Raising Up Black Immigrants In The DACA Debate

| Resist!

Above Photo: Flickr/ Molly Adams

The Black Alliance for Just Immigration is shining a light on the challenges faced by an overlooked segment of the undocumented community

  • DHFabian

    In recent decades, the focus on race, to the exclusion of economic issues and policies, has only increased racial tensions while disguising America’s dramatic economic/social deterioration. The US itself is an economic entity, and every aspect of our lives is determined by class — the struggle to survive in a country that lost over 5 million jobs since 2000 (in spite of recent Dem efforts to claim that we now have an abundance of jobs…). The US has a poverty crisis that was significantly worsened by the Democrats (ending actual welfare aid, NAFTA/TPP, etc.). Focusing on race in a way that stresses how much people of color despise white people, has been a tad bit counter-productive… Divide, subdivide, conquer.