Roger Waters: If Julian Assange Is Guilty, So Am I

| Resistance Report

Musician Roger Waters told NewsClick that , “In 2010 Julian Assange along with Chelsea Manning played a pivotal role in releasing classified documents on US military activity in Iraq and Iran. I displayed the video for three years. If Julian is guilty so am. I am ready to give my arrest and may be in the coming time they can arrest me too. ”

  • NoNameSoSueMe

    Julian Assange is guilty of doing his job: publishing information brought to him by people like Manning. He is guilty of exposing the murderous criminality of the US empire and embarrasing Clinton. He is guilty of carefully checking his sources and publishing the truth. The criminals are the ones prosecuting him. They are the ones who should be doing time.

  • cechas vodobenikov

    Roger Waters catapulted Neil Postman to fame–impressed by his book, ‘Amusing Ourselves to Death’, he recorded an album, ‘Amused to Death’…this is when the kardashians filled his classrooms at NYU
    Postman wrote: “no people are more entertained and less informed than Americans. Nowhere in an amerikan public education are the concepts of truth and falsity ever addressed, nor are ideas…amerikans do not converse (Tocqueville), amerikans entertain each other. amerikans do not exchange ideas; amerikans exchange images. the problem with amerikans is not Orwellian–it is huxleyan: amerikans love their oppression”
    obviously such people do not produce social change

  • Nylene13

    Guilty of embarrassing Clinton. So true.

  • blessthebeasts

    This is a fantastic interview. I love the courage and passion of Roger Waters. Too bad there aren’t millions like him. Unfortunately, as he said:
    “Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English (and American) way.”

  • Southern

    We’re all painfully aware that Julian Assange is innocent of the trumped up charges against him yet what are we going to do about these so blatantly corrupt proceedings in a court of law that protects war criminals yet throws the book at those that have exposed them.

    Remember when our so called authorities suggested that ”If you see something say something” that is exactly what happened after Manning leaked the material to Assange who subsequently released it for the world to see the crimes being committed in our good name.

    It’s war criminals that should be held accountable and that they’re not sadly reveals volumes about how unsuccessful we have been so far.

    Julians Assange best chance now is in the appeal process where conservative as they might be the judges are said to take their jobs far more seriously.