Resistance Axis Victory

Syrians have re-elected Bashar al Assad for a fourth consecutive term as their President. Western nations like Britain, the United States and France have sought to undermine the elections, rejecting the results in advance, dubbing them illegitimate and undemocratic.

These same nations prevented Syrians from casting ballots at their Syrian consulates and have sought to overthrow the Syrian government and coup al Assad since 2001. By funding of terrorist groups, supporting an exiled Syrian opposition, they have attempted to force their imperialist agenda onto the Syrian people.

Nevertheless, despite ten years of war and suffering, brought on by economic sanctions from the West, Syrians have rejected regime change and colonialism. President Assad won 95.1% of the vote with an impressive turn out of 78.6%. Syrians took to the streets all over the country to celebrate. This is not a victory just for them but for the entire Axis of Resistance which stands together with Syria and helps defend its sovereignty from imperialist aggression.