Protest planned to prevent Idaho Springs resident from eviction

By Chris Time Steele
The Examiner, October 29, 2012

Supporters outside of Sahara's home


The Colorado Foreclosure Resistance Coalition and Occupy Denver are helping to prevent Sahara Donahue in Idaho Springs from being evicted from her home of 24 years on Tuesday October 30, 2012. When the Realtor arrived to her house on Wednesday October 24, 2012, a houseful of occupiers stated that they were not going to leave the house. The Realtor explained that he would be coming back with 20 people to evict everyone from the house on October 30th. 
A protest is set to take place October 29, 2012, from noon to 2 p.m. at US Bank’s main office (950 17th Street) in Denver. The protest is requesting that US Bank gives Donahue 60 days to leave her house. Following the protest, supporters are planning to go to Donahue’s house in Idaho Springs and occupy the home overnight to prevent her from being evicted on Tuesday. The Clear Creek County Sheriff’s office confirmed on Monday morning that they would be evicting Donahue on Tuesday October 30.
Occupy Denver reported, “We are in communication with local attorneys who have successfully opposed such fraudulent, illegal foreclosure actions by the banks. Community members in Idaho Springs, along with Occupy Denver, plan to petition local law enforcement to have the decency to allow Sahara the chance to move safely from her home as winter sets in.” Compared to 2011, foreclosure fillings have been on the rise in Colorado as with much of the country. KGNU and the Huffington Post have reported that they will be covering the story on site.
Chris Steele is a well-known musician, writer and a specialist on progressive politics. He advocates for truth and public accountability.