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Protest Gov. Jerry Brown Receiving An Environmental Award

On Oct. 17, Governor Jerry Brown is being given the Right Stuff environmental award by the Blue Green Alliance. Brown just gutted and signed SB4 which will ramp up fracking in the state. He has declared war on CEQA, the environmental review law that is our last resort against polluters. And he is pushing the $54 billion Orwellian named Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) known as the twin tunnels. This is really a corporate water grab for Big Ag and Big Oil that will actually destroy a valuable ecosystem, the largest estuary on the West Coast of the Americas. We need to show him that his record cannot be green washed by even the most well meaning organizations and that we demand a ban on fracking, the strengthening not gutting of CEQA and the withdrawal of the twin tunnels plan.

Meet on the street in front of the hotel. A smaller group will be formed to stand at the entrance to the parking lot.

Bring creative signs saying “Ban Fracking Now”, “Stop The Tunnels,” Don’t Gut CEQA” and whatever other environmental issue you care about that Brown is assaulting.

Invitation to the award ceremony for Governor Brown

For information on this protest visit their Facebook page


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