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Two major crises of our era are growing wealth inequality and its resultant poverty and climate change, which is connected to a variety of environmental issues. Neither of these crises can be resolved without addressing the underlying root cause of capitalism, but many people are uncertain about what an economy beyond capitalism looks like. In his new book, Red Green Revolution: The Politics and Technology of Ecosocialism, Victor Wallis explains why a livable future must be ecosocialist, what ecosocialism is and how we get there. We discuss his book and the latest news.

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Victor Wallis is a professor of Liberal Arts at the Berklee College of Music. He was for twenty years the managing editor of Socialism and Democracy and has been writing on ecological issues since the early 1990s. His writings have appeared in journals such as Monthly Review and New Political Science, and have been translated into thirteen languages.

  • David Petrovich

    Speaking as a 60 something, third generation socialist, I’ve puzzled over the term eco-socialist or eco-socialism. To my thinking, the prefix ‘eco’ was another unnecessary qualifier along the lines of ‘crony’ crapitalism or ‘corporate’ crapitalism devised to divide us, rather than

    When I learned of the Green Party’s formal embrace of the term eco-socialism I asked several socialists who told me they also felt the prefix ‘eco’ was unnecessary.

    I asked members of the Green Party (including several candidates for public office) what was meant by the term eco-socialist who were unable to articulate a cogent response, but instead directed me to read the Green Party Platform….

    Thank’s to Clearing The Fog podcast with Victor Wallis I think it may have cleared this particular fog for me.

    Correct me if I am wrong, please, but I inferred that the prefix ‘eco’ (as in ecology) is meant as a unifying urgency to join the movement for a transformation from the economic system of crapitalism to that of an economic democracy in which the democratically managed economy’s priority is to save the planet from profit driven ecological death.

  • Margaret Flowers

    Adding the prefix “eco” means that it is a socialist system that prioritizes protecting the planet.

  • Howard

    Thank you Margaret for mentioning EarthDance, a story we should all know. The Green Party Platform described policy to create a classless society living in harmony with nature before the term ‘eco-socialist’ was added to the platform. It actually did cause some divisions within the party as the “eco-socialists” accused the party of being “green capitalists” which indicated to me a lack of understanding what capitalism is and thus could not recognize that the GP platform would end capitalism by taking the capitalist’s power away. I like Victor’s referencing the “capitalist class” but often people don’t seem to know what a capitalist is and often ignore the mechanism of their power which is money. The key feature of capitalism is the private control of the money system and yet socialists don’t seem to recognize this which I find worrisome becasue any government that does not control the money is controlled by those who do. We cannot fund and implement a people & planet saving strategy by allowing our money to be created and issued as interest bearing debt by private for-profit institutions.