Protests In India Against Import Of Methane Gas

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Police arrest 204 for protest against Puthyvype LNG plant

KOCHI: Njarackal police removed protesters from the Puthuvype LNG import terminal of the IOC on Wednesday after they allegedly disrupted the functioning of the plant. According to police, as many as 204 protesters were arrested and removed from the spot. The arrested persons were booked under sections 188, 283, 143, 145 147 and 149 of the IPC and were later let go on bail.

District collector had given out instructions to ensure police protection for the smooth functioning of the terminal of Indian Oil Corporation.

The district collector’s direction to the rural district police chief came in the wake of orders of the state and central governments, the Kerala high court and the National Green Tribunal.

High court had on September 8 ordered the police to provide necessary protection to the LPG terminal in the special economic zone of Puthuvype. The order was applicable to all persons connected with the terminal, including the company’s property, employees and contractors.

Varapuzha archbishop Joseph Kalathilparambil meanwhile condemned the arrest and police atrocity. “Abolishing people’s protest is not the right way. There are more than 1,000 families residing in a one kilometer radius of the project. The people are apprehensive about the project leading to disasters in the future. The protest demanding clarity on these issues was dealt with brute force using police and this is not fair,” an official release of the Verapoly archdiocese stated.

An IOC press release stated that the project has automatic fire protection system as per Oil Industry Safety Directorate (OISD) norms. “The project is being constructed in the Special Economic Zone notified by the Centre in 2006 for the specific purpose of setting up industries. The coastal stretch of the project is only 690 metres and wide access is available from the village to the sea. Hence, the project will not disturb any fishing activity,” it said.

Meanwhile, the residents have called for a hartal at Puthuvype on Thursday.

  • mwildfire

    What’s a hartal? I wonder if the gas to be imported over the protests of locals in India is the gas being extracted here, over the protests of locals, and then piped over the Appalachians over the protests of locals, to export terminals built over the protests of locals. We live in a time of universal corruption. Kerala used to be famous for its healthcare and literacy despite poverty–for its democracy. They get away with all this, and so much more, because they run the major media and have much of the population mesmerized and confused, willing to condone injustice as long as they are not at the business end of it. Thus, the .01% can just run the world to suit itself, uncaring how much harm their projects do as long as profits continue to roll in, contemptuous of the wild humans who may stand in the way. Wild humans? No–domesticated humans, ready to believe the latest lies, comfortable with a system in which they can just pay a fraction of the poor men to drag the rest of the 99% out of the way or in some places just shoot them. Our task is to rewild the humans, take away the drugs that keep them passive and confused, lay before them the evidence of what is being done to them and to our world.