resist-iconStrategic direct action and civil disobedience such as strikes, sit-ins and occupations can expose injustice, slow down or stop harmful practices and win specific demands. Below is an archive of articles covering resistance groups in the United States and internationally. If you are inspired by a campaign, perhaps you will join or support it. If you like the tactics being used, you can adapt them for your own struggle. Check out our Resources Page for links to tools that may be helpful in your resistance.

J20 Prosecution: The Future Of Free Speech

By Ryan J. Reilly, -

WASHINGTON ― Justice Department prosecutor Jennifer Kerkhoff carried the cardboard evidence box past the jury and placed it next to Officer Andre Reid, the 14-year veteran of the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department seated in the witness stand. [...]

Orthodox Jews In Jerusalem Beaten, Arrested For Refusing Draft

By Miko Peled, -

The Hareidi communities around the world — including the one in Jerusalem, which has existed in the city’s neighborhood of Me’a Sha’arim for close to two hundred years — were opposed to the creation of a Jewish only state in historic Palestine, [...]

Massive Effort To ‘Break The Internet,’ Beseige FCC Before Net Neutrality Vote

By John Zangas, -

Washington, DC — Groups against a two-tiered Internet are rallying to beat back FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai’s plan to end Net Neutrality, which will affect users’ ability to access thousands of websites. They are mobilizing with support from [...]

The Moral Obligation To Provide Sanctuary

By Roxana Tynan, -

Other unions and employers can take additional steps to provide protections. Companies and nonprofits should have a plan in place for how to respond in the case of a workplace raid. They should develop systems to keep worker documentation [...]

Organizations Call On FCC To Abandon Attack On Net Neutrality

By Timothy Karr, -

WASHINGTON — On Thursday, more than 30 press freedom, civil liberties and open government groups submitted a letter to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai urging him to cancel the scheduled Dec. 14 vote to undermine the [...]

Hudson Valley Earth First Blocks Valley Lateral Pipeline

By Staff, -

Wawayanda, New York - Hudson Valley Earth First has established a one person tree sit blockade in the path of the Valley Lateral Pipeline to stop its construction and to save the forrest. On December 8th, 2017, Millennium Pipeline Company [...]

Pipeline Company Illegally Cutting Trees, Threatening Eagles

By Protect Orange County, -

Orange County NY Residents who oppose Millenniums 7.8 Mile pipeline called VLP or Valley Lateral Project staged a Vigil after learning that yesterday the stay of construction was lifted for the VLP Millennium Pipeline Project. The Millennium [...]

Widespread Protests To Tax Bill, Backlash Brewing

By Sarah Anderson, -

The tax reform moral abomination is already igniting a firestorm across the country. Over the past two weeks, protests have erupted at 50 universities and in least 100 cities, while nearly 50 people have been arrested on Capitol Hill. And [...]

Open Letter From William Barber To Mitch McConnell

By Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, -

We are writing to inform you that your faith is not in line with the Scriptures, nor with what your party’s first President called “the better angels of our nature.” This country’s most vulnerable will not remain silent as this immoral [...]

‘Protest Matters’ Museum Shows What Resistance Looks Like

By John Zangas, -

By John Zangas for DCMG - Washington, DC–A free exhibit called “Protest Matters” was organized by a local anthropologist to showcase items used at protests and how they promote change for public benefit. Siobhán McGuirk, an adjunct professor at [...]

Former Police Officer Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison For Death Of Walter Scott

By Marina Fang, -

By Marina Fang for The Huffington Post - Slager, then an officer in North Charleston, South Carolina, shot Scott while Scott was running away from him. A bystander captured the death on cell phone video. The killing was one of many high-profile [...]

Telecom Prom Protest

By Staff, -

By Staff of Art Killing Apathy - Today across the country people showed up at Verizon stores to protest the selling off of our open internet to big Telecoms. Several protests included marches to Congressional offices to demand that Congress stop [...]

Massive Nationwide Protests For Net Neutrality

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers,> -

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. Yesterday, more than 700 protests were held across the nation in small towns, suburbs and cities by people calling for a free and open Internet, net neutrality. In red districts, blue [...]

Undocumented Youth & Allies Protest U.S. Capitol For DACA

By Fight for the Dream, -

By Staff for Fight for the Dream. On December 7, 2017 at about 2:00 pm, immigrant youth and allies gathered in Emancipation Hall at the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center to demand permanent protection for undocumented youth. Eight DACA (Deferred [...]

Arrests, Anger, Anxiety As Grad Students Visit Paul Ryan’s Office

By Nick Roll, -

By Nick Roll for Inside Higher Ed - WASHINGTON -- As the competing Republican tax plans from the House of Representatives and the Senate head to a conference committee that will square the differences and create a final piece of legislation, [...]