fence and lading on the lawn at the White House in a daring protest action. A member of Veterans For Peace and co-founder of CODEPINK, she has been on “a water-only hunger strike since June 1 in solidarity with the detainees at Guantanamo.” Before the demonstration began, Ms. Wilson shared with me the reasons why she is protesting. Soon after her arrest, about 20 more activists were arrested in front of the White House. On this tape, activist Kevin Zeese gives his analysis of the demonstration. He held President Barack Obama responsible for Guantanamo and labeled him “a torturer-in-chief.” To learn more about the exact number of arrests and charges and background on today’s demonstration, check out and and

1. Diane Wilson on White House Lawn

DW arrest 1


2. Diane Wilson in Wheel Chair in Front of White House

DW 2

3. Protesters at Close Guantanamo Protest, Protesters in Rear Getting Arrested



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