Rallies Demand Reluctant Reps Stop Hiding From Constituents

| Resist!

Above Photo: Protesters in Orlando, Florida, are calling on Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fl.) to hold a town hall for his constituents. (Photo: Orlando 4 Rev/Twitter)

‘Members of Congress owe their constituents the honest truth: which side are you on?’

While many U.S. senators and representatives have encountered contentious crowds at town hall gatherings in their home districts, many others have managed to avoid meeting with constituents in the weeks since President Donald Trump took office.

Calling on reluctant representatives to hold town halls over the upcoming congressional recess from February 18-26, a coalition of groups including MoveOn.org, the Working Families Party, People’s Action, and the Center for Popular Democracy have organized “Let’s Make a Date” rallies in honor of Valentine’s Day and as part of the coalition’s weekly #ResistTrumpTuesdays series of actions.

“Over the past month, Americans have taken to the streets in record numbers to speak out against Trump’s agenda,” said Nelini Stamp, Working Families Party’s membership director, in a statement. “As we approach the first congressional recess, we’re demanding that elected officials hear from people about Trump’s dangerous agenda. Members of Congress owe their constituents the honest truth: which side are you on?”

And so from Sen. Roy Blunt‘s (R-Mo.) offices in Kansas City to Sen. Marco Rubio‘s (R-Fla.) offices in Orlando, outraged constituents are demanding their representatives hear their fears and concerns about Trump’s right-wing agenda.

The Indivisible Guide, which has inspired a national resistance movement, also shared tips on Tuesday for how to reach inaccessible members of Congress:


  • DHFabian

    We hear all the old familiar rhetoric, but what’s the agenda? For much of the population, protecting the advantages of the working class and/or middle class is low on their list of priorities. And this includes many of us who are still doing OK. We remain on a course that was set back in the 1980s, by the “Reagan Revolution.” It’s called “the implementation of fascism,” by definition. Many don’t even “get” this. We think of Trump as something new when he only represents the next (final?) inevitable phase of the Reagan Revolution.

    What’s the plan from here? The goal? Well, there’s the Working Families Party with their agenda, the array of middle class organizations, and they all essentially call for “staying the course.” They’re nervous that we’ll go off course, and they, too, will be pushed into poverty. The anxiety is understandable, but their protests are merely a call to protect their advantages alone — not to address America’s significant economic deterioration and severe class tensions.