Real Goal Of “Russiagate” Is To Prepare For Endless Austerity Fnd War

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“The ruling circles of the imperial superpower set out to destabilize and call into disrepute the government of the home country.”

Robert Mueller, the former head of the national political police (FBI), has indicted 13 Russian nationals for the crime of sowing “discord in the U.S. political system” and encouraging “U.S. minority groups not to vote in the 2016 U.S. presidential election or to vote for a third-party U.S. presidential candidate.” The defendants’ nationality makes their acts of political speech a crime, in Mueller’s legal view, but “at least 20 Americans” are embedded in the document as unindicted co-conspirators “ because they interacted in various ways with the Russian team’s activities during the 2016 presidential campaign.

These U.S. citizens “were just engaging in politics,” said independent journalist Marcy Wheeler, on Democracy Now! “They were putting together campaign events. They were engaging in online speech. That’s like, you know, the most sacred part of being an American citizen. And yet, they were unknowingly interacting with Russians….”

The Russians will never face trial in the U.S., and it is highly unlikely that the unindicted Americans will be criminally charged — but that is not the purpose of Mueller’s indictment. The political crime has been defined, for the broad purpose of repressing dissent in the United States. The witch hunt has found a legalistic vocabulary.

The New York Times’ in-house witch-hunting Negro, Charles Blow , has worked his mojo to the bone, fulminating against the dark forces that refused to support Hillary Clinton’ return to the White House. Mueller’s indictment is the charm Blow has been seeking to remove the hex of resistance to the established duopoly. Blow quotes Mueller’s document: “On or about October 16, 2016, Defendants and their co-conspirators used the Instagram account ‘Woke Blacks’ to post the following message: ‘Particular hype and hatred for Trump is misleading the people and forcing Blacks to vote Killary. We cannot resort to the lesser of two devils. Then we’d surely be better off without voting AT ALL.’”

“The political crime has been defined, for the broad purpose of repressing dissent in the United States.”

These are the Russians’ words, but the sentiment is not at all alien to the contemporary and historical Black political conversation. Yet, for Blow, it is heresy and devilment to urge Black people to vote for third parties, or to refrain from voting. There ought’a be a law against it! — or some string of words that can be made to sound like a law. “What happened in this election wasn’t just a political crime, it was specifically a racialized crime, and the black vote was a central target,” wrote Blow.

Blacks that refuse to forgive the Clintons for mass incarcerating and dehumanizing our people are guilty of Black voter suppression and deemed dupes of both Trump and the Kremlin. To prove that anti-Clinton Blacks are in league with foreign and domestic devils, Blow quotes a Trump operative who bragged that the Republican campaign reminded Black voters about Hillary Clinton’s “suggestion that some African-American males are ‘super predators,’” in order to discourage them from voting. Mueller’s legal framework requires that we forgive such trivial history as mass Black incarceration.

Black Bernie Sanders activists are co-conspirators, in Blow’s view: “Even after Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination, rapper Killer Mike, a prominent Bernie Sanders supporter and surrogate, was still promoting the position that ‘If you’re voting for Trump or Hillary Clinton, you’re voting for the same thing.’”

Which is true, in that both are corporate capitalist politicians and warmongering racists that don’t deserve the vote of any decent person. But, saying so can now be construed as giving “aid and comfort” to a foreign “enemy” – either directly to Putin or to his “surrogate,” Trump. It must be a crime, because “the Russians” were indicted for it, right? Mueller’s “law” spells it out: “In or around the latter half of 2016, Defendants and their co-conspirators, through their personas, began to encourage U.S. minority groups not to vote in the 2016 U.S. presidential election or to vote for a third-party U.S. presidential candidate.”

“Blacks that refuse to forgive the Clintons for mass incarcerating and dehumanizing our people are guilty of Black voter suppression and deemed dupes of both Trump and the Kremlin.”

Funny thing, though: the Democrats refused to cite the Republicans’ systematic, mass suppression of Black voters through the Cross Check scheme which, as Margaret Kimberley points out in this week’s Freedom Rider, caused 400,000 heavily Black votes to disappear in Michigan. Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein called for a recount in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and found that Black voter suppression was a major factor, particularly in Detroit. “We are seeing again this evidence in Michigan that communities of color are systematically disenfranchised through the machinery that constitutes really another form of electoral Jim Crow,” Stein told The Guardian . “It’s pretty staggering. Eighty-seven optical scanners [in Detroit] broke on election day.”

The Democratic Party reluctantly added its name to the recount petition, while at the same time claiming it had seen no “actionable evidence ” of grounds for challenging Trump’s victory. But that’s par for the course. The Democrats have never confronted the GOP’s blatant theft of elections through massive suppression of Black votes. They are bound, apparently, by a gentleman’s agreement among the two parties. John Lewis, the Black congressman from Atlanta who wears his voting rights credentials like a robe of glory, abides by that agreement.The first thing out of Lewis’ mouth after Trump was declared the winner, in November, was a denunciation of “the Russians” – but not Black voter suppression by Republicans.

“The Democrats have never confronted the GOP’s blatant theft of elections through massive suppression of Black votes.”

Roughly one year later, Jill Stein — who fought Black voter suppression harder than the Democrats — was targeted for investigation by the Senate Intelligence Committee as a possible collaborator with the Russians .

The suppression of the franchise of their Black base is not considered “treason” or any kind of “high crime” by the Democratic Party, but the siphoning of Black votes away from the corporate duopoly, through voluntary non-voting or support of third parties, is cause to bring out the pitchforks.

Under the Mueller legal formula, there are many more potential co-conspirators. The highest political crimes are “sowing discord” and “spreading distrust towards the candidates and the political system in general” – for which one can theoretically go to prison, if you are a foreigner (Russian, not Israeli), or become an unindicted party to the charge, if American.

The Republicans, of course, have been sowing racial discord as a matter of policy ever since they adopted their “Southern Strategy” in 1968, and it’s been key to their success ever since. The United States is the nation that invented apartheid, and has served as a model for racists around the world. Racial discord is part of its DNA, and is the principal reason for the historical lack of a social contract and the weakness of the Left in this country. Corporate political hegemony would not exist in the U.S., were it not for the endemic nature of white supremacy in this society. The Russians have nothing to do with it — especially the Russian amateurs from St. Petersburg.

The suppression of the franchise of their Black base is not considered ‘treason’ or any kind of ‘high crime’ by the Democratic Party.”

The cabal has flipped the factual script. It was the Democrats and their allies in corporate media and the national security state that devised a calculated campaign to sow “discord” and “distrust towards the political system in general,” such as not seen in living memory. The initial goal was to depose or discipline the unpredictable, racist billionaire who in 2016 crushed the establishment leaders of the Republican Party — potentially destabilizing the duopoly system of corporate governance — rhetorically rejected the dogma of “free trade,” and spoke as if he would not maintain the momentum of his predecessor’s global military offensive. With the “intelligence community” on point, the political offensive could not help but take on the characteristics of a profoundly destabilizing regime change and psychological operations mission.

In other words, the ruling circles of the imperial superpower set out to destabilize and call into disrepute the sitting government of the home country. They have inflicted great trauma and anxiety among the public in the process, but thanks to the corporate media component of the cabal, most of the blame has accrued to the targets of the campaign: Trump, “the Russians” and those defamed as “dupes” and “co-conspirators” with the fictitious Putin-Trump axis.

It is quite evident that this campaign of self-inflicted chaos is a project of the global corporate class, manifesting elsewhere in the “West” in remarkably similar fashion, but with local characteristics. Russia is, thus, charged with attempting to subvert governments around the world through minions like the St. Petersburg outfit. Through their servants in the Democratic Party, the corporate media, and the intelligence agencies, multinational capital has used Trump’s election to inflict a kind of shock treatment on their domestic polities — a very dangerous gambit, especially in the United States, with its weak social contract and immense capacity for civil violence.

“With the ‘intelligence community’ on point, the political offensive could not help but take on the characteristics of a profoundly destabilizing regime change and psychological operations campaign.”

More dangerous, is the whipping up of war fever based on Russia’s non-existent aggressions (Ukraine, Syria) and fabricated ambitions (the demise of the “West”).

We can be confident in blaming this politically engineered horror on the dominate elements of the U.S. capitalist ruling class, since they could surely call the project to a halt if it were merely a “rogue” enterprise mounted by a small section of their class-mates. Capital is using Russiagate to inflict extreme shocks to the very political system they claim to be defending. The trauma is necessary, they believe, because capital has nothing to offer to the masses of people, and must therefore dramatically weaken or destroy the political mechanisms through which the people make demands on the rulers. They are preparing the landscape for a regime of permanent austerity and war, and plan to suppress all opposition on the Left. That’s why Black Agenda Report and a dozen other Left web sites were named and defamed as Russian fellow travelers and purveyors of “fake news” by the Washington Post, the plaything of the CIA-partnered oligarch, Jeff Bezos.

A lot has happened in the space of a little over a year. Based on Russiagate-era interpretations of “law” and civil propriety, free speech is in the political eye of the corporate owners of media. The shrinking of the digital world that is accessible to the Left is well underway, with no workable alternatives in sight.

The Russiagate express keeps on rolling, despite the fact there is still no evidence for the original contention, that “the Russians” and Vladimir Putin conspired to steal and reveal the emails of the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton and John Podesta. Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General, emphasized that there is no evidence that any actual votes were altered or tampered with in the 2016 presidential election. No matter. The Democrats keep imagining other “Pearl Harbors” worthy of going to war over, because their project is to harden the political system for endless war and austerity.

  • AlanMacDonald

    “Preparing for Endless Austerity and War” is the definition of EMPIRE!!

    Or as Hannah Arendt warned decades ago:

    “EMPIRE abroad entails tyranny at home” —- and we are looking down the barrel of both!

    No other cancerous cause of WAR and Looting, destruction, racism, spying, torture, etc., etc., etc., ad nuseam is the product of only one thing EMPIRE —- which is the polar opposite of any form of government, and totally opposite of the American goal of a ‘democratic experiment’ of government under the “consent of the governed”. [Period]

  • AlanMacDonald

    This article on the multiple horrors of Empire certainly belongs in the PR section for Education —- because there is so little of it with regard to Empire’s plans for us.

  • Robert H. Stiver

    Glen Ford is a treasure. No one writes better, with more passion and straightforward reasoning ability.

    (I went to the BAR site: please correct the PR title to the correct “…AND WAR.”)

    [Once again, I had delay-trouble typing these very few words….]

  • jemcgloin

    Wow. No one knows what evidence Mueller has and where he is going with it. Mueller is not leaking.
    How can you be so 100% sure that Trump wasn’t trading favors for help from the Russians? How can you know that?

    The point of the Mueller investigation is not Russia. The point of the Mueller investigation is Trump. Maybe Russia has nothing to do with it. Maybe a bunch of people told Trump and Kushner that they were Russian spies and could get him elected and he went for it. That would make him a traitor without Russian involvement. Maybe Putin worked with the Clintons to set Trump up, in case she lost.
    Anyone that tells you they have all the answers about this is lying to themselves or lying to you.

    But Trump said that he fired Comey over the Russia thing. He said it. That’s obstruction of justice. The president can’t fire someone because he doesn’t like their investigation into the President. He has to show actual cause.

    Putin just showed videos of Russian nuclear missiles hitting Florida. His intelligence service is officially the enemy. If the Trump administration got help from ah official enemy to get elected, they are traitors.
    Notice I said if. That is because I haven’t decided ahead of time what the Mueller investigation knows, and I know that I don’t know all of the answers.

    There are a lot of bad things going on in the U.S., both inside and outside of government. You can find me commenting on them over the last five years on this site. I have said very little about Russia except that, assuming Russia is good, just because the U.S. does bad things is not logical.

    Right now people who are not Democrats making excuses for Clinton, and who are not Trump, should be concentrating on a president of the U.S. that keeps attacking the checks on his power, and keeps saying he might postpone elections to become president for life. This is not about Russia. This is about Trump.
    Stop making the Mueller infestation about Russia. Russian oligarchs are only some of the billionaires that are probably laundering money through Trump luxury apartments.

    Stop trying to protect Russia and start trying to protect your own country from Trump.

    This article is not analysis. It leaves out relevant facts and is sure about facts that can’t be known. It’s propaganda.
    And the more articles like this I see on this site, a site that I have read, and trusted, and recommended, the more worried I get that it is a Russian front.
    Stopping posting pro Russian propaganda.

  • chetdude

    jemcgloin says, “Stopping(sic) posting pro Russian propaganda”

    So you’re the official Popular Resistance dot Org censor now?

  • kevinzeese

    You have made it clear you have bought into Russiagate already — with the very thin evidence that exists. People have responded, we are waiting for the evidence. So far, there is almost none. The 13 Russians indictment was a sick joke. So, we are waiting while you trumpet Russiagate constantly.

    Now, Mueller is not about Russia, it is about Trump. Well, of course independent prosecutors are allowed to follow the evidence where it leads. It seems to be leading in other directions since Russiagate may not have anything to it.

    We’ll see, we will keep waiting for evidence, while you keep Trumpeting — Russiagate-Trump-Russiagate-Trump-Russiagate-Trump.

    OK we know where you are coming from. Loud and clear.

  • There was no hack it was a leak – but was it deliberately leaked so that Russia could be framed & blamed.

    Is it illegal for non US citizens to comment on political sites?

    Makes one wonder about America forcing their twisted version of Democracy down the throats of the rest of the world.

  • How can you tell truth from fiction?

    Obama has legalized the use of propaganda via the NDAA.

    Have you ever stopped and wondered about all the times that US authorities have made a claim about some incident and then failed to support the claim with solid and verifiable evidence?

    Non existing WMD in Iraq ring a bell?

  • Doña Susy

    Thank you, Glen Ford! Keep up the good work…We need your clear-eyed view–now, more than ever!

  • Jay Hansen

    Yes, but……….
    Interference in the US elections happened. It came from Russia. Countless acts of electoral interference have happened around the world. They came from the US. So what are we actually seeing here? We are seeing the oligarchies of both Russia and the US (not to be confused with America) interfering in elections. As long as we view it in a nationalistic way, the more we prove willing to mislead ourselves. The enemy in Russia is the oligarchy. The enemy in the US is the oligarchy. What do these “two” oligarchies have in common? They are capitalists. They are, in fact, the same capitalists. What should working people do about it?

  • jemcgloin

    Of course. And Russia does it too. So why does every article about Putin take everything he says at face value, with no skepticism?
    The Russia articles on this site sound like Pravda articles from the 1980s.

  • jemcgloin

    Yes Obama legalized propaganda just in time for Trump to take over.

  • jemcgloin

    You are the ones that keep posting articles that are 100% sure that Russia didn’t try to affect our elections, even though proving a negative like that is next to impossible.Why are you so sure?
    I lay out long lists of evidence that Trump may be a traitor, using qualifiers like “if,” and asking questions, like “How did Trump end up hiring about twenty people that met with Russians and lied about it?” No one addresses my actual arguments, but only accuse me of “believing,” in Russia Gate.
    I am not a believer. I am a skeptic. I have been reading between the lines of U.S. and corporate propaganda for decades. If Mueller tries to attack Trump without evidence I will be the first to say so.
    Trump and Fox are relentlessly attacking the Justice Department, the FBI, (both staffed by Republicans, including Trump nominees) and the Mueller investigation, led by another Republican, and you keep posting articles using the same talking points. How do left organizations end up saying the same thing as Fox News?
    My argument is that attacking the Mueller investigation when we really know nothing about what he is investigating is premature and plays into the hands of Trump and Fox. You need to actually see the evidence before you dismiss it.
    Two years ago Fox consistently said Russia was the enemy. Now Trump and Fox are actively attacking traditionally conservative government institutions. It’s not because of abuses against left activists, minorities, and first nations, that’s for sure.
    Why are you helping them?


  • jemcgloin

    A censor has official power to edit content.
    I am a reader who is critical of content that is obviously biased toward Putin, who showed videos of his country nuking Florida a couple days ago, and that keep distracting from the real problem, which is that Trump may be a traitor. Most of the evidence I use to back that claim does straight from Trump.

  • kevinzeese

    You are just lost in the frenzy of Russiagate. Your comments are off the wall. No one is gushing at Putin and we usually say — if Putin is right etc. Please, try to escape the Russiagate bubble you seem trapped in and return to objectivity an questioning the FBI and CIA and Democratic officials as well as Dem media spokespeople on this issue.

  • Because the best way to expose a lie is by revealiing the truth.

    Truth is that the Russian Federation isn’t going around the world bombing and invading other peoples countries on trumped up charges – that would be the US, you’d be blind not to have noticed..

    Why is Russia being blamed for things for which no solid and verifiable evidence has been presented?

    To hide the crimes of the Neocons for starters!

    How the US Establishment Lies Through Its Teeth, for War Against Russia [Geopolitics]

  • chetdude

    The REAL problem is the vulture capitalist system of the Oligarchs that coughed up Trump, Putin AND the Clintons and Obama…to distract you…

    They’ve got you fooled…

  • jemcgloin

    They have me confused and worried but not fooled, since I keep all of the possible scenarios alive in my head until they are disqualified one by one. To be fooled, I would have to believe their version, which I don’t.
    I do not believe things lightly.
    I do believe however (based on decades of learning about the history of the world) that we are better off with the U.S. Constitution than without it, that if we let the right wing rip it up it will be replaced by a reign of terror, and that the path to more democracy lies through the amendment process, not strongman politicians.

    Whatever the Russians did is a side show. The question is what is Trump trying to do?

    “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.”

  • jemcgloin

    Yes our government lies. Up until last year, it had tried not to get caught. Now we havea president who seems to delight in contradicting himself daily. This drastically undermines the rule of law, which I believe is his aim.
    The fact that our government lies and is hyper aggressive does not mean that the Russian government doesn’t lie and is not aggressive. The idea that the Ukraine voluntarily gave up the Crimea is far fetched, for example.
    I am not focused on Russia. I am focused on what Trump does and says. But authors that claim they know wether the Russian government attacked our elections are lying to themselves or us.
    It is Trump’s attacks on the investigation, including his firing of the FBI Director, because “of the Russia thing,” that has me suspicious of Trump.

  • jemcgloin

    The articles I commented on were exactly gushing at Putin. The only bad things they said about Russia, were followed by, but Putin is fixing it.
    Did you read them critically?

    By the way, I don’t use the word Russiagate, and the only news outlets I’ve seen using it are Fox News and some left wing defenders of Russia.
    One more time: I don’t care about Russia. My focus is on the President of the United States. It is what Trump says and does that I find truly dangerous, and the fact the he said that he fired the Director of the FBI over “the Russia thing,” means that it is critical that the Mueller investigation continue until the evidence is presented.
    But Fox News went from saying Russia is the enemy to Russia is our friend in the year that Trump ran for president. Something fishy is going on.
    Why are you not posting articles about Trump’s attacks on the constitution and the rule of law?

  • chetdude

    “The question is what is Trump trying to do?”

    In his narcissistic self-absorption with his own ego and complete surprise that he actually got elected, Trump is riding a wave…

    The wave is the disintegration of the USAmerican commercial Empire thanks to hubris, overreach, an economic system killing its own host and fossil-fueled AGW…

    If you got rid of Trump (and got Pence) then Pence would be riding that wave. If Hillary hadn’t totally blown her opportunity, Hillary would be riding that wave…

    The bottom line is that the wave WILL crash once it reaches shore…

  • The Neocons and their masters are the real enemy – not the Russians!

    Consider reading – The U.S. Is a Failed State [GR]

  • jemcgloin

    I’m against the neocons and the neoliberals, who are essentially the same.
    That doesn’t mean Putin is on my side. We as Americans must create true democracy by ourselves. Taking help from foreign governments to fight our own government runs a high risk of ending up with worse than what you started with.
    Look at all of the colonels in South American countries that went to the School of the Americas, got trained in torture, terrorism, capitalism, and revolution, went home, and used American dollars to overthrow their governments.
    Did any of those governments turn out better than the ones they replaced?
    Putin just personally showed us animations of his nukes killing Americans. Get real.
    What’s the point of rejecting the propaganda of American oligarchs just to get sucked in by the propaganda of foreign oligarchs, especially when their interests coincide with each other’s interests more than they coincide with yours?

  • jemcgloin

    Trump is not Pence or Hillary (both of whom are dangerous of course). Pence and Hillary are careful and methodical.
    Trump has no patience for maintaining a veneer of legitimacy. Decades of U.S. governments have been slowly chipping away at the constitution and the rule of law.
    But where they use a scalpel, Trump uses a wrecking ball.
    Today the NY Times said Trump was only kidding when he said we should give president for life a shot here. That’s nonsense. Trump said it on purpose to push the envelope and normalize the idea.
    Trump’s attacks on the judiciary, justice department, press, Congress, the truth, and the rule of law is exactly how elected politicians become right wing fascist dictators. I have seen this film many times around the world.
    Trump is not Reagan, Clintons, or Bushes. He is a whole different class of demagogue. Don’t help him normalize his attacks on the constitution.
    Eventually Mueller is likely to present a case against the president’s circle and likely the president himself. Trump knows this and is using Fox and the rest of corporate news to prepare his base and party to reject the findings and reject the charges of high crimes and misdemeanors that he is obviously engaged in all of the time.
    If the Republican Party was loyal to the U.S. at all they would be impeaching him already.
    We could see the worst constitutional crisis since the civil war, and you are all so worried about Putin and Russia, you can’t be bothered to see it.

  • chetdude

    “Trump has no patience for maintaining a veneer of legitimacy”

    I submit this is a good thing – among the ONLY benefits of having Trump in the WH is exposing the big lie, corruption and rot at the core of the USAmerican Empire…

    And organize to oppose the entire system instead of piecemeal “demonstrations” against the symptoms…

    Personally, I don’t give a sh*t about “Putin and Russia” – it’s just another gangster capitalist state that will self-destruct just as USAmerica is doing for many of the same reasons. What I DO care about is all of the energy being wasted on Russiagate that could be applied to more important domestic and global existential issues…

  • Since you’re opposed to the Neocons there is no reason to buy into their narrative – that would be playing into their hand.

    If there was any evidence, it would have been provided by now – as opposed to the ongoing fact free allegations that are doing the rinse wash repeat spin cycle and repeat

    The enemy of my enemy should be regarded as a friend – unholy alliances might need to be formed to put an end to US/Western exceptionalism.

    Anyone who dare’s to stands up to the Neocons is a credit to humanity.

    Putin isn’t on your side – Putin has taken charge of Russian sovereignty –

    Putin is doing what’s good for Russia – I sincerely wish that there were more heads of state who told it like it is instead of the pedigree poodle club who hop jump and fetch, hoping for a reward – such a second career funded by Wall Street.

    The US isn’t a democracy – try military dictatorship with a revolving chair dance every four years.

    The US will never be a democracy until such time as when US/Western exceptionalism has come to an end – this requires accountability to international laws – meaning that US war criminals will have to answer for their crimes – International laws and treaties need to be ratified.

    Talking about outside interference – For the US to become a democracy – I very much doubt that the US will be able to accomplish this on their own accord.

    Those wishing for true Democracy are going to need all the help that they can get.

    True Democracy also requires a different economic model – one based on Eco-Socialist ideals appears to be best suited to these times.

  • jemcgloin

    Given a choice between the U.S. Intelligence service and a foreign intelligence service, I’ll stick with this one, thanks.
    And if you knowingly work with a foreign intelligence service to affect U.S. policy, your’e a traitor, whether they are Israelis, Saudis, Chinese, Russians, British…

  • jemcgloin

    Again, if Trump is able to demand personal loyalty from members of Congress, the Justice Department, law enforcement, military leaders, and surveillance and intelligence agencies, and he is able to further empower the misogynistic, racist, anti LGBT, evangelical “christian” terrorists already rampant in these institutions, the only “domestic and global existential issues” most people on the planet will have is: who does Trump feel like murdering this week. The difference between maintaining a veneer of legitimacy and rule by cult of personality is powers of ten times the extrajudicial killings we already have.
    When Code Pink is met with heavy machine gun fire, you will see the difference between constitutional republics and raw exercise of military power against civilians.
    Look at Assad. He is using artillery against protesters and Trump thinks that’s great.