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Protest Breaks Out At COP24 Speech After US Announces No Change To Climate Policy

Above Photo: Youtube Screenshot/ EuroNews

Protesters at the COP24 climate conference made sure US President Donald Trump’s energy advisor knew they were not happy with the US’ unwillingness to change its climate policy.

Demonstrators erupted in song while Wells Griffith said the US will not be rejecting coal mining or fossil fuel use in the future during a speech in Katowice, Poland, where the conference is being held.

“The reality is, countries will continue to use fossil fuels to ensure they meet basic power, transportation, and the industrial needs of their citizens.

“The nuclear power industry will also continue to provide large amounts of emission-free baseload power. This is especially important for the nearly one billion people on the planet who lack access to energy or deal with energy poverty,” Griffith said.

“If we are serious about eradicating poverty and providing universal access to affordable, reliable energy, it’s clear energy innovation in fossil fuels will continue to play a leading role,” he said, before being disrupted by protesters who began singing and chanting: “keep it in the ground.”

Griffith pleaded for the protesters to hear him out, saying: “I hope you’ll give us a chance,” but was unsuccessful to continue his talk.

Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement and doesn’t believe climate change is concerning to Americans.

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