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Tell world leaders at the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit: 15,000 nuclear weapons ≠ security!

Washington, DC – On March 31, world leaders will gather for the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, D.C. to take steps to prevent an act of nuclear terrorism. Their approach is focused solely on securing nuclear material. The world’s 15,000 nuclear weapons — which pose far greater risk of catastrophe — aren’t even on the agenda.

There can be no such thing as “nuclear security” so long as nuclear weapons exist. If we’re serious about preventing a nuclear catastrophe, what we need now is a Nuclear Weapons Summit that brings the key countries together to discuss real, time-bound, actionable plans to eliminate nuclear weapons. Join us as we tell these leaders it’s time to put this at the top of the international agenda!


Dear Summit Participants,

While the Nuclear Security Summit has made important strides to reduce the threat of nuclear terrorism, the fact remains that so long as nuclear weapons exist, we will not be safe. Today, there are more than 15,000 nuclear weapons in the world. The use of even one would be a global humanitarian, environmental and economic catastrophe. We must not wait for the inevitable before we act.

As a critical next step, we urge you to convene a Nuclear Weapons Summit and urgently develop time-bound, actionable, verifiable plans for the complete elimination of all nuclear weapons globally.

Then, join the rally for zero!

Nuclear weapons ≠ equal security

On March 31 & April 1, world leaders are convening right here in DC to talk nuclear security. Not on the agenda: nuclear weapons.

That has to change. There are 15,000 nuclear weapons in the world today, thousands ready to fire at a moment’s notice. Nuclear weapons jeopardize global security – not strengthen it.

Join us as we rally to show world leaders that 15000 ≠ security. It’s time they take action for zero.

Who: Global Zero, the international movement to eliminate nuclear weapons

What: A rally featuring a life-size inflated nuclear missile and Global Zero movement leaders

When: Friday, April 1st, 12:00pm

Where: McPherson Square at 15th and K Sts, NW Washington, DC

RSVP at: http://www.globalzero.org/protest

Email ldaigle@globalzero.org for more information.


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  • PaulK2

    Several alternatives:

    1. Build an exciting “bounce the rubble” video game. You have to put the money in of course. Then you push the console’s one button and, of the rubble you have left, half of that is knocked over. Push it twice and another half is blown over. This illustrates the idea that preparing to bounce the rubble is expensive and then the actual act has no known use whatsoever. So why do we pay so many billions for it?

    2. Give the vice-president a nuclear football too. This is a safeguard against a just plain bonkers or drunk president. Two fingers on the button are needed. If the VP is assassinated, the Prez can go ahead and bomb Russia. A second-in command in Russia needs a nuclear football too.

    This could be extended to giving 100 citizens of each country their own nuclear football, and 70% of the survivors have to agree to fire or else the weapons won’t fire. Troops from friendly nations could be deployed at the missile silos with orders to immediately destroy the N-weapons if the citizens’ launch code is not activated and if a coup is taking place.

    3. Cheaping out on the nuclear safeguards, anybody? Sign a treaty that if Russia bombs us with one A-bomb, Russia’s good friends owe us $10 billion immediately, and Russia owes those friends $10 billion whenever it finds its wallet.

  • Bishadi

    The single best reason, is to avoid Samson option. 1 detonation in the most contested location on the earth, and all hell breaks loose.