Protests Continue On Honduras Amid Curfew, Police Repression

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Above: Supporters of presidential candidate Salvador Nasralla clash with police as they wait for official presidential election results in Tegucigalpa. (Photo: Edgard Garrido/Reuters)

The protests mark the third day of mass mobilizations despite the government enforcing a 10-day curfew as of Saturday.

Former Honduran president and coordinator of the Opposition Alliance, Manuel Zelaya, called on all Hondurans to take to the streets to defend presidential election preliminary results which showed opposition candidate, Salvador Nasrallah with a comfortable lead over the right-wing incumbent, as the electoral board continues to withhold final results.

A day after denouncing vote count irregularities by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, Nasrallah posted on Twitter for people to assemble “To defend the victory of the people!”

The protests mark the second day of mass mobilizations despite the government enforcing a 10-day curfew, suspending constitutional rights and declaring a state of emergency. The TSE had ensured that election results would be announced Saturday but again were promptly postponed. Peaceful demonstrations dubbed “Caceralazo” took place only hours after the curfew was declared and were met by police repression.

Three people – including a teenaged girl – have so far been killed in violent clashes following the disputed elections, as the armed forces opened fire on unarmed opposition supporters.

President Juan Orlando Hernandez has reportedly fled the country to avoid violent street protests in the wake of the disputed presidential election, Diario La Prensa reported.

Bolivian President Evo Morales reprimanded the United States and Organization of the American States for their alleged complicity, “Nearly a week since the Honduran elections. Why are the U.S. and OAS silently complicit regarding the elections and death of citizens in Honduras? Democracy is in danger in a neighboring country?”

“Beyond a state of siege we are experiencing a state of terror with the suspension of constitutional guarantees,” said Wilfredo Mendez of the National Board of Honduras for Human Rights.

Nasrallah posted on his Facebook page that the “illegal and unjust curfew is nothing more than a coup against the votes of the people who do not want the current president.”


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  • mwildfire

    In 2004, desperate to get W out of the White House, I spent four days in Ohio helping to get out the vote for Kerry. I live in neighboring WV, which was clearly going to W, so after voting early I went with my teenage daughter to Ohio, where we saw throngs of others like us. That was the year some voters had to wait many hours in the pouring rain to vote–but not where I was. The district I was assigned had a country club in it. So on election night we went home, and watched the returns–when my daughter went to bed it was clear Kerry would be the next president as it all came down to Ohio and he was comfortably ahead. But as I continued to watch the returns, suddenly there were technical difficulties and no information for half an hour or so–and when the information resumed, somehow Bush was ahead and never lost that lead. Some said the gains during the blackout were statistically impossible–every vote would have had to be for W for him to jump ahead so much. With this background, I look at the events in Honduras with the suspicion that the vote was rigged during the blackout. Were there representatives of other parties present in the counting rooms? Do they use paper ballots? Do the unsigned ballot total reports come from identified districts, that don’t have other totals reported? Why does it take more than a week to count?

  • Jon

    Thanks for bringing up the “black box” voting of 2004. Apparently, as I recall, the vote tally was relayed to a 3rd party in Kentucky, who rearranged the votes to give to Bush and take from Kerry. That guy was later subpoenaed to testify in Congress, as I recall, but his private plane crashed on the way the day before. Hmmm.
    Kind of like all the Enron scandal files in Building 7 of the WTC. Oh yes and the Sen. Wellstone plane crash. And JFK Jr. plane crash. You get the picture.

  • mwildfire

    Ah but Jon–those are CONSPIRACY THEORIES! Don’t you know that conspiracies are only possible between Muslims in Afghanistan, and protesters who are on the same street as people who break windows?

  • Jon

    LOL With you in sarcasm Wildfire. Now how do they explain the 5 dancing Israelis, celebrating right after the first tower was hit? They don’t of course. Just another “move along, nothing her to see.”