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Popular Resistance School

The Popular Resistance School will provide political education to help you understand the moment in which we live and how to challenge the power structure effectively. This web-based school will cover strategy and tactics, detailed analysis of key issues and skills-building videos.

Our First School Begins May 1!*

****Registration is closed****

How Social Transformation Occurs – May 1 through June 29, 2018

This eight-week course will cover basic social movement theory including models of power, stages of successful social movements, roles of individuals and organizations in social movements, overcoming obstacles and how movements succeed.

Sign up for the course using the form below. All participants will receive:

  • A weekly lecture on video.
  • A copy of the curriculum.
  • An invitation to participate in a small discussion group (limited to 30 people and moderated).

There is no charge for the course. All who are interested are welcome to participate. If you are able to donate to support the costs of course, that is encouraged. We urge you to become a monthly sustainer to keep the school going. Click here to donate.

After you complete the course, you will be ready to hold a local course in your community. Popular Resistance will provide virtual support for your efforts.

*For those who missed registration, the course will be posted on Popular Resistance after it is completed.

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