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Protests Growing in Bosnia and Herzegovina Over Government Aid

Above: Bosnian police confront the symbol of the protests — babies.

In recent days protests have been surging because the government is no longer issuing government ID numbers that allow people to get health and other services.  This has resulted in the death of an infant who needed health care. A large protest is planned for today, leaflets have been dropped by plane announcing it, large banners dropped from buildings, word is spreading. People are gathering under the title Otkaz 01.07, which means Cancel01.07, they sought to have the government cancel amendments to the personal identification number (PIN) by June 30. Below is an announcement about the protests, translated via computer.

otkaz 01.07 Otkaz posters

# PIN Manifest

Inicijatorka protest : Small Belma

Organizer / ka : unique, there is no organizer

The answer to all questions is simply a personal identification number

# Jmbg MANIFEST (# jmbg Manifesto)

WHO WE ARE:  We are citizens of this country – parents with children, male and female students, housewives, workers, the unemployed and the unemployed, pensioners and pensioners, regardless of ethnic origin or religious group, or any other status, and we common interest to respect the rights of every person, and especially children. Does not represent any organization or party, nor do I want any of the 191 political parties, numerous domestic and foreign non-governmental organizations, associations and organizations, who knows how many international and national institutions, various initiatives, formal and informal groups, speaking on behalf of the citizens. If there needs following are you all, because we want to make it clear that the distance between you, on the one hand and citizens on the other. We have no organizer / ki and all are welcome / s to support # PIN initiative, but as citizens and citizens with your full name, not otherwise.


  1. Urgent adoption of the personal identification number, which will be fully complied with the Decision of the Constitutional Court, the number U3/11, ordering our representatives at the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH to harmonize Article 5 Act of JMB with the Constitution.
  2. The formation of the national Solidarity Fund from which to fund the treatment of citizens who / e can not have medical treatment in BiH.
  3. That MPs / Ministers, ministers / Council of Ministers will give up 30% of their income to the end of its mandate in favor of the Fund.
  4. That demonstrators / olds who participated in the blockade of Parliament are not prosecuted / e and are not exposed / e of government repression.

BY WHOM:  We demand this of parliamentarians and parliamentarians who are expected to begin to do its job. Job for which they are paid. Job for which we pay them. If local politicians and politicians disobey these requirements we expect from the High Representative of the international community to fulfill its promise to enforce the law on personal identification number.

WHY:  We want to fulfill these requirements, because we care about the future of all children in Bosnia and Herzegovina, no matter what their names are and where they come from. Because politicians should be in the service of us, and not in the service of them!

ON THE WAY:  We intend to give them democracy and non-violence means we show that we are their employers / ke and that their work should be carried out! Refused / e we offer to finance the demonstration of foreign and local organizations, including political parties. Each independent help and support in the organization is essential. Get involved in the creation of the protest and bring in-kind assistance, props, banners, and other necessary items. Come for a coffee before the Parliament and turn up with their proposals and suggestions. It is a place where all / e citizens / ke can join our creation and your actions. It also operates through social networking platforms – Twitter: @ JMBGzasve and Facebook: unique identification number for all # and for all sites:, whose contents are created all / e they / e that / e join our communications group. We are in constant contact with other cities across Bosnia and Herzegovina, who support us in our common goal. All / e that / e have not yet done so, should contact our group for cooperation with the cities.

This protest is for babies! Our symbol is the only children’s pacifier!

Otkaz symbol

Where they gather:  at 11:55 in front of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH

Since when – WHEN:  # jmbg protest began 5/6/2013. when brought together a group of citizens, unnerved by endangering the lives of three-month baby Belma Ibrišević from Gracanica and will run until 30.6.2013., by which time the citizens of given / e term parliaments / points to adopt the Law on registration number.


  • 05th 06th Inhibit private cars out of the garage of the BiH Parliament
  • 06th 06th Lock all exits from the two buildings
  • 07th 06th – 11th 06th Coffee before Parliament and workshops for children
  • 11th 06th Central set
  • 11th 06th – 30th 06th Campaign Silence, parliament works with accompanying activities
  • 18th 6th # PIN protest with the support bands bh

Who do you turn:  We appeal to all the citizens, who / e want to live in a country where politicians and politicians do their job and fulfill legal obligations. State in which the national and party interests are secondary, and in the foreground is a dignified and secure life for citizens.

United / e for # ID number for all


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