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Protest Lock-Down Continues At Maules Creek Mine Site

Update: Protest lock-down continues at Maules Creek mine site, dead bat already found in clearing aftermath

Protesters at the Maules Creek coal mine construction site have maintained their blockade overnight, and the site remains in lock-down as protest action escalates over clearing in Leard State Forest during wildlife hibernation.

This morning, a protester has attached himself to a truck on the main access road to the forest, blocking the road.

Other activists remain in place in the forest, determined to prevent any further clearing after the body of a dead bat was yesterday discovered by one of the protesters.

Leard Forest Alliance spokesperson, Helen War, said, “Winter begins tomorrow, but we have already found evidence that Whitehaven’s clearing in this forest at this time is killing wildlife. This should be all the evidence that the NSW Environment Minister needs to take action to stop this cruel and unnecessary bulldozing in Leard State Forest.

“We will not give up.”

Yesterday afternoon, Greenpeace Australia Pacific joined the blockade with an elaborate tree-top protest in the area threatened with clearing, which has remained in place overnight.

One protester was arrested yesterday afternoon.

Further comment: Helen War 0431 930 428

Follow the action throughout the day via twitter #leardblockade

Video footage of the forest clearing is available here:

Photos will available throughout the day here:

Media release

30 May 2014

Blockade halts Whitehaven clearing in Leard forest 

Major tree clearing in Leard State Forest for the Maules Creek Coal mine will be interrupted by protestors for a third day today, as blockade numbers swell in response to Government failure to respond to calls for the clearing to cease.

This morning, a 24-year-old woman is suspended from a platform that is attached by cable to the threatened trees, preventing bulldozers for Whitehaven Coal from clearing part of the forest for an open-cut coal pit.

A management plan for the mine previously prevented clearing at this time of year, but was changed for Whitehaven by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment two weeks ago.

Leard Forest Alliance spokeswoman Roselyn Druce said, “We are here because of a comprehensive failure across Government to uphold any standard of environmental protection in Leard State Forest. Over 150 people have been arrested trying to stop this terrible mine in the last four months because the rules have been bent to breaking point for Whitehaven Coal and we’re fed up with it.”

Yesterday, the NSW Opposition and NSW Greens called for a halt to the clearing during the cold months, to protect wildlife that are in hibernation, and cannot escape. The NSW Environment Minister has not yet acted on calls for Whitehaven cease work in the forest during winter.

Ms Druce said, “Where is Environment Minister Rob Stokes? Will anyone from the Government ever come out here to see the result of their craven decisions to let Whitehaven Coal run amok in this forest?

“Since we put out a call to action at the beginning of this week, many more people have joined this blockade. We want the NSW Government to intervene, but if they won’t, we will fight Whitehaven Coal for every inch of this forest.”

Further information and comment: Ros Druce 0427 826 188

Follow the action throughout the day via twitter #LeardBlockade

Video footage of the forest clearing is available here:

Photos will available throughout the day here:

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