Protesters Say ‘No’ To Asia Pivot and TPP: US Out Of Asia

| Resist!

Video: US Out of Asia Rally, Times Square New York, April 25, 2014

As President Obama tours Asia Pacific to strengthen military alliances and promote the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), Asians in New York City came together to say “No to the U.S. pivot to Asia,” “US troops out of Asia,” and “No to the TPPA.”

People are recognizing the link between the Asia Pivot where the United States is sending 60% of its Navy to Asian waters and encircling China with military bases and troops; with the TPP which is encircling China economically in a trade agreement that does not include China. This is another step in a campaign by the United States to dominate Asia and weaken China. As President Obama toured Asia he was met by protesters opposing the expansion of US empire into Asia. People are calling for US Our Of Asia in rallies, rather than seeing the US working in partnership with Asian countries people see the US trying to dominate the region and thousands are rejecting further US imperialism.

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