Rest In Power, Kevin Zeese

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Above photo: Kevin Zeese speaks at a rally for Chelsea Manning. By Ellen Davidson.

It is with a sad heart that I report the sudden and unexpected death of Kevin Zeese early Sunday morning. Kevin was working up until the end and died in his sleep of a possible heart attack.

Support the Kevin Zeese Emerging Activists Fund to continue his legacy.

If you missed the online tribute to Kevin, you can watch it here:

Kevin was going to write a newsletter this weekend about the extradition trial of Julian Assange, which begins today. Kevin understood the great importance of the prosecution of Julian Assange as a battle that will define journalism in the 21st century and our right to know.

He was helping to organize an online event featuring Daniel Ellsberg, James Goodale and Chris Hedges, moderated by Sue Udry. That event will still take place. You can register for it here. The Facebook page for it is here.

You can read the June 28th newsletter we wrote about Julian Assange, “Government Attacks Media as Peoples Media Reveals the Truth.”

Please follow the trial, spread the word about it and do what you can to support Assange. I know that Consortium News will be following it closely. His partner and the mother of his two sons launched a crowdfunding campaign for legal support.

Tributes to Kevin are already being posted. Here are a few:

Kevin fought to bring truth every day. We must not lose this struggle.

I will do my best to keep Popular Resistance going and strive to maintain the high quality that Kevin brought to it. See above for the details of the online tribute his sons and I are planning.  We are working on a fund to honor him and keep his legacy growing, as he deserves.

Rest in power, Kevin Zeese.

– Margaret Flowers

  • Illusionist

    The world has lost a valued warrior for justice and peace. He will certainly be missed, but it is up to us all to pick up where he left off and to continue to fight against the forces of darkness that would would deprive people of their individual enpowerment for the sake of self serving interests.

    My heart goes out to Margaret and to all those who loved Kevin. May Kevin now reap all the rewards he has coming to him with the good karma he generated while he was with us. Kevin, we will remember you and will honor your work by continuing it.

  • Victor Tiffany

    The radical left lost a true warrior yesterday, and we are all poorer for it.

    Rest in Power Kevin.

  • zak1

    This is really devastating – I’m so sorry for your loss

    Thanks so much to both of you for the inspiring and crucial work you’ve been doing all these years – and thanks for your work now on the vital Hawkins/Walker campaign

    It’s been so easy for so many of us to fall into jaded despair and resignation over the direction our society and our world have been taking – you’ve assumed the vital task of showing us very specifically how struggles are being waged on the ground – how victories are being won – this focusing on the nuts and bolts of organizing – you’ve been shining a light into a place most journalism neglects – and this is precisely what more people need to see

    You show us your own organizing – you show us other people organizing – the way media works on our minds, the more we see this, the more we view it as something real and concrete – something plausible and attainable, something we ourselves could do

    – you’re counteracting the fog spread both by commercial infotainment – and also the fog spread by much of our “progressive” media with their overly academic or journalistically passive witness POV – you are the ones who’ve been showing the way forward in terms of what we need from our public affairs media

    I hope more outlets will see the value of what you’ve been doing and follow your example

  • r2k314 .

    Devastating. A tireless fighter for the movement. A true role model.

  • didactic1

    Sorry. He and you, have been the leaders for peace and election integrity in MD for so long. We will help you.

  • George L Pauk

    I am sad and shocked by the loss of a true and wonderful friend.

  • red_slider

    saddened by the news. Kevin and I didn’t always see eye to eye, but I never doubted I was always communicating with someone at the vanguard of making this a better world, a task he took on gladly and often at great risk to himself. I would add for those who are shaken by his absence that no one in the Popular Resistance movement is irreplaceable, and must not be. If the person that will step into his shoes is not already known, I can only hope they are brought on board as quickly as possible. Someone, I trust, who is as fully competent, energetic and committed to the movement as Kevin was. That is a must, and despair is not an option for Popular Resistance. Margaret, the burden cannot fall on your shoulders alone to “keep Popular Resistance going.” It must be a first priority to find and welcome Kevin’s replacement. Make it so.

  • Lisa Simeone

    Hideous, devastating news.

    So terribly sorry.

  • So sorry. The loss of a great fighter for peace and justice.
    Comrade Kevin, ppresente! Always.

  • iowapinko

    Kevin Zeese was so fully enmeshed in the struggle against oppression and injustice and such a vital member of the movement to create a new and better world that it is very difficult to imagine his absence. I heartily resist imagining it…….

    My condolences and sympathy to those who will experience his loss most deeply and intimately.

  • cechas vodobenikov

    more status anxiety—-lawyers….

  • eight.of.wands

    this is very sad news indeed, so unexpected…..all of us sincerely doing our best to thrust and parry against a never-ending supply of horrible people doing terrible things are struck by this sudden loss of a comrade in arms….Thank you, Kevin, for your prolific and forever inspiring efforts on behalf of those in search of basic justice and human dignity… now in Peace…

  • Sally McMillan

    So sad to hear of Kevin’s death. You could always trust what Kevin wrote or said as being the truth. A real accomplishment in these times. Kevin was a person of integrity and courage. We will miss him.

  • daelv

    Kevin, we got this. Peace to the human family that endeavors for peace. Prayers and support to Margaret and family.

  • Medea Benjamin

    The loss is so tremendous for you, Margaret, your extended families and so many of us in the world who benefited from Kevin’s presence on this earth. Having visited with you, I see am so thankful to see that you are surrounded by the love you deserve and need in dealing with this enormous loss. Please know that there are MANY of us ready to do anything you ask of us.

  • pajarito

    Our duty of care to Kevin’s example is to help PR and Dr. Margaret struggle on to victories, he will be there, a precious friend.

  • Bill Rood

    You and Kevin will always be remembered for your heroic stand as “embassy protectors” as well as your tireless advocacy of single payer and other pro-people causes.

    You have my sincere condolences.

  • jho blho

    What I have learned from Kevin and Margaret is to think critically, yet calmly and strategically about issues, with a touch of humor. What a difference from other commentators and activists- not that outrage is misplaced, but there is so much to despair about, Kevin and Margaret’s calm weekly discussion about issues somehow gave me hope that yes, we can do something and that despair and apathy are not sensible responses. Kevin is gone way too soon, but his influence lives on.

  • Tom Rogers

    Sorry for your loss. I only heard of Kevin to his passing. I left the US so I did not have to serve in Iraq. I have finally found an online forum that I find comfortable with. I am so sorry that I am very poor, but I hope my voice can give succor to those of you who wage a war of nonviolence in the US. Thanks.

  • Alice X

    People for PopularResistance. How now?

  • Mikki Norris

    First let me extend my condolences and sympathies to Margaret, to his family, and to all who loved Kevin.

    I am so shocked and saddened by this sudden and tragic loss of Kevin Zeese. Although I have not had much contact with Kevin in recent years, I was just emailing with Kevin a few days ago. He was trying to convince me to vote third party (at least in a safe state, he proposed) as he was such a strong proponent of ending the two party system, which didn’t reflect his values. He was true to his beliefs to the end.

    Kevin was brilliant and one of my favorite people to brainstorm and strategize with, as I so valued his intellect and opinions. He and his partner at the time, Linda Schade, stayed at our house for a month in 2003 when he came to work on the Green Party’s Peter Camejo’s campaign for governor of California. He was fun and interesting to hang out with and a really good cook. He had previously hosted Chris and me in his home as well, when we came to Washington DC for the Drug Policy Foundation conference in 1996 to show our Human Rights and the Drug War Photo exhibit . We celebrated the passage of Prop. 215, the first successful state medical marijuana initiative, the night before that conference with him and Kendra Wright and other friends. Although we were sad to miss the celebrations in California, it was great to be with one of our heroes in the drug policy reform movement to mark that moment.

    We will forever be indebted to Kevin for his leadership in the drug policy world with NORML, DPF, Common Sense for Drug Policy and the Harm Reduction Coalition. He was passionate about his causes and worked tirelessly to advance them. We lost a major leader, visionary, friend, and respected colleague last night.

    He was not finished with all that he had hoped to achieve, but I suppose the universe had other plans for him. He apparently suffered a heart attack. My first thought was that his heart was too full to handle everything he cared about, as he put his heart and soul into his vision to create a better, more just world. I will miss him and his presence in the world. May he Rest In Power, but if he can, may he continue to do good from the other side.
    Love you, Kevin Zeese

  • zak1

    His last project was running the Hawkins/Walker Green Party campaign, battling the neglect of the mainstream media, and especially the deafening silence of the progressive media, who should have been supporting his work –

    Of course, Margaret will have her own thoughts about this, but in my humble view, one thing you could do, as a gesture, in the next several weeks, is use your own media presence, in solidarity, to call for proper coverage of the Hawkins/Walker campaign, and of third parties in general –