Right Wing Israeli Lobby Protested In Washington, DC

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Above photo: People marching to protest AIPAC on March 3, 2018 in Washington, DC. Photo by Nicole Hanhan

Washington, DC – The annual meeting of the extremist Zionist lobby, AIPAC, was held this weekend in Washington, DC. The event did not go without the notice of people opposed to Israel’s apartheid state and occupation of Palestinian lands, as reports of up to 500 people protested the convention. Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza has been criticized as a violation of international law, but the reality is much broader — the creation of Israel stole land from the people of Palestine. The Palestinian nation, as it is shown on maps before Israel was created, was destroyed by the colonialism of the United States and western powers.

Map of the Middle East with Palestine in 1944. In 1948 Palestine was erased from the map with the creation of Israel.

Israel serves as the “the largest American aircraft carrier in the world that cannot be sunk,” as former general and secretary of state Alexander Haig called it. It is located in the Middle East, a critical region for the United States, labeled an area of US national security because of its tremendous oil reserves. The US uses Israel to join in attacks on Arab nations and to take actions the United States cannot take, e.g. assassinations of leaders and attacks on nuclear energy plants in sovereign countries, among others.

Protests were organized by Jewish Voice For Peace, the ANSWER Coalition, CODE PINK and others. While hundreds protested Israel and AIPAC, elected officials tend to go to AIPAC on their knees to tell them what they want to hear; indeed, AIPAC often gives US elected officials the statements they are to read at the convention. The Trump administration was represented by Vice President Pence at the event.

Below are tweets describing the protests against AIPAC.

  • Robert H. Stiver

    Excellent, essential post; thank you. I like Alejandro Alverez’ “criminal lobby that controls American foreign affairs”; an accurate and perfect statement. There is an evil afoot in America (for far too long), and we need to issue a Second Declaration of Independence.

    Rep. Josh Gottheimer: One need not wonder what his tribal and political affiliations are. Israel-firster, dual loyalist, probable dual citizen of the Zionist entity so-called Israel, traitor to America.

    (There is something obviously wrong with the caption under the map: “Map of the Middle East with Palestine in 1944, four years before Israel was erased from the map with the creation of Israel.”…?)

    Viva Palestine! Palestine Is Still THE Issue!

  • Helen4Yemen

    “Right wing Israeli lobby”? Is there a left-wing lobby?

    People need to remember that when it comes to Palestine, the Jews who claim

    to be on the left do swing to the right. I do not know of any Jew who believes

    the theft of Palestine was wrong – but only the theft of “the occupation” was

    wrong? Was any part of Palestine given up to world Jewry by Palestinians?

    Please keep in mind that survey after survey have confirmed that when it

    comes to the conflict between Jewry and the Arabs that Jewry is on the side

    of Jewry. The 2014 poll by Gallup revealed that 93% of American Jews were in

    favor of the bombings of the people of Gaza, 5% did not care one way or

    another and 2% expressed sympathy for the Palestinians. Are we then to

    believe that the Code-Pink and JVP and others are really concerned for peace

    or are they pretenders who are out there saying they are for peace. Peace on

    whose terms?

  • Helen4Yemen

    There is this misconception that the Orthodox Jews that you see out

    there demonstrating against “Israel” are concerned with the plight

    of the Palestinians. Wrong! They too would like to “return” to

    Palestine but it should happen by the hands of God and not my man.

    That just happens to be their religioius interpreation. They are

    often cited as the ‘anti-Zionist” and given credit for being the kind of

    Jews who are opposed to oppression and injustice. But it is not

    injustice that they are opposed to but only the way the Zionist

    “state” came into being. It gives the impression as if there are many

    Jews who object to the seizure of Palestine by a foreign Jewry. But

    Survey after survey have confirmed that the Jews in Palestine and the

    US favored the bombings of the people of Gaza at a minimum of 95%!

    My message to the my brothers and sistes, the Arab people, is that I

    would like to warn them to be very cautious of the green snakes in

    the green grass. I believe that is a Kenyan saying and what it means

    is to beware of the enemy who attempts to blend in and does damage

    totally unnoticed. Please remember that US Jewry is only 2% and

    world Jewry is 0.2% of world population. Why not spend that time

    educating the non-Jewish 99.8% insteading of relying on peole with a

    hidden agenda?

  • kevinzeese

    Thanks. Fixed the caption.

  • Helen4Yemen


    It was so hard reading Mileikowsky’s (Netanyahu) speech at AIPAC, because it was so very boring to read. Mileikowsky often exaggerates in his other speeches but he seems to be bored delivering this speech. I have the link of that speech below (you have been warned, it is a very boring speech to read). Mileikowsky spoke a lot of Iran and the more he riled against Iran, the more that I was convinced Iran is certainly our friend. Iran more than any other group that I can think of (aside for Hezbollah) has been the most steadfast ally and supporter of Palestinians since the Iranian revolution.

    Mileikowsky bragged about how the world is dependent on his technology to be more productive. I have the feeling that Mileikowsky believes that he invented cherry tomatoes since he never gives a speech without mentioning how he created a technology to make cherry tomatoes – was it more tasty or make them grow in abundance – I forgot. Mileikowsky bragged, “Israeli technology is driving the world!”

    I had hoped to find material to respond to in Mileikowsky’s speech, but as I already mentioned, his speech was dry and boring. But here are a couple I am responding to:

    1. “historic friendship between the people of Israel and the people of Persia will be reestablished.”

    Interesting that Mileikowsky did not say Iran but Persia. He believes the people of Iran love his goddamned colonial project but only the rulers hate him? And when he said “historic friendship”, his state was erected in 1948 and there was a diplomatic relations under the Shah that lasted for 31 years till 1979 Iranian revolution and it has been disrupted ever since for 39 years.

    2 “most of the states in our region know—they know very well, believe me—that Israel is not their enemy, but their indispensable ally in confronting our common challenges and seizing our common opportunities. That is true for Egypt and Jordan, Israel’s long-time peace partners, but it’s also true for many other Arab countries in the Middle East. Israel remains committed to achieving peace with all our neighbors, including the Palestinians.”

    Mileikowsky forgot to mention that both Egypt and Jordan receive billions of US taxpayers’ money to keep the squatting Jews in Palestine safe. Remove that money and watch how fast missiles will come flying in Miliekowsky’s direction. “Israel” is the malignant tumor that is eating away at the Arab heart (Palestine) and for the rest of the Arab countries not to pay attention to the heart is just waiting for the cancer to ravage the rest of the Arab body. There has never been a worse tragedy that fell on the head of the Arabs when foreign Jews fell on the head of the Arabs. This Zionist enemy is the most brutal, the most deadly and the most supremacist. The Arab peoples should never waste a day without doing anything to contribute towards the removal of these aliens who seized Arab land by force. Interesting that this European invader was so shameless to tell the Arabs that he is their friend and not the enemy as he murders Palestinian children and destroys Palestinians homes on a daily basis.


  • Robert H. Stiver

    I’ve heard very little about J Street of late; the last time I went to its website was at least two years ago, and I’m assuming its masthead continues to read “Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace.” That was very much enough for me to not even think of giving it any credence…same for the JVP that is nothing more than a nice-sounding gatekeeper for Zionism. Cross JVP’s “red line” at your peril: witness the indefatigable Alison Weir (IfAmericansKnew), whose “Against Our Better Judgment” (IMO) finally caused JVP to throw her under the bus (thus, to hell with Alison’s near-20-years of principled advocacy for the Palestinians). As for Code Pink, I’m less sure: it has done some great things for Palestine, but occasionally it really pisses me off. I intuit that CP is a case of activists’ pursuing so many dissident causes that it/they get distracted and diluted from a *real* passion for full justice for Palestine. That white-hot passion, all-consuming and -exhausting, is missing in too many persons/institutions who profess to have the Palestinians’ quest for justice, human rights, dignity, liberation, and peace in their hearts and actions. (Also — again, IMO — those who *do* have “the passion” tend to become so scattered, and single-tracked, and status-quo-satisfied, and ego-driven that their efforts are reduced to pinpricks here and there that the Zionists merely scorn and welcome as ineffectual. They — those with “the passion for Palestine” — should have the focus of AIPAC and the entire horde of Zionist zealots.)

  • Helen4Yemen

    Thank you Robert for this comment, you made many excellent observations. I remember when J street first announced their mission and I immediately sent out emails warning people. They seem to love the word “Jew” and it is part of their group names.”Jews-for-this” and
    “Jews-for-that”.They always congregate as Jews and stand apart from the rest of humanity. They seem not to want to be part of the general public while their aim supposedly is seeking justice for others but always segregated as Jews and announcing to the world that they are Jews. It always looked to me that they wanted recognition for their “good deeds” as Jews. We do not have Hispanics or Catholics or Chinese protesting on behalf of Palestinians but announcing who they are. I am not aware of any Jews who advocate on behalf of Palestinians who are motivated by nothing other than justice except for Alison Weir, Jeff Blankfort, Ralph Schoenman.

    What I find fascinating but also disgusting is how a Zionist like Norman Finkelstein debates another Zionist like Wolf Blitzer or Alan Dershowitz and one of the Zionists comes out like such a wonderful defender of Palestinian rights by comparison with the hard core Zionist. They play very sophisticated games on us. The moderator too of these “debates” is always a Zionist like Amy Goodman. Finkelstein once ventured into uncomfortable territory when he agreed to debate James Petras and what happened at that debate was that Finkelstein got so hammered by Petras that it was really embarrassing. But the Jewish moderator of that debate cut off James Petras at very crucial moments and saved Finkelstein from further embarrassment. The link of that debate is below. I encourage anyone to watch it because it is very rare that a Zionist makes the mistake of debating a true anti-Zionist like Petras and gets owned.


  • Robert H. Stiver

    Helen, re “…announcing to the world that they are Jews…,” I’m waiting for the Jews, and the world, to announce that Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken and most of the rest of their sexual-predator scumbags are Jews preying on goyim gals (and I suppose their own tribal kind, as their arrogant lust for sexual and power dominance is insatiable). But I’m waiting in vain, I fear: even “decent” alternative sites are not blasting the truth for all to know (or am I missing it…is there at least an undercurrent of *real* news in this one instance?). And then there are the Jews-Zionists circling in droves and cliques around Trump, his now-Jewish daughter, and the rest of the “power center,” preying on America, and on Palestine, and on the world. I’m waiting for that proverbial tipping point….

    Thank you for giving credit to Professor James Petras. I love him for his unmatched humanity, not to mention that he taught at Binghamton, only 80 miles from my childhood environs in mid/upstate New York. I will go to the url you offer as soon as I finish this.

    Let us pray for Palestine. It Is Still THE Issue!

    (Is Alison Weir Jewish? I never even thought of the possibility–not that it does or should matter; she is truly a heroine….)

  • Robert H. Stiver

    Dam’ — I had time only for the first 27 minutes (as far as a station break) of the 55-minute debate. Will watch the rest later. Stimulating! I’m going to coordinate with a co-producer colleague and try to place this debate before the viewers of my local public-access TV cable system. (In a way, I’m disappointed that this debate is, I think, 2007 — prior to the 2008-9, 2012 and 2014 Ziomassacres of Gaza. It is after the 2006 Zioinvasion of Lebanon and the forced-aborted 2006 democratic elections in Palestine, and I hope I’ll at least hear something of those two events as I watch the remainder….)

  • Helen4Yemen

    1) Yes, I too admire and like James Petras a lot.

    2) Yes, Alison Weir is “Jewish” or rather Ashkenazi. She did once mention on her blog that she is Jewish. That is why there are different kinds of insults depending on who the person is who objects to Zionist terror. They won’t refer to her as Nazi and she too is less afraid to say what she wants to say without worrying if someone would be pointing the accusatory “holocaust” finger at her. You know the true colors of the “good Jews” by who was defending Weir and who was attacking her when JVP had made it their mission to attack her.

    3) Israel’s rape epidemic https://worldpeace365.wordpress.COM/2018/03/07/israels-rape-epidemic/

    4) Noam Chomsky exposes himself as a Zionist in an interview by Alison Weir. This is another example where a Zionist found himself in a situation where he was unable to answer difficult questions and he even threatened to stop the interview, https://www.youtube.COM/watch?v=t_LygPVxY8A

    That’s it my friend, I have provided you with so much info here but please try to watch the Weir interview of Zionist Chomsky.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Robert: I hope that you will get the time to finish watching the entire debate. Norman Finkelstein made no sense at all when he claimed that since the neocons derive that strength from the US that a weakened US will just make them weaker and therefore it does not serve them to look out for “Israel”. Wow! That statement probably would have gone unchallenged had it not been James Petras that he was debating. We learn from the debate that the in the early 1970’s that Finkelstein took logic classes from James Petras and Petras responded by saying that Normal could not have taken that sort of convoluted logic from Petras … and Finkelstein began to giggle uncontrollably. Just weird! I have a link below for the transcript of that debate.

    Norman Finkelstein:

    Just a second . . . Mr. Wolfowitz, Mr Feith and all the others . . . their power springs from the American state. If Israel gets stronger, their power does not increase. If the United States gets weaker, their power decreases. So now we are having this weird phenomenon of people, due to their ethnic loyalties, are willing to strengthen another state and thereby weaken the sources of power from which their power comes . . . that doesn’t sound believable.
    James Petras:

    I’m afraid he has gone off the track somewhere — despite some very good books he has written on the Zionist ‘shakedowns’, on the Holocaust and the refutation of the plagiarism of [Alan] Dershowitz. I am afraid that when it comes to dealing with the predominantly Jewish lobby, he has a certain blind spot, which is understandable. In many other national and ethnic groups — where they can criticize the world but when it comes to identifying the power and malfeasance of their own group . . . . (she interrupted him!)


  • Robert H. Stiver

    Helen, I did finish my viewing of the Petras-Finkelstein debate. It’s too bad the moderator — identified as Jewish — wasn’t better at her function. Professor Petras has an awesomely fertile mind; I’d like to have half his brain cells…he must have been dissatisfied at not being allowed to better articulate himself and all the issues involved. Finkelstein — who adamantly refuses to consider any Palestine solution other than the will-never-happen two-state chimera — is of a kind with Chomsky and (he mentioned) Stephen Zunes and too many others who, it seems to me, want to display their grand, sweeping knowledge of the political-science scene and, by doing so, minimize or bury the overwhelming power and influence of the Zionist monster. (Zunes, BTW, I believe calls himself an Episcopalian, but he sure waddles like a Jewish Zionist duck to me. I featured him years ago in a debate of four on public-access TV in which Jeff Blankfort [Prof. Hatem Bazian was Jeff’s partner] opposed him; just Zunes’ facial twists and body language alone were enough to turn off anyone….)

    Re the “rape”/sexual-abuse segment, I looked for but was disappointed in not finding it updated to include the US epidemic starring Weinstein, Frankel et al.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Robert: Do you have a link to that debate between Blankfort/Bazian and Zunes? Just the mention of the name “Zunes” is enough to make me tense. I know the man too well and he is so shameless that he attends Palestinian seminars to sell his books. I put Zunes in the same category as Alan Dershowitz. Yes, James Petras was such a delight for me to listen to. You almost never hear of debates where an Arab or a non-Jew is debating these smooth operators. In years past, I used to talk about how Finkelstein who wrote the book ‘The Holocaust Industry’ is the greatest peddler of the ‘holocaust’ narrarive. When he gets to speak on stage, his deceased mother and father are always with him, he never forgets to mention them and their “holocaust” and therefore, the message is that his peopple are entitled to Palestine because of the “holocaust”. Finkelstein never wavers from the “holocaust” figure of 6,000,000 or else he gets offended and he will start to whine endlesslly.

    Re: the rape cases by Jews (Ari Shavit, Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Al Franken …) maybe you need to look at other search engines other than Google. Google has a system in place to suppress info if it regards it as harmful to Jewish interests. How about Yandex or Bing or even Yahoo search engines? Are Jews involved in rapes disproportionate to their numbers? I found this link searching elsewhere other than Google:


  • Robert H. Stiver

    Helen, I regret that I can’t find the time or energy to give you full support here. Here’s a link to a 2007 Jeff Blankfort article that directly relates. I don’t recall how I received the (assumed) DVD from which my co-producer and I assembled our PATV program; Jeff may have sent it to me personally. Perhaps a diligent internet search would produce results. Also, note that JB’s e-mail contact point is at the end of the article; whether it is still current, and what Jeff’s current life situation is, are unknown to me.


  • Helen4Yemen

    Your link says not found. But here is a 2006 interview of Jeff Blankfort. I really liked it a lot when I read it back in 2006 and liked it even more reading it again in 2017.