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Report from Sao Paulo: Massive Police Violence Against Nonviolent Protesters

Photo above: Turkish solidarity ““Resist Brazil. We’re together on this fight.”

The protests in Sao Paulo, Brazil started with the bus fare hikes but have become about many things, including police violence. It is really a protest about the poor transportation in the cities. Urban mobility is a human right and the people are asserting their rights. I went on Tuesday night and the police were aggressive but not as bad as on Thursday. When the police started firing tear gas, the protesters stood their ground for a while and chanted, “Thursday will be bigger.” It most certainly was. There is a new protest planned for Monday about 15 minutes away from my house. I have already started rescheduling my classes so I can go. I might have a front row seat to history being made.

Below are 18 photos and videos that show the protesters in Sao Paulo, Brazil will not back down.

Once again, social media proves to be a better news source for revolutions around the world than the mainstream media.

Incredible tumblrs and websites have been popping up documenting what is happening here in São Paulo and why.

Brave Protester Stands Against a Phalanx Of Armored Police

Massive Crowds March Through the Streets Of São Paulo

Police Destroying Their Own Car to Make It Look Like Protesters Did It

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