Resistance Festival In Nabi Saleh

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Above photo: TMS Magazine.

The PLO Central Committee composed of aged leaders f eh co-opted PLO is meeting Today/Sunday at Al-Muqataa building in Ramallah at 6 PM. Activists have called for demonstration starting at 5 PM in Manara square to march to the Muqataa. They called for bringing Palestinian flags and placards calling on the Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas to end this charade. Immediately implement reconciliation agreements and return to a representative PLO with all Palestinian factions and end all security collaboration with the occupiers. In other words go back to become a real PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization). Join us Today/Sunday at 5 PM at Manara square and bring placards and flags. If we are 10 or 10,000 it is important.

Hundreds of us had a resistance festival in Nebi Saleh yesterday even as the apartheid forces blocked village entrances. We visited with the injured, and we rallied with families of the kidnapped and murdered. The Israeli army attacked us with a barrage of poisoned tear gas. Yet another Tamimi youth was kidnapped by the apartheid regime from his home in Nebi Saleh. Mohammad is 19 and is cousin to Ahed 17 who is still held in Israeli prisons. And two more youths were murdered by the same terrorist army.

Here is a video that summarized the plight of of Nebi Saleh and the Tamimi family:

But information is finally getting through and the Zionists are panicking (hence trying to stifle free speech via laws both in “Israel” and in Western Countries where the Zionist lobbies are active subverting people interest for special interest. Here are some interesting news:

‘There is no justice in Israel — it’s always postponed’: The Nawara family expected to hear the sentence of the Israeli soldier who killed their son, Nadeem. Instead, they were forced to sit quietly while the soldier’s lawyer argued that it was not his client but Nadeem who was guilty of a crime.

Over 850 Israeli soldiers did break the silence and tell us about what they were ordered to do by the fascist Israeli regime.

Death still approaches: Over the past decade there has been a proliferation of personal essays and book-length accounts by writers who have visited the Occupied Territories. Their aim has been to illuminate for a mainly Western audience issues previously ignored, or over-simplified, in the media of their home countries, and thereby to re-frame international perceptions of the Palestinian people.

Where is the #MeToo movement for Ahed Tamimi? By Ariel Gold and Taylor Morley.

‘You Want a Girl? How Many?’: Tapes Reveal How Right-wing Group Tried to Make East Jerusalem Jewish Right-wing groups often used coercion tactics to acquire Palestinian property in East Jerusalem

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