Puerto Rico Pt 1: Disaster Is The Colony, FEMA Is The Problem + Aid On The Ground

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Above Photo: From Occupy.com

This week on Act Out! A special two part episode all on Puerto Rico. In part one, we look at the disasters before the hurricanes that made the disaster afterwards inevitable. Puerto Rico’s economy was in shambles thanks to both colonial capitalism and local government corruption. Post storm, FEMA has done its usual bang up job of providing people with little to no help but plenty of additional headaches. Finally, we take a look at some aid efforts on the ground, scratching the surface of part two…

Puerto Rico Pt. 2: Road Blocks to Recovery, Those Clearing a Path & Lessons to Learn

In part two, we look at more road blocks to recovery starting with the power utility on the island. Corrupt and inefficient, PREPA as its known in English provided neither reliable nor updated service to the people – and are now negotiating exorbitant contracts for work that could be done for far less. Next up, hidden deaths and foreclosures: the pillaging of a forgotten people continues. And finally, more news from the front lines of the relief efforts as they work to not only aid in recovery but in rebuilding. Aid workers share the magic that will get Puerto Rico through this and any crisis plus volunteers look ahead to renewables and long-term stability for the people, regardless of what corrupt government failings are in store.

  • Thank you for your on the scene reporting. My wife’s family is from Camuy and her abuela rode out the storm at 99 years old. She is in NJ now and sadly will probably never return to her home. Gracias Santander Bank.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    The capitalist overlords is letting Puerto Rico keep sinking, until they decide it is time to buy up the rest of the island super cheap.

    Wake up! This is what they are planning for America. They have already done it to Detroit and Flint and are in the process of doing it to the rest of the country. Catastrophes will occur and go unrepaired to impoverish the people to make cheap looting.