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“Red Terry” Takes A Stand – “I Will Come Out Of The Tree When These People Get Off My Land”

Above Photo: Tanya LeRoith/Flickr

Note: Midstream Partners with local law enforcement have cut off all supplies. Red Terry has had no food or water for three days and continues her tree sit to block destruction of trees for a fracked gas pipeline. KZ

Excellent video (by Water Is Life. Protect It.; see below), I definitely recommend it. As a property owner on Bent Mountain puts it, “I think that’s one of the big issues with this pipeline is that the rest of the public that is not in this community up here, a good chunk of them don’t think it’s going to affect them, it’s not in my backyard, but it is – it IS your backyard, we are what feed a lot of the clean, crisp water that Roanoke city gets.” And as the treesitter known as “Red Terry” adds, “They haven’t decided how to lie about the sediment coming down these huge, steep banks into these creeks feeding into the Roanoke Valley and Salem; they haven’t come up with a life for that yet…” One last thought from “Red Terry,” then check out the video: “I know they couldn’t have gone through the paperwork and looked at this — and they ok’ed it. And when we look at the maps they had left out the creeks and the wetlands that they sent to FERC; they just left them out, because we don’t want to worry FERC with facts and details. So they lied the whole way in.”

P.S. Happy to see Del. Sam Rasoul in the video, by the way. According to Del. Rasoul, who represents part of the Roanoke valley, “It’s very unfortunate for us to see the taking of private property for the wealth of an out-of-state company; I think we need to be here supporting and doing everything we can to resist what’s going on.”

“Courageous and passionate about the wetlands, swamps and waterways located on the family farm on Bent Mountain, Virginia, Red Terry, is taking a stand. A stand against the construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline that threatens her family’s land, and the water that flows from the mountain into the Roanoke and Salem valley.”

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