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Right Wing Israeli Lobby Protested In Washington, DC

Above photo: People marching to protest AIPAC on March 3, 2018 in Washington, DC. Photo by Nicole Hanhan

Washington, DC – The annual meeting of the extremist Zionist lobby, AIPAC, was held this weekend in Washington, DC. The event did not go without the notice of people opposed to Israel’s apartheid state and occupation of Palestinian lands, as reports of up to 500 people protested the convention. Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza has been criticized as a violation of international law, but the reality is much broader — the creation of Israel stole land from the people of Palestine. The Palestinian nation, as it is shown on maps before Israel was created, was destroyed by the colonialism of the United States and western powers.

Map of the Middle East with Palestine in 1944. In 1948 Palestine was erased from the map with the creation of Israel.

Israel serves as the “the largest American aircraft carrier in the world that cannot be sunk,” as former general and secretary of state Alexander Haig called it. It is located in the Middle East, a critical region for the United States, labeled an area of US national security because of its tremendous oil reserves. The US uses Israel to join in attacks on Arab nations and to take actions the United States cannot take, e.g. assassinations of leaders and attacks on nuclear energy plants in sovereign countries, among others.

Protests were organized by Jewish Voice For Peace, the ANSWER Coalition, CODE PINK and others. While hundreds protested Israel and AIPAC, elected officials tend to go to AIPAC on their knees to tell them what they want to hear; indeed, AIPAC often gives US elected officials the statements they are to read at the convention. The Trump administration was represented by Vice President Pence at the event.

Below are tweets describing the protests against AIPAC.

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