Revolutionary Change And COVID-19

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The genie has escaped from the bottle, revealing the deep injustices and cruelties that are embedded in US capitalism and its warped relationship to the peoples it rules, and the world.

“COVID-19 is an opportunity to demand change while the people are paying attention to the crisis.”

The coronavirus pandemic has upended the economy and the lives of millions of people. In so doing it has exposed the wreckage of a country living under the rule of billionaires and the military industrial complex. The health care system is controlled by corporations and therefore cannot meet human needs. The United States gave up its large scale manufacturing to China, the country which it both demonizes as the source of infection but also begs to produce more ventilators, masks and other medical equipment.

The response is what one would expect from a politically backward nation like the United States. The president is unqualified for his position and offers no leadership. Although pointing out Donald Trump’s faults is too easy and cannot be the sole basis of any analysis. The systemic shortcomings impacting us now were all in place before he was electedThe oligachy’s rule over government is obvious and can no longer be kept hidden. The governmental remedies proposed to date are an effort to give corporations a massive bailout with no strings attached, but only meager crumbs for the people.

“The oligachy’s rule over government is obvious and can no longer be kept hidden.”

The chaos will eventually end but life will not be the same. A system that is inherently antagonistic to human needs is unlikely to return the few public benefits we had left. Disaster capitalism is quite real. Just as the New Orleans school system was replaced with charter schools after hurricane Katrina in 2005, the closing of schools due to COVID-19 may end with the same result across the country.

Charter school profiteers will argue that online learning is just fine and that children won’t need class rooms or teachers anymore. Jobs that disappeared in the wake of business closings may never come back. If workers can function at home and communicate via teleconferencing, they may be told not to return to their places of employment again. Those who cannot utilize these systems will become redundant. The means of getting rid of the few benefits we still had will be endless.

It would be quite tragic if 2020 ended like any other year, with a belief that an electoral victory for one part of the duopoly will save us. The machinations of the democratic wing have been disgraceful, as they coalesced around an obviously ill man in order to crush demand for even a small bit of reform.
“Disaster capitalism is quite real.”
The presidential election must be one part of a wider campaign to bring true justice to this country. COVID-19 is an opportunity to demand change while the people are paying attention to the crisis. A return to normalcy is the opposite of what we need. This is a moment to think about what should be the new normal and what should be jettisoned forever.

In order to minimize the post-COVID-19 damage the list of demands must be formulated right now. These should include monthly payments for every person for the duration of the pandemic and continued support for those in need afterward. The health care system must be permanently placed under full public control. Medicare for all is a small part of what we need. Rent and mortgage payments must be suspended, and loans should be forgiven. Water and electricity shut offs should end and a right to these services must be established. The internet must become a regulated utility too.

It is a positive sign that some states are freeing prisoners. These actions are proof that the prison population could be cut in half at the very least without posing a danger to the public.This is another demand that must outlive the pandemic.

“Medicare for all is a small part of what we need.”

Most importantly, we cannot allow the removal of any pre-COVID-19 protections or claim that public education or other public benefit can be diminished at all. Schools must be reopened and fully staffed. The laid off must be returned to their old jobs.

The idea of American exceptionalism must die. China and Cuba are sending medical teams all over the world while the United States scrambles to provide for the basics. If Americans learn nothing else from this crisis they should observe that the countries they are told to hate and fear are doing what their “great” nation fails to do.

The genie cannot be stuffed back into the bottle. All the contradictions must be exposed and opposed. The demands for justice and real democracy should outlive this pandemic. If we wait and hope for one $1,000 check the deaths and illness will have been doubly tragic. This historic opportunity for transformational change must not be lost.

  • Alan MacDonald

    Having now fully read Margaret Kimberley’s BAR report on this ‘exposure’ and warning ‘alert’ (like Paul Revere’s in our first battle against Empire in 1776) I would only correct one thing to the BAR reports’ sub-heading,

    “The oligachy’s rule over government is obvious and can no longer be kept hidden.”

    I have to ‘insist’ that this is not the proper term to describe the cancer as; ‘oligarchy’ (which means only rule by the powerful), nor ‘plutocracy’ (which means only rule by the rich — what’s the effin difference), nor ‘totalitarianism’ which means only rule by total rule, nor ‘inverted totalitarianism’ which seems to mean the inverse, nor ‘authoritarianism’ which means only rule by an authoritarian individual or group, nor any less effective, less memorable to Americans, nor understood by all of ‘we the people’ who created our own country of these United States of America by overcoming and over-throwing the effin British EMPIRE —- Yes, EMPIRE, which is the only accurate word to describe what Paul Revere, Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, George Washington, and the deeply researched and definitive historian of our very founding titled his 2014 book “Revolution Against EMPIRE” — what ‘we the American people have to do now in 2020 is to have thee brains and courage to fire a; loud, public, sustained, ‘in-the-streets’, but totally non-violent
    “SHOUT (not shot) heard round the world” to ignite a Second American
    people’s peaceful and complete “Political/economic & social
    Revolution Against Empire” to lead the world in democracy as our first
    one did in ‘76 — but without the muskets.

    There are only two choices in this ‘globalized world’, either ‘global democracy’ or ‘Global Empire’ — and without a new peaceful “Revolution Against Empire” we’re
    on the path to allowing this Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Empire to
    “roll on under the night” as an Empire rather than a democracy for all
    ‘we the American people’ and all citizens of our shared world.

    Only America can do this new peaceful Revolution, and only Bernie can lead
    “Our Revolution” to Dump Emperor Trump — as we need to:

    GET ‘WOKE’ &
    ‘FOLK’ THE

    [the text lettering on my only demonstration, march, and protest sign is all Centered]

  • 0040

    Good article , “never letting a good crisis go to waste” , is the basis and source of much wealth among American elites. This virus panic will set a new highs in looting the treasury , asset stripping , and the transference of public assets to private ownership. As every capitalist and self proclaimed “socialist” in America now has his/her hand out for “aid”.

  • voza0db

    If you’re waiting for weak Bernie to perform a revolution… stop wasting time and feeding that delusion.

    Bernie is a DNC boy. We already said the Biden could win mutTrump… And he keeps saying that “Biden is a decent man, a good friend of mine”!

    Between Biden and Killary, Biden achieves the task of being worse…

    Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, has been accused of sexual assault by a former staffer. Tara Reade, who worked with Biden when he was a Delaware senator, alleges he inappropriately touched her and penetrated her with his fingers without consent in 1993.

  • Alan MacDonald

    Sorry, dB, I can’t hear your BS — you must not be speaking at high enough decibels, eh?

    Either that, or my BS detector is working fine on your “Quiet American” lies that you tell for the Empire’s “militarist”, “extra/legal”, and “media/propaganda” sectors.

    Are you successfully cashing those checks floating down-river from Langley, and under your troll-bridge, or is the ink running?

  • Alan MacDonald

    0040, Not Bernie!

  • jemcgloin

    I agree with almost all of this. But these demands only mean something as long as we have a Constitutional Republic to implement them.

    If the Left does not take over the Democratic Party and win this election, Biden will give it away, and the fascist Right will use “president for life Trump,” to make shred the Constitution and create the Divided States of AmeriKKKa.

    Biden can’t beat Trump. He is mini Trump. Americans would rather vote for greater evil than meek, sniveling lesser evil.

    America is an idea, not an identity group. It is a Left idea that has been constantly corrupted by the division, greed, and violence of the Right. The idea is that all citizens are equal (14th Amendment) and that the Will of the People is to be implemented by public servants that we elect. No it is not perfect democracy. A Constitutional Republic is an approximation of democracy. Perfect democracy does not exist in the world, yet. It will take a cultural evolution of the human race to make it possible.
    The amendment process is designed to make this evolution work. While the Right keeps insisting that they are “more equal,” and keep twisting the law and corrupting Congress, the Presidency, and the Courts to do it, the Left keeps ratifying amendments with super-majorities to make everyone born here or naturalized equal citizens under the law, to end slavery, give black men the vote, give women the vote, elect senators directly, etc, not to mention the protections in the Bill of Rights. The Right doesn’t have super-majorities to ratify amendments so they use a greedy, violent, divisive minority to corrupt it.

    The Constitution says we are all equal, and that we should tax, spend, and regulate, to prefect our Union (solidarity) to promote Justice, Tranquility, defense (not Offense), the General welfare (everyone’s well being), Liberty for all, and to leave a sustainable nation to Posterity.
    These things MAY have only been the propaganda of rich, “white,” “christian,” “capitalist” men when the Constitution was ratified, but We the People took it seriously and used amendments to reiterate the equality of all people again and again.

    But the Right never gives up, and corrupt “centrists” always want to surrender to them. The Right is replacing debate and voting with division, greed, and violence so that they can subjugate the rest of us, as usual.

    Corrupt corporate Democrats have divided the Left by demanding that we give up our values to compromise with those that oppose the principles in the Constitution. This is no time for the Left to surrender to corrupt centrists and the Right. This is no time to help the Right attack the social contract that tries to make us all equal.

    Unite We the People around Our Constitution because it is the only thing that unites the majority of Americans. Don’t help the centrists divide the left. Teach Americans that the Left are the only people that are really interested in implementing the principles that make us all equal and provide the framework for finding consensus toward a Just future with a sustainable ecology and economy.

  • 0040

    Bernie is now a run of the mill Biden supporter ?

  • jemcgloin

    I agree.

    I would rather call it evolution than revolution, however, because revolution implies violent overthrow, while evolution implies positive change and growth.

    When the Left uses the word revolution to talk about using the ballot box to take corruption out of our government, it gives the Right an excuse to arm, train, and call for violent “civil war,” even from the Oval Office and Congress. If we let this turn violent, the Right has already won.

    By the way, in case you aren’t familiar with the term (from Sheldon Wolin, promoted by Chomsky), Inverted Totalitarianism refers to the use of global corporate mass media to manipulate citizens so that we demand our own enslavement. As I watch loyal Democratic Party voters demand that we sacrifice our values to “compromise” with the Right, without even having a position to compromise from, this description seems exactly correct. Controlling shares in all mass media is controlled by, for, and of global billionaire shareholders, and from Disney princess movies to Chuck Todd, it always equates wealth and political power with merit and success. It teaches us to blame ourselves when things go wrong, and to thank and worship billionaires when things go right .

    It is exactly this automatic defense and promotion of billionaires by corporate news that Trump manipulated to make himself president.

    I am impressed that you can see the empire behind the USA that is corrupting our government and manipulating public opinion It may be that they USA was once an empire, but now the global mega-rich are quickly converting it to just another banana republic, albeit with the worlds largest military and most powerful banks.

    As Bernie says, he can’t do it alone. And neither can we. How do we get enough Americans to embrace evolution to save our baby democracy.

  • jemcgloin

    Bernie is not perfect, and he would surely disappoint us once in office. We would have to continue to organize to pressure him and congress to do their jobs.

    But if the Left was able to put our candidate in the Oval Office, it would make us much stronger and the sellout centrists much weaker.
    There are no perfect humans or perfect candidates, but some are better than others. The Right and the center doesn’t wait for perfect. They shove criminals down our throats while we try to find the perfect candidate.

    Given Bernie, Biden or Trump, I pick Bernie.

    If Trump is reelected, he will probably never leave office.

  • jemcgloin

    I have been writing and protesting to make government aid go to workers instead of corporations continuously since 2008. I will not feel guilty that I helped (in my small way) to put money in the pockets of actual citizens during this pandemic.

    I make too much to even get any of this money, so I have nothing to gain, except other humans not suffering.

    The corporations were going to get trillions no matter what. At least working people will get something to hold them over while they are out of a job.

  • Alan MacDonald

    jemcgloin, IMHO, when you say, “the only thing that unites the majority of Americans” — I would posit that “the only thing that unites the majority of Americans” is that 244 years ago ‘we the American people’ did not want to live under EMPIRE — and today I can only hope “that the only thing that unites the majority of Americans” is that we still won’t live under this newer and God damned Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE.

    Here’s an older 2014 article that I wrote about how ‘we the people’ could use a people’s peaceful and complete “Political/economic and social(ist) Revolution Against Empire” again to overcome, overturn, and non-violently simply use our firing of a; loud, public, sustained, ‘in-the-streets’, but totally non-violent

    “SHOUT (not shot) heard round the world” to ignite a Second American
    people’s peaceful and complete “Political/economic & social Revolution Against Empire” to lead the world in democracy as our first one did in ‘76 — but without the muskets.

    There are only two choices in this ‘globalized world’, either ‘global democracy’ or ‘Global Empire’ — and without a new peaceful “Revolution Against Empire” we’re on the path to allowing this Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Empire to “roll on under the night” as an Empire rather than a democracy for all ‘we the American people’ and all citizens of our shared world.

    Only America can do this new peaceful Revolution, and only Bernie can lead

    “Our Revolution” to Dump Emperor Trump — as we need to:

    GET ‘WOKE’ &
    ‘FOLK’ THE

    Full text:

    By Alan MacDonald (Page 1 of 1 pages) (View How Many People Read This) 6 comments (19 fans)

    How things will work when ‘democracy-thinking’ rather than
    “Empire-scheming” controls the US government:

    OK, here’s what it involves and here’s also why it is essential to grasp
    the authority of the US government back from the EMPIRE to the
    People, and to get this (and many other corrections in the system
    done quickly):

    1. The people of the US have to use their thin and fleeting
    ‘voting rights’ to grasp the power of their Government away from the
    Disguised Global Empire and its two Vichy facade parties, the ‘R’
    Vichy party and the ‘D’ Vichy party — both of which are exactly the
    same and BOTH of which only represent the EMPIRE and never represent
    ‘the people’.

    Of course the only way to accomplish this non-violently is for the
    Green Party to overtly and loudly promote its true and unique
    platform to being the only Pro-democracy Anti-Empire Party — and
    also focus the attention of growing public disgust with both lying
    Vichy parties as totally corrupted and bribed by the wealthy (the
    “Economic Royalists) of the Empire — and campaign the Greeen
    Party as the only ‘party of the people’ that takes NO corporate,
    banking, media, extra-legal, or wealthy campaign funding bribe money!
    (let’s say any donations over $50).

    2. IF, just IF, the American people are pissed-off enough, awake
    enough, and bright enough to know that they, their children, their
    country, and their world is getting totally fucked more each year by
    BOTH of the lying, spying, illegal, war-mongering, looting, and
    environment killing Vichy ‘R’ and Vichy ‘D’ Parties that ‘front’ for
    the EMPIRE — which are both the same f*cking thing with different
    names — then the people will have their last chance to confront,
    expel, and surgically ‘excise’ this cancer of EMPIRE from our land,
    our country, and our body politic.

    3. Once this sole possible survival path is taken and the actual
    people as citizens of the US expunge the EMPIRE and have thus won the
    right to actually run the government, then the Green party ‘Shadow
    Government’ of highly capable and honest experts in international
    relations, foreign policy, fair economics, health care,
    administration, justice, education, and all other government
    functions will take-over the posts previously abused by the EMPIRE’s
    previous pawns, pimps, privatizing pricks, and crooks will actually
    start doing what the public wants (which is almost always exactly
    opposite what the EMPIRE wants) and the government will actually
    start to properly operate in a balanced and cost efficient manner all
    the functions that were previously perverted to the interests of the
    Empire and wasted massive amounts of tax-payer money to pay-back the
    EMPIRE’s corporate, financial, militarist, media/propaganda.
    extra-legal, and political bribing favors that the ‘R’ Vichy and ‘D’
    Vichy crooks owed to the EMPIRE for the billions in campaign bribes
    that it took to get these non-representative crooks and con-men
    elected in the past.

    4. With an honest and true representative government ‘of the
    people’ in office, then all of the powers of the very powerful US
    government will directly be ceded to ‘the people’ and be available
    for such much over-needed functions as; using the highly developed
    NSA intelligence gathering powers to work for the people by
    identifying all of the wealthy pricks, ex-CEOs, Hedge Fund Whores,
    Private Equity Pirates, and other corporate and banking
    ‘Empire-thinking’ arrogant crooks who have nearly bled our country
    dry — and then use the very powerful global reach of the Treasury
    Department to ‘claw-back’ from these crooks’ Caribbean shell
    companies, and Swiss bank accounts, and various tax loop-hole dens of
    inequity all the hundreds of BILLIONS that these pricks have already
    scammed and stolen from OUR country. And the best part of ‘the
    people’ actually controlling the levers of legal power in the US
    superpower is that if the looting bastards resist the painless
    Treasury’s efforts to ‘CLAW-BACK’ the Billions that the Disguised
    Global Empire and its sociopathic pricks have stolen from ‘we the
    American voters’ there is always the superbly equipped and quite
    expensive US Global military organization that can be employed by the
    newly empowered “American people” directly in charge of
    their own government for the first time to (in the words of AT&T)
    “reach out and touch someone” — by making life as
    dangerous and painful for the elitist looters and liars as the Empire
    has made it for us for the last half century!!!

    5. And finally, to the specific question of how a fairness policy
    of “Capital Reform” would be implemented — the ill gotten
    gains of the Empire’s previously immune and ‘above the law’
    of the Universe” would find that their stolen loot just
    magically ‘disappeared’ one morning, just like all our ‘privacy’ and
    email, and texting, and web-searching just disappeared when the
    f*cking EMPIRE controlled the NSA.

    I know it sounds like a dream world of real liberty democracy,
    equality, and justice to us now — but as Lennon said “Imagine”
    if the world was peaceful, and free of EMPIRE — we can do it if we
    organize and try!

    However, it will not be long before the EMPIRE takes away even the
    currently useless ‘right to vote’ — which is only wasted today by
    voting for either one of the EMPIRE’s DUAL-Vichy parties!

    Best to all the true 99% of Americans in the fast expanding
    ‘Pro-democracy Anti-Empire’ educational and non-violent revolutionary
    movement (and Green Party) against this deceitful and Disguised
    Global EMPIRE, which is “Occupying” our country and yet
    can’t so easily be identified as wearing Red Coats, Red Stars, nor
    funny looking Nazi helmets —- quite YET!

    Liberty, democracy, justice, and equality
    (‘Vichy’ disguised)

    Alan MacDonald
    Sanford, Maine

    We don’t merely have a “Big Money”/Citizens United
    problem, or a domestic tyranny and NSA SPYING problem, or an NDAA
    Secret Detention problem, or a corrupt unSupreme Court problem, or a
    gun/fear problem, or an MIC problem, or an ‘Austerity’ problem, or an
    EXPANDING WARS problem, or a ‘drone assassinations’ problem, or a
    vast income & wealth inequality problem, or a Wall Street
    ‘looting’ problem, or a Global Warming and environmental death-spiral
    problem, or the world’s largest political prisoner problem, or a
    crappy un-healthy insurance problem, or shitty over-priced and
    exclusive educational access problem, or, or, or … ad nauseam —
    but what we REALLY have is a hidden VEMPIRE cancerous tumor of GLOBAL
    EMPIRE which is the prime CAUSE of all these underlying, related, and
    mere ‘symptom problems’ —- but not even the most progressive voices
    in the alternative media agree or raise a United Voice against this
    dangerous EMPIRE.

  • voza0db

    You are aware you have other options WAY BETTER than KNOWN SCOUNDRELS, aren’t you?!

  • voza0db

    I guess you heard it FINE!

  • voza0db
  • GET WOKE- read and wake up INstead of reading one book and swallowing it, and relying on hings that have no basis on reality, try thinking on your own. The Brits are pretty darn bad and are the source of Tavistock, the Rothschild banking conglomerate, and much influence on secret intelligence, but are not the serpents head, which is in reality the Vatican. I understand your repulsion of violence and war. HOwever, we face entities that dont understand human rights, dont care about us in any way, who murdered three thousand of our own people for the ability to commit genocide of arabs, to put in place a surveillance of the planet, and to allow this martial law (under guise of a mild disease that was created in a lab)so that they can herd us into fema camps. -there are a thousand of them, and you can read in the NY Times April 20th issue of 2015 how a million and a half blacks in US were missing (now most certainly dead)-simple protest means nothing and the some-clueless, some-evil police will attack the people if we are even able to protest. At this point, military intervention is our only hope. The mlitary has to be able to disobey orders and to defend us. They need to take the politicians out of office by force. Evil power has no intention of giving up without a real fight.

  • Bernie is not the answer. He would never get in office anyway. We had a choice between two SKULL AND BONES men, the next election we had a choice between romneycare, hillarycare, and obamacare, all the same. after that the winner lost, due to a swamp who put in power the one who said he would clear it. the ballot machines are owned by bush and soros. if somehow bernie was elected, he would have to fight both the legislative and judicial sectors both against him, on every move, and lose. he gave up last election when we are told Hillary got most votes. AND YOU WANT TO GET THAT WUSSY AND HIS MILD “REVOLUTION” into power (really weakness) he got little done in 30 years in office very little accomplished.
    no evil power gives up power willingly. martial law has been put in place. in case you havent noticed, the media is fake, both parties work for the rich and powerful and dont care for the people, the medical system you want to have free care from is not good, pharmaceuticals are killing us, and the education system propagandizes with spoonfed misinformation to regurgitate to pass tests so they can work for corporations to make money for the rich- the students are not taught to think. So let us get some socialized medicine and free propagandiizing. BERNIE IS NOT A CHANGE, HIS REVOLUTION IS EVERYTHING BUT REVOLUTION

    Next, I am about to challenge the world’s most esteemed documents, ones which have escaped a true test of scrutiny as to their righteousness; two which have, in my opinion, an undeserved reputation of being worthwhile and deserving the following of and obedience to them by the masses.
    It says in that particular document that certain “truths” are self-evident. Bullshit. That “obvious” statement is one from which I differ. No god made me, my mother gave birth to me nine months after having sex with my earthly father, which was his contribution to my “creation.” At birth, all people are equal, not in ability or condition, but in possession of fundamental rights. These rights include, I will proclaim: life, liberty, and freedom from exploitation, deception, oppression, and subversion. The definition of a right is: 1Something to which one has a just claim 2 A power or privilege to which one is justly entitled 3 A power, privilege, or condition of existence to which one has a natural claim of enjoyment of. It is not given to us, it is an innate entitlement, as human beings.
    Government is a form of public control used to promote human well- being. The truth is that it addresses the symptoms of the sickness, or the straying away from healthy existence. Government has been instituted to “care” for the people, and to protect us. That is why Washington was called “father” of the nation, as undeserved as that title was. I propose that instead of government or “gods” to “care” for us, that we promote independence and correct the behavior of the citizens. Later in this book, I will include a blueprint for an ideal civilization. The “parenting” of the planet’s nations has transformed into mass deception, subversion, oppression, exploitation, and corruption of the “children.” It is time for us all to grow up to independent maturity, without need for this type of “care.”
    Regarding the pursuit of happiness. To me, that is equated with a purposeful life working towards the benefit of human beings, in opposition to the widely perceived concept that the pursuit of happiness is best defined as the pursuit of money and/or possessions. I am content to be at all times helping others, to benefit mankind. In reality, for those who pursue money, their possessions in truth possess them, these possessions are so valued that the owners are in a sense enslaved to them. They serve the possessions to such an extent as to destroy a human beings life who wants a piece of their wealth. Rich people wheel and deal to the day they die. Billionaires and trillionaires never cease accumulating more, their fortunes are never enough. Have they achieved happiness? Yet, in the United States, leaders insist that the mere evidence of their wealth is “proof” of their intelligence, as if the two are related. It appears that they have concluded that all truly intelligent people desire riches. Is it that happiness loves company, or is it misery that loves company? Or, better worded, is it righteousness loves to influence, or evil loves to corrupt? The answer is… . all of the above.
    The result of that wording, “the pursuit of happiness” being a “right” and the values of the world being shaped by those who control the education system and the media have b

  • MORE
    The result of that wording, “the pursuit of happiness” being a “right” and the values of the world being shaped by those who control the education system and the media have been (more on this later) the downfall of humanity. This pursuit has evolved into chasing the wind, and what a few people who claim to be of that pursuit has destroyed the happiness and quality of life of hundreds of millions of others. Nobody gets rich without exploiting others.
    The leaders of the United States, past and present, and the rulers of every land have established a hierarchy that enables them to wield not only overwhelming power, but in their evil scheming manipulations, have imposed skewed values and priorities into the character of virtually all peoples, primarily via the media. As a result, most people’s top priorities are monetary and material plenty, security and safety, respectability, as well as access to entertainment. The people have been influenced by the media to value the security of their property above their freedoms, and above the freedom and lives of others. That is why there is little protest over metal detectors, police brutality, homeland security, video cameras, and invasion of privacy and surveillance of phone and internet use. But of primary result, military intervention and annihilation of foreign peoples. All in the name of protecting their way of life. The joke is that no foreigner ever put their way of life in danger, the only enemy they need fear is the establishment currently in power. The brave pioneers of America would turn in their graves if they saw the cowardly selfishness of those people who inhabit the land that they courageously ventured to explore.
    I do not agree with the concept of birth privilege, especially not for those who are born of “pure holy white lineage.” No god who sends people to hell has any relationship with rights or equality. Furthermore, the words that we have a “right” to “pursue happiness” have been hijacked by a class of parasites who use these words to justify their gain by means of oppression, deception, exploitation, and murder. Here in America, the “American Dream,” a goal that has transformed from being the prospect of enjoying the freedom to practice the religion of one’s own preference into achieving that wonderful illusion of success- a “respectable” employment earning enough money to purchase one’s own “castle” and “chariot” and the inevitable trappings- stocks, investments, security alarm systems, plenty of toys, and a trophy wife. The more employees you hire (slaves you own) the more wealth you acquire; and this can only be achieved by oppressing your employees with meager pay, deceiving your customers and the IRS, and cheating those who purchase your product or service. God bless America.

    History has been rewritten to accommodate the conforming of the citizens to the values and agenda of our leaders, using propaganda as its modus operandi. It is interesting that the first amendment allows for free speech. Anyone is permitted to deceive whosoever he wants to, and there is a free press (or so we are led to believe) to mislead multitudes. This would be beneficial if curbed with prohibition of deception. It is telling to note that it is the FIRST amendment, the primary addition of the founders, included free speech (permitting deception), and even more influential, the freedom of religion. They insured the right to be deceived and to practice deception.
    Under the constitution, the members of religious sects had to obey it, and the laws of the land. If they did so, others had to tolerate them, no matter how problematic they were. Religious beliefs were put in the category of opinion, instead of knowledge; but the right of the freedom of religion was assigned to the category of knowledge. Rights are not considered to be an opinion. It is clear to me that those who built the foundation of the nation clearly designed for its citizens to feel passionate convictions for their beliefs, no matter what their beliefs are, and despite these faiths having no foundation of facts (Definition of superstition: Believing in things that you don’t understand.), nor on correct values. The sphere of rights is in the arena of passion in a democracy. The “educated” man’s rhetoric of yesteryear is replaced by today’s leaders’ rhetoric- “our Christian values” “our democratic lifestyle” that motivate us to bomb and devastate whole nations out of existence at the whim of those who lead us. In addition, the “religious indignation” of the “religious right” is currently aroused by the prohibition of public prayer in school, abortion, gay rights of marriage, and the removal of the ten commandments from court rooms. In truth, all these arguments are self-defeating and/or hypocritical. In the gospels, Jesus commands his followers to not pray in public, but to do so in private (in a closet). The Christian leaders all rail against abortion, calling it murder, but are first to condone any military action, and to support soldiers serving in foreign lands murdering people who are defending their own lands from us. The Christian leaders are incensed about laws making gay marriage legal, but do not address the pedophile priests who the pope does not chastise, prosecute, nor remove from office. And is the issue of removing the ten commandments from courtrooms so terribly important? Has not everybody read the portion of Exodus 20 in the bible? You will perceive later in this book the real implications that Christian leadership’s attempts to imply that America’s justice system is based on the Bible (a real condemnation of the bible in reality, but meant to suggest that the Almighty god ordained it so). The overbearing issues of the Christian media’s rhetoric and diversion keeps the Christians chasing their tails and clueless of their impending doom and destruction. Like sheep, they obey and support those that feed them, unawares that those same people will slaughter them later.

    Every authoritarian system has a “motivational” or “moral” goal to attain, be it piety, industriousness, wealth and power, or the like. The political regime shapes the people into accord with its foundational principles by employing the media and educational systems. It is made obvious that the United States is a hegemony (oligarchy or plutocracy) by the evidence that these avenues promote wealth, indeed that is the American Dream. In contrast, a democratic citizenry would be characterized by the love of the values of equality, fairness, and humanitarianism; and its education system and media would promote those priorities, not the gods of prosperity and virility.

  • NICE WISHES, but understand where we are at this point.are you cognizant of what happens to protestors now. We are under lockdown (martial law)and are not even able to visit one another, never mind protest. The powers are passing laws daily to impede our freedom. they are not going to allow protests-even as trump; was inaugurated, that same day there were protests against him in DC- hundreds were put in jail. Police do as told to by politicians. here is more from ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH
    You have just been given a summation of the history of the Romerican Empire, and how it works. So what has been planned, and what is on the horizon of this monster? There has clearly been planned a world-fascist police state by the year 2025. Few people will be alive to regret the sheepish way that they let it happen. The planned world population goal is five hundred million. It currently hovers at about seven and a half billion. How will they pull it off? I have illustrated the twin towers destruction (killing three thousand Americans) justifying the genocide of Arabs, and you are well aware, I am sure, of Homeland Security, which monitors every phone call and every internet search by everyone on the planet. DARPA in concert with big tech has been removing blatant dissent that exposes the worst aspects of the globalists’ agenda, the ones showing scientific facts otherwise out of the public’s view. None of this is new to us, as Snowden and others have courageously made us aware of the actions of our government, who would prefer to do it’s work secretively.
    I will now inform you of some activity that the police have been up to that is a clear portend of what is coming. Most of the following information was found in A GOVERNMENT OF WOLVES, subtitled “The Emerging American Police State.”

    While the media has been covering BS topics and keeping the public confused, the federal legislators were working in overdrive making new laws to enforce. The “Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011” legislated the prohibition of public dissent and free speech. It created a zone or perimeter around select government officials and dignitaries, basically those protected by Secret Service; as well as the grounds and/or buildings restricted in conjunction with a designated special event of national significance. Nobody is permitted near these federal officials under fear of imprisonment for merely being present when they are there, knowledgeable of it or not. It was passed by all House representatives excepting three, and signed into law by Obama. But that is petty. Many more oppressive laws have taken effect. Protests are stifled in other ways, but subtly, so as not to seem overbearing. This is all done in secrecy and not advertised, so that the people do not rise in revolution. Like warming the water to boil a frog in water slowly, so he doesn’t jump out. We are still able to have marches and street demonstrations, but need permits, or permission, and have to remain in “safe zones” out of the public eye, and far removed from any officials.
    The Patriot Act increased information-sharing between the FBI, CIA, NSA, immigration authorities, and secret service. Later, Homeland Security incorporated 170,000 employees from twenty-two agencies, supposedly to integrate domestic anti-terrorism apparatus. I wonder how many of its staff are aware that the terrorists were and are in their own ranks. Homeland Security includes 75,000 armed federal agents, and the FBI shifted its primary focus from investigating and prosecuting past crimes to identifying threats of future terrorist attacks. It more than doubled the number of its agents assigned to national security cases. This sounds harmless unless you are aware, as they are, that the terrorist attacks on the US were a false flag to mislead the public to think that we were in danger from outside forces. The only ones that Americans need to fear is their government.
    Due to precautions to “thwart” terrorists, the citizens now are subject to metal-detector scans at many public places, all now routine. Get ready and accustomed to future rule over you by the authorities. VIPR (Visible Intermodal Protection and Response) taskforces – federal marshals, transportation security inspectors, transportation security officers, behavior detection officers, and explosive detection canine teams; are being installed as the new normal. They are being employed to do random security sweeps, and to elevate the security presence, using x-ray technology, pat-downs, and drug-sniffing dogs; also for immigration and cash smuggling. In 2011 alone, 8000 searches in public places were executed. Since then it has been ramped up.
    As I mentioned earlier, police have been equipped with military surplus artillery, grenade launchers, and even armored vehicles such as tanks. But there are more modern weapons as well. The more gentle weapons I am sure you know- tasers, stun guns, rubber pellets, and the like. But there are some lesser-known weapons that have been developed as explained in GOVERNMENT OF WOLVES-For instance (on page 140), a hand-held flashlight-like device that emits extremely bright pulses of light that change wavelengths rapidly, which cause nausea, disorientation, and vomiting of whomsoever they point it at. Raytheon has developed an electromagnetic beam which uses high-frequency radio waves which causes the victims extreme burning sensations of the target’s skin. Police in the UK have been equipped with shoulder-mounted lasers that temporarily blinds its targets. Sound cannons have been developed, with a high-pitched 153 decibel tone, and are beyond the threshold of auditory pain and hearing damage, and having capacity to damage eardrums and cause aneurysms. It was first used on protestors at the G20 Summit in 2009. The most dangerous are the camera-equipped drones, which have a capacity for chemical munition rounds, impact rounds, and tasers. This is all designed to intimidate the public into submission. Fear does not save lives, it ends them and facilitates slavery.

  • I have noticed that within the police forces, many of those employed in their field are military veterans. Having “served” in dangerous work, being trained in weaponry use, and having the proper mindset regarding being willing to kill for the government, the country’s leaders have enlisted many veterans to continue to be their enforcers. But many military veterans were disillusioned by their experiences in their deployment, and have no desire to work for the damn evil powers in charge. Initiatives have been implemented beginning in 2009, including “Operation Vigilant Eagle” involving surveillance of military veterans (page 26) of Iraq and Afghanistan who are disillusioned, discontent, and resentful of having been used as goons, who are labeled by the government as extremists and possible domestic terrorists (a category of people who hate the leaders, not the citizens of the nation).
    Not only is the government targeting veterans who voice their dissent, but these men and women who have been trained in military warfare are being incarcerated under the guise of mental health treatment, with the co-operation of government psychiatrists and law enforcement officials (this is no lie- I have experienced this myself), and the public is told that the veterans are “ticking time bombs” who need help. In 2012, the Justice Department called for a pilot program to train SWAT teams how to confront highly-trained and heavily armed combat veterans. That they don’t provide that for veteran police (very few retire before pensions are guaranteed) is very indicative of police character.
    These measures are more evidence of the total hijacking of the governing and tyranny of the rulers of the US and other nations, and of their duplicity. I have not informed you to cause fear, but to awaken you and to ingrain in you the knowledge and a measure of deserved resentment and wrath at them to enable the forced removal of them from rule.


    If anyone bothered to read the Constitution of Cuba they would know that in Cuba, a socialist country, everyone has a job and no one, by law, can be fired.

  • Alan MacDonald

    That’s not me voting you down, Michael.

    However, I would correctly note that I have read every book written on Revolution (including Hannah Arendt’s “On Revolution”) and focused primarily on the our own First American “Revolution Against Empire” [Justin du Rivage’s deeply researched through the Parliament and Colonial Office papers, and 2014 definitive history of our First Revolution Against Empire].

    Per your concern of dangers in “Our Revolution” Against this unique and first effectively Disguised (dual-party Vichy-facade of faux-democracy) truly-Global, patently-Crony, Capitalist-fueled, EMPIRE — by ‘we the people’ of America firing a; loud, public, sustained, ‘in-the-streets’, but totally non-violent “SHOUT (not shot) heard round the world” to ignite a Second American people’s peaceful and complete “Political/economic & social Revolution Against Empire” to lead the world in democracy as our first one did in ‘76 — but without the muskets.

    There are only two choices in this ‘globalized world’, either ‘global

    democracy’ or ‘Global Empire’ — and without a new peaceful “Revolution

    Against Empire” we’re on the path to allowing this Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Empire to “roll on under the night” as an Empire rather than a democracy for all ‘we the American people’ and all citizens of our shared world.

    Only America can do this new peaceful Revolution, and only Bernie can lead “Our Revolution” to Dump Emperor Trump — as we need to:

    GET ‘WOKE’ &

    ‘FOLK’ THE


    BTW, Michael, I was the very first person in the beginning of Bernie’s campaign to add the essential word ‘Peaceful’ to his then (5/2015) two word sound bite slogan, “Political Revolution” — with my own expanded campaign signs of:


    Political Revolution

    Against Empire

    [all sign text centered]

    Some members of the deceitful Trump pre-campaign hatchet men had influenced the weaker-thinking media to question whether Bernie might be agitating or enflaming the idea that Bernie was ginning-up a violent Revolution — which, of course, was pure BS.

  • jemcgloin

    I have three options for president right now. Trump, Biden, or Bernie. I voted for Jill Stein in 2016, but there is no third party candidate that is going to beat Trump in this election, so I will be voting for the Democrat.
    If the Democrat is Bernie, he has more chance of beating Trump, and more chance of doing real good for the American People than Biden.

  • jemcgloin

    I’ve voted for the Green Party in numerous races. I was seriously hoping that, with the two least popular presidential candidates in polling history running against each other, that people would vote for a third party and put Jill Stein in office. That’s why I voted for her 2016.

    The Green Party will get 10% of the votes that it got in the last election, because this election is a choice between the Party of Trump that opposes the Constitution at attacks it relentlessly, and the Democratic Party which has so far refused to defend it, but doesn’t openly attack it and every principle in it.

    We created the Constitution to avoid living under empire, but the global billionaire run empire has hijacked our government to corrupt it. If you want to unite Americans against this empire without the Constitution, you need a plan that is better than the Constitution. There is no such plan. Socialism is not even a plan, but only a critique of capitalism. I read the Collected Works of Marx twice looking for the plan. It’s not there. Lenin and Stalin tried to take a shortcut to the end of history, but only proved there isn’t one.
    The only plan that is popular with most people is the Constitution. Even the Right that opposes it uses it to justify their frauds, and call themselves “originalists,” while they do it.
    Even the anarchists who oppose all government, protest for, and rely on, its principles of free speech and public assembly. (I have far more respect for anarchists that oppose government and try to work around it, than for the Right that claims they are against Our Government, while they run for office and vote for criminals to destroy it from the inside.)

    If Trump wins again he will take back us before 244 years ago. “President for life is just like king,” according to Trump, and he already governs as if he is king, literally. He governs by private whim, rewarding the loyal, and calling for violence against the disloyal, without due process.

    I’d vote for Nixon over Trump right now, because Nixon at least had enough respect to resign once caught, while Trump attacks the Constitution on TV to convince us all it is dead once and for all and cannot protect us.

    This is no time to play at revolution. We need real workable strategies to avoid the bloodbath that Trump is more than willing to order to end all limits on his power. Trump’s handling of this virus proves that he won’t think twice about letting people die for his wealth and power, just like a king.

    The Constitution is a Left document that tries to create equality and justice. If the Left fails to defend it, the Left will lose hundreds of years of progress because we don’t understand our place in history.

  • voza0db

    That said… don’t complain in the future.

  • Capitalism has always involved a “how many deaths are acceptable” calculus, and the answer has almost always been “the number of deaths at which people start rising up” minus one — All Cats Are Beautiful (@Vicky_ACAB) March 23, 2020


    The problem for the Oligarchs right now is that it has become rather clear to we-the-people that the choice for most has gone from hand to mouth wages to death in order to save the oligarchs. When a choice is that stark, the “long train of abuses” can no longer be tolerated by the masses. Fasten your seat belt while you keep your 😷 mask on. The oligarchs will be happy to see a significant segment of the population “culled” for, uh, “national security”.

    “The oligachy’s rule over government is obvious and can no longer be kept hidden.”


    Avoid violence but DO NOT cooperate with the Capitalist Wrecking Crew that OWNS the US Government. They are MURDERERS.

  • Capitalism has always involved a “how many deaths are acceptable” calculus, and the answer has almost always been “the number of deaths at which people start rising up” minus one — All Cats Are Beautiful (@Vicky_ACAB) March 23, 2020

    TRUE. The problem for the Oligarchs right now is that it has become rather clear to we-the-people that the choice for most has gone from hand to mouth wages to death in order to save the oligarchs. When a choice is that stark, the “long train of abuses” can no longer be tolerated by the masses. Fasten your seat belt while you keep your 😷 mask on. The oligarchs will be happy to see a significant segment of the population “culled” for, uh, “national security”.

    Avoid violence but DO NOT cooperate with the Capitalist Wrecking Crew that OWNS the US Government. They are MURDERERS.

  • Richard

    Left, right, D,R, whatever they want to call themselves, most “all” greedy crooks in my opinion. If you think any of them give a rats a** about
    you or this country you are sadly mistaken. If it’s a D or R in office
    we all lose, just two sides of the same coin owned by those who really
    run the “club” that we are not in & can’t join. It’s way past time to kick them all out of our house and get new tenants worthy of our trust to represent us.

  • Richard

    Or will be soon.

  • jemcgloin

    I complain a lot, so don’t count on it. 😉

  • jemcgloin

    Left and Right is not the same as Democrat and Republican.

    The Right believes in raw power through political violence. The left believes in using reason (science, math, and logic grounded in agreed facts) to reach political consensus.

    The Right believes in taxing the poor to give to the rich and conscripting our children to fight in their wars. The Left taxes the rich to invest in all people, and opposes political violence.

    The Right believes whatever makes them most comfortable. The Left is skeptical because we know we do not know.

    The Right rejects reason (science, facts, math, and logic), while the Left believes reason is the only basis for just governance.

    The Left sets up systems for debate and consensus building (voting by majority or super-majority), and the Right shuts down debate and uses political violence to terrorize minorities, LGBTQs, and ‘liberals.’ (Anyone to the Left of Nixon is called a ‘liberal’ because they Right just calls people names without trying to understand the details. To them a Democrat is a socialist is an anarchist is a “liberal.” They don’t care if you consider ‘liberal’ an insult. They only wanted to insult you anyway, to gain more power over you.)

    The Right preaches division, greed, and violence.
    The Left argues for unity, sharing, and peace.

    The Left argues passionately for political equality for all, Union (solidarity), Justice, Tranquility, self-defense (not a global aggressive Offense), the General welfare (everyone’s well-being), Liberty for all, and leaving a sustainable ecology and economy to Posterity. The Right opposes every part of this (the 14th Amendment and the Preamble to the Constitution) and have corrupted the government to corrupt the Constitution ever since they injected slavery into it (which the Left took out).

    The Constitution is a Left document that turned 10,000 years of empire upside down, so the Right votes for corrupt members of Congress, Judges. and Presidents to corrupt the Constitution. The new empire is the global billionaires who finance the corruption of our Constitution that costs them money, and uses their mass news to move the public to the Right and whip up war frenzies against other nations who refuse their dominance.

    When the Republican Party ended slavery it a was Left Party. For a long time the two parties were very mixed. Then Nixon’s Southern Strategy attracted the racists to the GOP who eventually would be called the Reagan Democrats, and now the Republicans have a rural strategy, because those who hate other people tend to live away from other people, and the electoral college and Senate give them excess power.

    There are plenty of Right leaning Democrats, who corrupt the Party and ‘compromise’ with Republicans, getting nothing in return, while they call the Left extreme.

    Unfortunately, much of the Left has abandoned Our Constitution to the Right (in both parties) and are letting the Right destroy a thousand years of progress toward democracy instead of engaging in the political process, taking control of the Democratic Party, using it to spread the Enlightenment idea of governance through reason and using the amendment process to evolve toward

    While the left plays at ‘revolution’ the Right is actually arming, training, and calling for violent ‘civil war,’ while committing 90% of hate crimes and 70% of mass murders (The Left commits no mass murders.)

    The Right is extreme because they believe in political terror and that they are ‘more equal.’
    The Left is moderate because we believe in debate and consensus building based on reason.
    Centrist Democrats are the Right in sheep’s clothing.

    The Right is extreme because they use political violence and the Left is moderate because we oppose it.

    The Constitution is a Left document hard won by real revolution (made necessary when the Right attacked.) The Right doesn’t have super -majorities to amend it, so they corrupt it, and will try to use violence and a wannabe king who abuses its principles on TV to end it.
    If the Left lets them control the government, they win.

    Republicans and Democrats are political parties (not in the Constitution).

    Right and Left are ways of thinking about knowledge and power. The Right is still where they were ten thousand years ago, building armies to subjugate the rest of us. The Left is trying to EVOLVE (not revolve) the human race to nuanced ways of life that don’t involve violence and deprivation.

    Giving up on the Constitution because it has been corrupted by the Right will bring us backward 1,000 years, not forward to direct democracy or socialism. Violence is fast. Reason is slow.

    Champion the Enlightenment, save the Constitution, and use reason and the amendment process to engage in political Evolution, because the other option is surrender.