Resistance Is Necessary To Overcome The Climate Crisis

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The science is clear that we must no longer build new fossil fuel infrastructure and we must invest in clean sources of energy, yet oil and gas companies continue to receive permits to build more pipelines, compressor stations and refineries. in response, communities are organizing to stop these projects. We speak with Tim DeChristopher about how communities are using the necessity defense to defend their actions to stop the projects. And we discuss the state of the climate justice movement, how Big Greens are failing on climate justice and strategies for action.

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Climate Disobedience

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Tim DeChristopher as Bidder 70, disrupted an illegitimate Bureau of Land Management oil and gas auction in December of 2008, by outbidding oil companies for parcels around Arches and Canyonlands National Parks in Utah. His actions and 21 month imprisonment earned him a national and international media presence, which he has used as a platform to spread the urgency of the climate crisis and the need for bold, confrontational action in order to create a just and healthy world. Tim used his prosecution as an opportunity to organize the climate justice organization Peaceful Uprising in Salt Lake City. Tim is a Co-Founder of the Climate Disobedience Center, and after graduating from Harvard Divinity School, continues the work to defend a livable future. Read More.

  • AlanMacDonald

    “Resistance Is Necessary To Overcome The EMPIRE Causing the Climate Crisis”

    Just like. once the Trumpster Dumpster starts the War in the Middle East:

    “Resistance Will Be Necessary To Overcome The EMPIRE Causing the War”

    As I emphatically stated and wrote almost 2 years before the 2008
    election (on 2/1/2007), regarding the most important thing that
    Americans should do when considering, judging, and selecting any
    candidate for president (rather than to be suckered into another cycle
    of ‘least worst voting”):

    “The very most important question that the American people should be asking (and looking for) in any candidate for president in ’08 is not, “Where do you stand on the war?”, but,
    “Where do you stand on the EMPIRE that has taken over our country — anEmpire of which the war in Iraq is only the biggest and most visible crime yet?”

    Of course, I may have been premature in stating the importance of that recommendation to VOTE AGAINST EMPIRE —because when I wrote that; the massive Wall Street looting that caused the Great Recession of 2008 had not ocured, the “Occupy” movement of 2011 had not yet even thought about the tremendous ‘economic inequality’that the Wall Street looting would cause, and the vastly expanded olderIraq, Afghanistan Wars and not gone on for more than the first 6 years, and the expanded Middle East Wars in Libya, Yemen, Syria, etc. were notyet stated by the disguised global capitalist EMPIRE, the proven fact that this EMPIRE was spying on every American was not yet exposed by Wikileaks, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, etc. etc. nor had this effin megalomaniac sociopath, Trump been selected over the proved “War Hawk” (see NYT Magazine cover story by Mark Landler) in the effin 10th ‘least worst voting cycle’ orchestrated and controlled by this effin EMPIRE that most Americans have yet to effin understand or even think about.

    But,as Alford E. Newman would say “WTF, Me Worry?” about this disguised
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    “Occupies” our former country just as surely as the Nazi EMPIRE invaded,
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    than half a century ago —- when Americans even then didn’t think
    EMPIRE would ever come to America???

    So, as Clint Eastwood might say, “Well how do you feel, Jackie, do you want to take a chance on this .44 Magnum (actually nuclear financial BOMB) of sure death to
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