Redacted Tonight VIP: How The Virus Beat The US

| Resistance Report

Lee Camp sits down with Vijay Prashad, the executive director of The Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. They discuss how the US failed in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the growing cohort of working people who have been dubbed the ‘precariat’ because of their precarious employment, what people can do to help limit this crisis, and how foreign countries such as India and Cuba are handling the crisis. Naomi Karavani rips into the massive corporations that took all of the money from the small business loan program that was part of the coronavirus stimulus bill. This move illustrates why a capitalist system cannot solve a crisis that requires people to work together. Natalie McGill dips into a strange plague that struck the world between the 14th and 17th centuries. The “Dancing Plague” would start with one person boogying and spread through the community until crowds of people danced themselves into exhaustion and sometimes death.

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  • Nancy Oden

    She isn’t funny – needs to stick to straight facts.

  • YoungAmerican

    Ummm, the hospitals in the US were not overwhelmed unless you were listening to corporate media which has come to include RT with the exception of the On Contact program with Chris Hedges. Lee Camp needs to go away…quietly…maybe he should’ve hitched a free ride on the military ship hospital as it was leaving the harbor after being overwhelmed with something like 5 or 6 patients….

  • kevinzeese

    New York City was overrun in some hospitals as was parts of New Jersey. Thankfully some governors acted to put in place stay at home orders and closed many businesses. This saved us from a much larger number of cases and deaths. They overcame both Trump and the slow reaction to the virus.

    This week the US will break 100,000 deaths and if we do not put in place necessary and urgent public health measures we will be over 200,000 deaths by the fall. The reopening of the economy too quickly without public health process in place is increasing the likelihood of more deaths.

  • Alice X

    I don’t generally follow the elsewhere jesters who go sometimes very serious a la Mr Camp.

    However here is Vijay Prashad a most penetrating author and journalist.

    His first sentence says: what is called austerity is actually barbarism.

    I will need to stop with that. I’ll be back with what follows.

  • CALynnie

    There is no law that a State can put in place that is constitutional if it is in contrast to the US Constitution. The US Constitution is The Law.
    and has no clause for “medical pandemics” – err plandemics. The lock down is unconstitutional. As an attorney, you should know that. In fact, according to The Patriot Act, ramping up the public to be in fear (now going on 86 days for me. but for others over 100) is Treasonous. This is Terror by The Government. Pure and Simple. Isn’t that what you use to fight? In fact, today, the CDC finally conceded that the death rate is less than one half of one percent and that those most affected are in sick pits (also known as nursing homes) and that rate of death is over 60%. We as a country should be taking care of our elderly. Not propagandizing this shit.