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Jeju Island protest 2 January 30, 2015

In the early hours of Saturday morning on Jeju Island, South Korea police buses came into the small fishing and farming village.  The 500 year-old village of about 2,000 people has already been forced to surrender its sacred rocky coastline and the pristine environment offshore where endangered soft coral reefs are found.

South Korean police move in to stop protest against naval base.

South Korean police move in to stop protest against naval base.

The Navy base now under  construction will eventually host US aircraft carriers, nuclear subs, and destroyers outfitted with so-called ‘missile defense’ interceptors, all to be aimed at China and Russia in that part of the world.   

A call went out for help and people rushed in to join the barricades against the threat to destroy the permanent protest tents that are a symbol of the villagers refusal to give even more precious land for the base.  But the South Korean government, under the forceful direction of the Pentagon, pushes ahead.

The people on Jeju need our solidarity and prayers.  Their spirited and determined eight-year daily struggle at the Navy base gates has spread globally.  Hearts from around the world are in Jeju right now.

You can send a letter to the South Korean military administration at the following email.  Please let them know you support the people of Gangjeong village.  Remind them that the whole world is watching and enraged.  Send message to:  

Jeju Island protest 3 January 30, 2015