Rich Man’s War; Poor People’s Blood

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Monday, 25 September 2017 at 9 AM, 7 members of the grassroots group Upstate Drone Action once again were arrested as they delivered a citizen’s war crime indictment to the chain of command at Hancock Air Force Base. Upstate Drone Action also placed a huge dollar sign [$] dripping with “blood” in the main entrance way to the base. The six-foot-high dollar sign dramatizes what the group believes determines the many overseas wars the Pentagon/CIA engages in: corporate greed.

Hancock AFB — on East Molloy Rd, town of DeWitt, County of Onondaga, State of New York, just north of Syracuse – hosts the 174th Attack [sic] Wing of the NY National Guard. The 174th is one of two Reaper drone Attack Wings in NYS. Piloted from Hancock, the MQ9 Reaper drone is an unmanned, satellite-directed assassin flown over Afghanistan. CIA also uses such airborne robots for its clandestine, illegal, lethal missions over Northwest Pakistan and other majority-Islamic nations and oil lands.

According to “LIVING UNDER DRONES: Death, Injury and Trauma to civilians from US Practices in Pakistan,” published by Stanford University and New York University Law Schools, such missions are responsible for the deaths of many hundreds of noncombatants, including women and children, in that region.

According to Julienne Oldfield, “The Hancock Reaper terrorizes whole communities, generating desperate refugees.” Mark Scibilia-Carver adds that “U.S. taxpayers fund this terrorism keeping the pot boiling and creating enormous ill will toward the United States – instead of funding health, education and infrastructure here.

Today’s action at Hancock’s main gate is simply one episode in Upstate Drone Action’s persistent nonviolent campaign to expose Reaper drone war crime. Since 2010 there have been some 200 anti-Reaper arrests at Hancock in about a dozen such street theater actions. These have resulted in extreme bails, maximum fines, Orders of Protection, and incarcerations…as well as some acquittals.

Those arrested: Ann Tiffany, Syracuse …. Dan Burgevin, Trumansburg, NY …. Ed Kinane, Syracuse …. Harry Murray, Rochester …. Julienne Oldfield, Syracuse …. Mark Scibilia-Carver, Trumansburg, NY …. Rae Kramer, Syracuse ….

  • AlanMacDonald

    I feel bad to say it here, but this one little local organization is doing more for uncovering, disclosing, focusing on, exposing, calling-out, and confront the core cancerous evil of the Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE (and its wars abroad and tyranny at home) than all of the distracted progressive-lite web-sites of; PR, TD, CD, AW, WSWS, and possibly even CounterPunch.

    It’s an effin shame that the louder voices and bigger influences don’t follow the laser sharp focus against EMPIRE that the Upper State Action folks understand and ACCOMPLISH!

  • DHFabian

    I think it’s a lost cause. On a most basic issue, they avoid the reality of our class war — middle class vs. poor. This is understandable, since they market to middle class consumers and campaign donors. Unfortunately, it has so dramatically skewed perceptions of today’s US that it has crushed out every effort to date to launch a legitimately progressive movement. That’s just the way it is.

  • AlanMacDonald

    You’re trying, DHF, to divide the current reality of the vast majority of the lower-middle-working-poor-class of all we American people —- who have been nearly completely looted and oppressed to death by the tiny minute minority of the ruling-elite-prick-self-appointed-class of “Masters-of-the-universe” —- and you’re trying like hell to get people to believe they still live in the 1950’s, when blue collar factory workers and local small bank presidents lived on the same streets, in the small communities, and their grade-school kids played together without ever thinking of how much money their dads made or what kind of cars anyone drove, and you’re trying like hell to make all of we average honest hard-working sons and daughters and grandkids of those then young 1950s couples who have passed away, that we are still living in a world that has passed away (because it now has become an effin EMPIRE) and yet you’re still trying like hell to sell an America that’s now the disguised global capitalist perverted and cancerous Headquarters of that EMPIRE that we live in a fucking fairy world, DHF — but you’re at least true to yourself DHF, because you’re very trying, DHF — yes, you are a very trying pain in the ass liar!!