“Resist & Reclaim” from MLK To Inauguration Day | January 16-20, 2017

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Pledge of Resistance

No matter where you are in the world, the name Martin Luther King, Jr., is synonymous with freedom, equality, and hope. On January 16, we’ll commemorate his life, legacy and the contributions of other civil rights warriors whose resistance to oppression pushed the country toward equality. But this year will be different. Just four days after MLK Day, we’ll witness the inauguration of a President who is the antithesis of everything Dr. King stood for; a demagogue who galvanized millions by spewing hate and promising to harm the most vulnerable in this nation.

The threats of mass deportation, the dismantling of Obamacare, the registration of Muslims and the criminalization of women’s health, are loud and clear. Black people and other people of color are being targeted by vigilantes, our places of worship are being burned, our children are being attacked at school and the promise of more “law and order” policing leaves us even more vulnerable to police terror.

Now is the time for action. To emphasize the urgency of this moment and the need to resist, we’ve expanded #ReclaimMLK to #Reclaim&Resist, an entire week of actions from January 16-20.

Because a Trump presidency threatens numerous vulnerable communities, we’re calling those on the frontlines of the Immigrant Rights, Reproductive Justice, Environmental, Labor, Youth, Indigenous Rights, Muslim, Arab and South Asian struggles, to take action with us.

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More than ever, we must come together. Join the call to action.

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  • Paul Mendoza


  • Paul Mendoza

    Trump’s future is in the hands of those who want him there.

  • DHFabian

    A protest is a statement — not resistance. We seem to be powerless. Many understood that the years of this administration marked our last chance to bring people together, for the common good. It didn’t work. Liberals maintained a pep rally for the middle class, simply ignoring our poverty crisis. BLM! quickly added, “…and white ones don’t.” Millions of low-income and poor people living in those vast spaces between cities were written off as a collection of ignorant, beer-guzzling right wing yahoos.

    Now what?

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