Push Back: US Police State Faces Revolt

| Resistance Report

Dr. Gerald Horne on the George Floyd protests, the black freedom struggle, and Trump’s expansion of the US police state at home and around the world.

Historian and author Gerald Horne discusses the US uprisings against police brutality and systemic racism sparked by George Floyd’s killing; the devastating impact of the US government’s decades-old war on the black freedom struggle; the ongoing “Russia-baiting” of the protests; and how, amidst the suffering and repression at home, the U.S. government, in bipartisan fashion, continues to attempt to impose its will on countries abroad, from China to Venezuela.

Guest: Dr. Gerald Horne, Moores Professor of History and African American Studies at the University of Houston. Author of more than three dozen books, including the forthcoming The Dawning of the Apocalypse.

  • jim james

    Susan Rice is a shallow and pedantic whore, and her only evidence for Russian influence in Minneapolis is solely based upon what she knows the US of A does–she even admits as much, saying she has no intel to back up her projection!

    She is literally a race-traitor….loyal to whitey.

  • chetdude

    Note that Socialist countries have had the most success at dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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  • chetdude

    Sorry, Susan Rice, but you’re entirely delusional.

    The forces dividing USAmericans are the Plutocrat-funded and owned Democratic(sic) and Republican Parties aided by their friends in the corporate media.

    “There’s class warfare, all right,” (4th Richest Man in the World) Warren Buffett said, “but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”