Protests Against Syrian War Developing Rapidly

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Also check websites of ANSWER Coalition and Peace Action for more protests. See also Saturday: Emergency Actions To Protest War On Syria.

As the U.S. gets closer to attacking Syria, people are mobilizing in the U.S. and around the world to protest and re-build our movement.  The information that UNAC has received on protests around the country is listed below.  The information will be updated regularly on the UNAC web site:   If you are having an action and have not listed it with us, please do so by clicking here: .

Please join an action in your area and let others know.

Say NO to another US War!

Hands OFF Syria!


Huntsville, AL
Saturday, August 31
Corner of Whitesburg Drive and Airport Road
Initiated by Occupy Huntsville


Costa Mesa, CA
Day of
Gather from 5:00PM – 7:00PM
at 3300 Bristol
Initiated by Orange County Peace & Freedom Party
Contact: 714-956-5037

Los Angeles, CA
Day of 5 PM
Westwood federal Building (11000 Wilshire Blvd)
Contact 323-306-6240

Sacramento, CA
Day after
Gather at 5:30PM
in front of the Sacramento Federal Building
at the corner of 5th and I Sts. in downtown


San Francisco, CA
Day of or day after depending on the time
Gather at 5:00PM (weekday) or 12:00PM (weekend)
at Powell & Market Sts.


San Francisco, CA
Thursday, August 29
Gather at 5:00PM
at Powell & Market Sts.

Santa Cruz, CA
Saturday, August 31
Gather at 11:00AM
at Ocean and Water Streets
Initiated by Peace and Freedom Party Santa Cruz, ANSWER Coaliton, and others.
Contact 831-688-8692 or 831-334-3368

Colorado Springs, CO
Sunday, September 1
Gather at 6:00PM
at Acacia Park, 201 N. Tejon St.
Initiated by Occupy Colorado Springs
Contact 719-243-5238 or 719-460-2836



Hartford, CT

Friday, Aut 30, 5 PM
At the Old State House

New Haven, CT
Friday, Aug. 30 4PM
Elm & Orange St.,
Contact 203-389-9547 or

New Haven, CT
Day of – if before 12 noon / Day after – if after 12 noon
Gather at 5:30PM
at 141 Church St.
Contact ANSWER in New Haven at 203-903-4480 or


Washington, D.C.
Thursday, August 29
Gather at 6:30PM
at the White House
Initiated by the ANSWER Coalition
Contact ANSWER in DC at 202-265-1948 or

Washington, D.C.
Saturday, August 31, 12 noon – 2 PM
At the White House
Initiated by IAC Baltimore/DC Region


Washington, DC
Code Pink action at Washington Memorial, 10 am at Obama speech


Miami, FL
Thursday, August 29
Gather at 6:00PM
at Torch of Friendship
Biscayne Blvd. between N.E. 3rd & 4th streets
Initiated by POWIR, Veterans for Peace
Join the Facebook event

Saint Petersburg/Tampa, FL
Saturday, August 31
Gather at 6:00PM
at Gandy Blvd. and Dale Mabry Hwy.
Near MacDill AFB (CENTCOM), Tampa, FL
Initiated by St. Pete for Peace
Join the Facebook event

Tallahassee, FL
Thursday, August 28
Gather at 4:00PM
in front of the Old Capitol, 400 S Monroe St
Initiated by Tallahassee ANSWER Coalition and Tallahassee Veterans for Peace


Chicago, IL
Day of if before 12 noon / Day after if after 12 noon
Gather at 5:00PM
at Federal Plaza

Chicago, IL
Thursday, August 29
Gather at 5:00PM
at Federal Plaza


Indianapolis, IN
Friday, August 30
Gather at 7:00PM
at High steps of Monument Circle
Initiated by Indianapolis Peace and Justice Center


Friday, Aug. 30 5 – 7 PM
Washington Monument at Centre & Charles St.



Boston, MA
On day of attack or  day after (if the attack is announce after noon)
5 PM at Park Street



Twin Cities

Wed Aug 28 5 – 6 PM
Lake Street Bridge over the Mississippi
Contact 612-827-5364



Albuquerque, NM
Day of
Gather at 5:00 PM
at UNM Bookstore (Central & Cornell)
Initiated by the ANSWER Coalition
Contact ANSWER in Albuquerque at 505-268-2488 or


Albany, NY
Saturday, Aug. 31
12.30 PM
Towsand Park (Where Central and Washington meet)


New York City, NY
Thursday, Aug. 29
Gather at 6:00PM
at Times Square, 43rd Street and 7th Ave
Contact: IAC

Syracuse, NY
Friday, August 30, at 11 am
Federal Building (100 S. Clinton St, Syracuse, NY)
Contact: Syracuse Peace Council

Syracuse, NY
Friday, August 30
Gather at 12:30PM
at Syracuse University main quad
Initiated by Youth and Student ANSWER Coalition – SU chapter

Rochester, NY
Friday, Aug. 29 at 6 PM
Liberty Pole Plaza
Contact 585-943-8148 or


Asheville, NC
Thursday, September 12
Gather at 4:00PM
at Vance monument


Columbus, OH
Sunday, September 1
Gather at 5:00PM
at 15th and High Streets at the Main Entrance of the OSU Columbus Campus
Initiated by Sunday Night Peace Action Group


Portland, OR
Saturday, Aug. 31
Pioneer Sq. (701 SW 6th Ave, Portland, OR)



Horsham, PA
Saturday, Aug. 31 from noon – 2 pm
Horsham Air Guard Stateion, Route #611/Weaton Rd & Conty line Rd, Horsham, Montgomery County,
Contact: www.brandywinepeace.ocm

Philadelphia, PA
Day after
Gather at 4:30PM
on the Northwest corner of 15th and Market Sts.
Contact 610-554-1818


Hilton Head, SC
Day after
Gather at 4:00 PM
at Rt. 278 & Beach City Rd. (park in HH Library lot)
Initiated by Hilton Head for Peace


Austin, TX
Thursday, August 29
Gather at 5:00PM
at West side of the state Capitol building emptying into Congress Avenue at 11th Street
Initiated by Occupy Austin
Contact 504-239-2764

Dallas, TX

The day after an attack
Earle Cabell Federal Bldg. fro 4 – 6 PM
Contact 214-660-7676



Montpelier, VT

Friday, Aug. 30 at noon
VT Post office, State Steet
Contact 802-522-2376


Richmond, VA
Day of
Gather at 5:00PM
at Richmond Federal Courthouse (701 E. Broad St.)
Contact 804-644-5834 or


Seattle, WA
Day after attack
Gather at 5:00PM
at Westlake and Pine
Contact 206-568-1661 to confirm

Bremerton, WA
Evergreen Park
Sat Aug. 31, 3 PM

    AUG 31, 2013 12PM – RT 1 AND 234
    Contact info 703 965 9279

  • Carl Rising-Moore

    In Indianapolis on Friday we will join with 12 activists each with a letter that spells NO WAR ON SYRIA. This will be in conjunction with others carrying signs and passing out flyers. Then, in the days following, we will stand on Interstate Overpass bridges with the same message. We plan to move from overpass to overpass to get out the message to as many people as possible, especially during rush hour in the afternoons. This is a simple, yet effective demonstration that does not require hundreds of people. The numbers will grow the longer we stand our ground. Stopping this war against Syria is game changing as to American Foreign Policy. If we can stop this war, our movement will grow. After all, the majority of the US public is with us this time. Our efforts in the past are the foundation upon the nonviolent revolution we mount right now. Stand and be counted Americans! Turn off the TV, quit reading the Mainstream Media. Start blogging and start producing your own grass roots media, Popular Resistance Newsletter being a wonderful example.

  • Diana

    My name is Diana, I am hosting the rally for San Antonio Texas. This Saturday, August 31, ” No War With Syria” peace movement will take place at 12 noon in Main Plaza. The movement will be rallying, strategizing for mass mobilizations, and as a call for citizens action to take direct actions to stop the U.S. government from escalating its involvement in Syria. Thanks

  • Diana

    Look in your Facebook search bar “No War With Syria” San Antonio. Thanks

  • Stan Squires

    I am from vancouver,canada and i heard that there were lots of protests against war with Syria in various cities across the U.S.
    It is good that the people of England prevented their gov. from attacking Syria.The people in England are not going to let their gov. fool them twice in a row.I hope many people in the usa also take to the streets against their gov. attacking Syria.During the Iraq war the U.S. gov. used depleted-uranium ammunition against the people there.So it is hypocritical for the to condemn Syria for using chemical weapons.Besides they don’t have prove of it.In the 1980s the didn’t mind Saddam Hussein using chemical weapons on the Kurdish population and on the Iranian population during its war with Iran.Anyway the U.S.seems to be isolated now since the people of England prevented its gov. from attacking Syria and the Security Council is not likely to agree on attacking Syria.

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  • lighthorse16

    AIPAC and other Pro Israel lobbies are dragging America into another War.. Think about it,, 90% of Americans don’t want War but Obama takes his advice from Feinstein, Levin and others.. They only make up 2% of the population but they control US foreign policy .. During the 2011 AIPAC policy conference one speaker bragged that AIPAC controls foreign policy .. As long as the Zionists control America there will always be war.. Don’t fear what the ADL says, Don’t fear what your bought Christian Zionist minister says .. NAME THE BEAST and demand your country back.. By the way ,, The Communists are embedded with the Zionist freak show ,,Don’t believe me ? Stand up and shout “No more Wars for Israel” and see how far you get ..

  • Albert M

    I’m in Dallas. I don’t have (don’t want one) a facebook webpage, hence I can’t log in to search the FB search bar. If anyone knows of anti-war rallies here in Dallas, please post the details here. I will check this page regularly for further information. Tomorrow, Labor Day, provides the ideal opportunity to rally.

  • Sofia

    I’m also in Dallas…I’d also like to know of any anti-war rallies in the Dallas area. Thanks!

  • Randy

    Amen, the truth at last. No more war.

  • Helen

    You can never achieve peace or any sense of it through violence. President Obama is making a huge mistake. We are not dealing with people who are sane and understand or have any empathy with their people. Whether we strike or not this man has no intention in stopping his rampage of killing anyone who he feels is in his way. He makes an example of killing the young and helpless and whether they are killed by gas or bullets makes no difference..death is death….he has no conscience. If this civil war escalates outside it’s borders without our intervention then the world will have to intervene for their own safety too.

  • Pat Clay

    Thank you, for this website and your good work in getting the word out. I’m afraid that Americans are too complacent. Remember, Logic over Authority. We must be vocal about this otherwise this war will render destruction as never seen before. Please, pray for Peace and live peacefully and be vocal stand for peace. Talk about it to everyone! Nobody wants war. Pat : )