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Roll Call reports that the Republicans introduced legislation, the Obamacare Replacement Act, in both the House and the Senate. The plan, known as the Sanford-Paul Plan for its lead sponsors, has the support of the strongest Republican caucus, the Freedom Caucus.

Summaries of the legislation are not yet available. According to Roll Call, the legislation would “de-link insurance coverage from employment and remove minimum coverage mandates, allowing consumers to purchase plans that fit their individual needs.” It appears that people would purchase health insurance on the private market and receive a non-refundable tax credit to subsidize the purchase. The plan also includes Health Savings Accounts.

Tax-credits and health savings accounts benefit people who have money, but will be of little use to most people in the United States.  And rather than raising taxes on the wealthy to cover funds needed for the tax credit, Senator Rand Paul, the lead sponsor of the legislation in the senate, is calling for cuts to other government programs, otherwise known as austerity measures.

Leaving insurance plans up to the market to determine means that low cost plans will cover very little and the fact will remain that people in the US will only be able to receive health care if they can afford it.

The United States is an outlier among industrialized nations for being the only country that relies in large part on a private market for health insurance. Private insurers are financial institutions designed to create profit for shareholders. They are nothing like private insurers in the European Union, such as in Germany or Switzerland, which were designed as mutual insurances that have the mission to pay for health care.

Reliance on the market for health care means rising prices and greater inequality and health disparities. The best way to create health security and health equity is through a universal, comprehensive publicly-financed health system. This is why we advocate for a National Improved Medicare for All.

Right now the Republicans have the upper hand, not only because they are the majority but also because they have legislation in both bodies of Congress. The Democrats, who do not have single payer health care in their party platform, are largely focused on preserving the failing Affordable Care Act. The legislation that we support, HR 676: the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act, has been introduced in the House, but not in the Senate.

In order to make progress in the demand for National Improved Medicare for All, we need a companion bill to HR 676 in the Senate. Senator Sanders, a long-time advocate for single payer health care, is the most obvious senator to be the lead sponsor but he has refused to make a commitment to introducing single payer legislation.

We must push Senator Sanders to introduce a senate companion bill to HR 676 quickly so that people can build support for it by their senators.



It only takes a few minutes to make the call. Phone calls have the greatest impact on legislators.

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  • Mr. Evans

    Its Time For A Major Change In Fascist Criminal Controlled Wa$hinglaundered$$$ton D.I.C..

    Pitch Forks, Very Sharp Bladed Guillotines, and The Fully Operational Gallows Are Needed, If These Fascist Forever War Mongering, Compulsive Lying Criminals In Wa$hinglaundered$$$ton D.I.C. Continue To De$troy Our Government, and Every Essential Life Saving Programs Like Social Security, Medicare, Medi-Cal, Medicaid, and Every Other Medical and Financial Programs Which Are Essential and Life Saving Programs Which Millions of My Fellow Americans Rely On Every Month For Our Rent, To Pay Our Monthly Bills and For The Food We Need To Eat In Order To Stay Alive.;-0

    We The People Need Another, and This Time Completely Honest, Not Bought Off & Paid For and “Owned” By The Evil, Soulle$$, Greedy Fascist-Criminal BIG Bu$ine$$, Which Own Both Criminal Controlled Broken Houses of Former Congress, Now Called Regre$$ Government, Which Is The Criminal Controlled $$enate !!! ;~0

    A “Major” Peaceful Change Is Needed Now Before These Evil Soulle$$ Fascist Criminal Creatures Like Der Führer Her Reinhold Drumpf’, and His Evil, Soulle$$, Greedy, Racist-Zionist, Israeli War Regime Controlled Fascist Rethug-A$$-LiKKKlan Criminal Ilk Friends Gut, Ruin and Totally De$troy Every Life Saving and Essential Program, and Everything Else Which Made This Now Former Democracy and Republic Great. ;-(

    We Need A Major Change, This Time For The Betterment of U.$. All !!!

    P.S.. Do Your Own Research On The Family Name ” Drumpf’ “, For It Is Der Führer Donald Trumps Original Family Name From Germany.

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  • Sanders’ apparent reversal on this matter — from (alleged) support for single-payer health care to de facto opposition to it — proves beyond argument he has joined the Democratic (sic) Party in its total submission to the One Percent.

    We now see Sanders’ self-proclaimed socialism as just another of the Big Lies by which capitalist government deludes us — we the people — and thereby perpetuates itself. Indeed, Sanders’ refusal to support single-payer is precisely the sort of additional betrayal we Real (i.e., class-war) Leftists (as opposed to the identity-politics pseudo-Leftists), have been anticipating since Sanders initially betrayed his supporters by joining the Hillaryites.

    I will of course dutifully participate in the effort to persuade Sanders to be true to his original self-proclaimed ideology, but given the extent to which he has already sold out to our capitalist overlords, I suspect the effort will have about as much success as the doomed efforts to compel Hillary to genuinely abjure her Goldwater Girl fascism.

    Moreover — now that the USian Empire’s secret government has revealed its omnipotence by forever destroying any possibility the Trump Regime might achieve rapprochement with Russia — it has permanently emplaced the genocidal, reduce-the-surplus-population agenda that (behind their Big Lies of rhetoric), Hillary and Trump each obviously have always intended to impose.

    If the One Percenters are not somehow overthrown, this means the eventual end of the entire social safety net — not just food stamps, WIC, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, veterans’ benefits, unemployment insurance etc. — but of course also the continuation of the deliberately murderous USian policy of health care as a privilege of wealth rather than a human right.

    In this context, Sanders’ betrayal of the single-payer movement is his entirely predictable assertion of his (new?) membership in the One Percent’s Ruling Class vassalage. Now that the Trump Regime has effectively declared the end of the Republic and the beginning of the U.S. as the de factoFourth Reich, any politician who hopes to remain in office is quickly declaring, however tacitly, his/her allegiance to the New Order even if not to its present figurehead.

    Sanders, who first displayed not just the Big Lie of his “socialist” facade but also his political cowardice by his endorsement of Hillary, is merely following suit, much as so many formerly “liberal” members of the Reichstag did after the Nazis’ ascension to power in 1933.

  • Jon

    Good points Loren, but Sanders may have been given “an offer he could not refuse,” a la Godfather, by the ruling class.That’s the other option. By the way, were you successful in contacting the woman about whom we corresponded a couple of months ago?

  • jpskyrud

    Margaret: Rather than introduce a new detailed plan, why don’t we propose an intermediate plan of anyone not being able to afford ACA, being able to sign up for Medicare. We have Medicare Parts A & B, so we could call it Medicare Part C and keep its administration separate from the others. That way, we could compare its costs with those of existing Medicare and existing ACA. We could propose it as an interim measure pending passage of Trumpcare later. You mentioned the difficulty of getting Bernie to lead the fight. If a large and adequately funded drive could be organized, maybe Bernie would agree. He could serve as a figurehead, and people like Dennis, Naomi and Elizabeth could step forward as spokespersons. Don’t make it anti-Trump. Get Paul Jay to organize a trial balloon town hall.

  • Margaret Flowers

    We can already compare traditional Medicare to private insurance in the US. Medicare costs rise more slowly than costs in the private system.

    The problem with the approach you propose is that it won’t allow adequate cost savings to provide comprehensive and affordable coverage. New public insurances have been tried at the state level and they fail because they attract the sickest while the private insurers keep the healthy. The private insurers continue to profit and the public insurance fails due to high costs of care.

    National Improved Medicare for All gives us the administrative simplicity (one system, no means or other forms of testing) and the savings to provide comprehensive coverage without out-of-pockets costs (unlike current Medicare).

  • Jon…Thank you. Apropos the woman, my effort to contact her was delayed by several sets of unfortunate circumstances
    including a devastating five-week bout with the flu (an exceptionally nasty virus that was somehow omitted from this year’s shot), but I finally got a letter off to her last week. Stay tuned…