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Rally To Save The Public Post Office: Dump DeJoy And Bounce Bloom

Thursday, September 23, 2021, in front of Brookfield Asset Management’s NYC office, 250 Vesey Street, the Rally to Save the Public Post Office: Dump DeJoy & Bounce Bloom was loud and strong.

Ron A. Bloom is the Chair of the Postal Board of Governors & also the Vice Chair & Managing Partner of Brookfield where he heads up their $60 billion investment fund.  Recently, the Washington Post had an expose that showed that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has purchased $305,000 in bonds from his boss Ron A. Bloom’s company: Brookfield. DeJoy also helped give a $125 million contract to his former company XPO Logistics from the Postal Service.  Somehow DeJoy is allowed to keep $30 million in stock that he has in XPO.  Bloom’s company also holds 1.2 million in stock in XPO Logistics.  While Bloom and DeJoy are having a time of it, the people who depend upon the Postal Service are facing a further slow down in mail delivery which begins on October 1; a twice-yearly raise in postal rates, shorter hours at post offices,  elimination of transporting mail on airplanes – all mail will be transported by truck, and the closing of mail processing plants.  This is done under the guise of efficiency and saving money.  The real impact of the DeJoy-Bloom plan is the de facto privatization of the post office and no concern for the well-being of the American people who depend upon a public post office.

Jonathan Smith, President of the New York Metro Area Postal Union was very clear, for the public post office to survive, the current Postmaster General of the United States, Louis DeJoy must be fired immediately & Ron A. Bloom must be replaced on the Postal Board of Governors by President Biden.  There can be no second term for Bloom as a Postal Governor.  What is needed is  for people committed to a thriving public post office to be given the responsibility of guiding the post office for generations to come. The call also went out for the House of Representatives to investigate the sordid financial dealings that have gone on between Louis DeJoy and his boss Ron. Bloom. The American public needs a Postal Service that is unencumbered by dirty financial deals, and leadership that is committed to fulfilling the Postal Service’s mission not lining their own pockets while privatizing the post office.

Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA) said, “DeJoy and Bloom are bandits, and their conflicts of interest do nothing but harm the Postal Service and the American people.”

Call the White House and say that President Biden needs to replace Postal Board of Governor Ron A. Bloom immediately.  202-456-1111.

Call the House of Representatives @ 202-224-3121, ask to speak to your reps’ office and demand an investigation into the financial dealings between Postmaster General DeJoy and Postal Board of Governors Chair Ron A. Bloom

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