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Rainbow Uprising Of Consciousness Peace March

Noon on Wednesday, April 1, 2015, outside Santa Barbara City Hall in De La Guerra Plaza

The Rainbow Uprising Peace March is a ten-month project that is being initiated with a prayer ceremony at Noon on Wednesday, April 1, 2015, outside Santa Barbara City Hall in De La Guerra Plaza.

This project represents a call to all the faithful of Islam and Israel to embrace the teachings of nonviolence and accept the message of The Great Law of Peace.

April 1st in the US is considered “April Fool’s Day” but it is little known that this comes from an old English annual “Truth Day” holiday where everyone was supposed to tell the truth on that day even if it made them seem like fools.

1treeThis Rainbow Uprising Peace March will culminate over seven days with the “8th Fire Prophecy” 20 year anniversary commemoration prayer walk from Malibu to the UCSB Tree of Peace (January 26 – February 2, 2016) to bring out the message delivered there about The Tree of Peace and The Great Law of Peace brought by The Peacemaker to the Haudenosaunee (Six Nations Iroquois) about a thousand years ago ending centuries of bitter warfare between the tribes and creating a prosperous and peaceful confederacy of nations that lasted for many centuries until after the European invasion when it shrank from over 100 nations to its current Six Nations Confederacy.

Yet their spiritual global government system was the “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” that the US democracy was imperfectly patterned after.

The Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Campaign was initiated in Santa Barbara with a week of events in January 1990, ending with a procession from the UCSB Tree of Peace for the installation of the Hiroshima Peace Flame on the UCSB Eternal Flame Memorial Peace Flame Monument.

Thomas Banyacya
Thomas Banyacya

That flame was then carried by the peace walk across America to the United Nations where Hopi Interpreter Thomas Banyacya met the President of the UN General Assembly when they each spoke to the walkers on their arrival.

This was a key step in the fulfillment two years later of the ancient Hopi Prophecy about the “opening the door to the house of mica (glass)”, which actor Jon Voigt spoke about at that UCSB Hiroshima Peace Flame installation, a Hopi Prophecy only slightly less famous than the one about the “gourd of ashes falling on the Earth two times” which was apparently fulfilled with the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Here the Rainbow symbolizes the vision of all humanity living in peace and harmony as one family of humankind, while the term “uprising of consciousness” (to a higher level from which the solutions to problems can be seen) is the literal meaning of the Arabic word Intifada, hence the term, “Rainbow Intifada.”

When the Haudenosaunee Confederacy was formed, each of the council fires of the original five nations were combined into one great council fire which has been kept burning since then, about a thousand years according to Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp who planted the UCSB Tree of Peace in 1985 with Chumash elder Victor SkyEagle Lopez, and who with local Chumash spiritual leaders and Banyacya conducted the ceremonies initiating the Rainbow Uprising Campaign at the UCSB Tree of Peace in 1990.

About twenty five years ago, the Haudenosaunee people led a spiritual run carrying a light from that central council fire out to Santa Barbara where it has been kept since then as an eternal flame outside the Santa Ynez Chumash Tribal Hall.

In order to bring out more widely to the global public the peacemaking precedent of The Peacemaker and The Great Law of Peace, the Chumash are being invited to install a light from that flame onto the UCSB Eternal Flame Memorial Peace Monument (near the southeast corner of Ellison Hall) in a ceremony at the conclusion of the Rainbow Uprising Peace March on February 2, 2016, before the walk across campus ends that day by encircling the Santa Barbara Tree of Peace located on the UCSB campus at the northwest corner of Storke Tower.

Thomas Banyacya said in 1990 in Santa Barbara that the Hopi Elders maintain that it is the spiritual responsibility of the Haudenosaunee to unite all of the nations of the world in peace under The Great Law of Peace symbolized by The Tree of Peace.

People all over the world are encouraged to conduct daily peace walks starting April 1, 2015, in support of this project and this goal.

Let’s make every day, “Tell The Truth Day”!

Today, April 1, 2015, at Noon in Santa Barbara’s De La Guerra Plaza outside City Hall, there was a half-hour opening drum prayer ceremony to inaugurate the Rainbow Uprising of Consciousness Peace March as a project for a scientific spiritual revolution of consciousness into harmony with the natural order, a Global Conscience Revolution.

Santa Barbaran David Crockett Williams drummed and chanted the NaMuMyoHoRenGeKyo medicine word prayer mantra, as has both American Indian Movement co-founder Dennis Banks and Mahatma Gandhi, a prayer practice they all took up from Gandhi’s “Fujii Guruji” Nichidatsu — from 11:45 am until Noon, then 15 minutes announcements, reading press release etc, then 12:15 pm drumming praying for Obama’s pardon of Leonard Peltier so he can lead the closing route walk from Malibu to Santa Barbara next January 26 to February 2, 2016, in person.

The initiating route of the walk will be from Malibu Bluffs Park at 8am on April 13, 2015, to Santa Barbara’s Tree of Peace on the UCSB campus northwest of Storke Tower for an all day Global Peace Council on Earth Day April 22nd before ending Sunday April 26, 2015, at the Sunburst Community Sanctuary near Buellton to see the original proof-of-principle n-Machine free energy generator there, invented by Santa Barbaran Bruce DePalma and first tested by the Sunburst technicians in 1979, re-tested in 1985 by a Stanford University electrical engineering professor, as one of hundreds of suppressed energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power, to neutralize radioactive wastes, and to produce water to resolve the drought, championed by the proposed Santa Barbara Science Center.


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