Redacted Tonight: Political Prisoners, War Criminals And Monsanto

| Resistance Report

Think political prisoners is a problem only OTHER countries face? Think again. The US has many political prisoners from Chelsea Manning to former governor Don Siegelman. Most of them are behind bars for trying to reveal various crimes by our government. Most of these prisoners should be called heroes. Comedian Lee Camp breaks it down on his show “Redacted Tonight” – and he makes it somehow seem a lot funnier than this description lets on!

Also Team Redacted celebrates Monsanto’s loss, McDonald’s struggle, and the death of King Abdullah. They also weigh in on crazy wealth inequality and America’s love affair with Cuba.

  • Aquifer

    One of his better shows! 🙂
    Why there wasn’t more public outrage and demos when a legitimate Pres. candidate was not only excluded from the debates but handcuffed to a chair when she tried to attend them, i will never know ….