Rolling Protest For Rent Forgiveness

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Above photo: Tenant advocates lead a car-caravan protest in the Windsor Square area of Los Angeles on Sunday, March 29,2020. The protesters demanded a total moratorium on evictions during the coronavirus crisis, complete rent forgiveness and/or rent suspension, and immediate use of hotel and motel rooms to provide housing to unhoused residents. Gene Blevins.

Protesting in a method that aligned with the social distancing urged by the state, county and city, tenant advocates climbed into their vehicles and rolled past the traditional Los Angeles Mayor’s residence — Getty House in Windsor Square — in a demonstration intended to urge Mayor Eric Garcetti to support sweeping anti-eviction measures amid the widening coronavirus crisis.

The protesters, rolling up and down the street in cars bearing pro-eviction-ban messages, called for a complete moratorium on evictions, full rent forgiveness or the suspension of rent for those who can’t afford it and making hotel and motel rooms available for people without homes.

In a marathon meeting on Friday, the City Council passed a collection of measures providing protection for people hit hard by business closures, layoffs and other aftershocks of the pandemic. The council extended the city’s ban on residential and commercial evictions, embraced paid sick leave for many employees and supported safeguards for “essential” workers at businesses allowed to stay open.

The council’s approved version of the eviction moratorium allows renters 12 months to pay back rent — double the originally proposed six months. But some believe more of a blanket ban on evictions is needed, and they challenged that measure — and the mayor’s and governor’s versions, too — as being too limited amid a public health crisis that could push many people out of their dwellings into homelessness. They said the approved moratoriums only give people a defense against evictions later in court, and then, only if they could prove they were directly affected by the coronavirus.

  • Big Brother Sam Other

    Evict congress and their oligarch owners. Bernie Sanders dropped out. Biden and Trump are two heads of the same monster. The homeless population is undercounted at half a million Americans, refugees in their own country, and now people are prevented from working to pay their rents and mortgages to land Lords and bankers to whom they are in debt for a place to sleep and shelter. Unless something is done now, the homeless population is about to skyrocket, placing strain on the resources charities use to try to help people survive.

    I will never vote for biden. He had a half century in the swamp to fix this and it’s worse than ever.

  • 0040

    I haven’t voted since 1968 when I , foolishly it turned out , voted for Nixon after becoming enraged with Johnson for surrendering in Vietnam, which it turned was the same thing Nixon did after another 30000 GIs were killed and countless Asians in the carpet bombing that ensued ?

  • 0040

    A rent strike is a great idea The rentier class will have problems evicting those that won’t pay up on time as long as the panic-demic persists. Being hoisted on their own petard perhaps.

  • voza0db
  • voza0db

    A rent strike is indeed a great idea… A car drive not so much!

  • voza0db

    Don’t know why they allow to upload images if they delete all comments with images!

    Watch how a weak Flu Virus destroys lives, even without infecting!

    https : / / uploads . disquscdn . com /images/f7069668b66147f98a52c18d89696bbf1aecd30d7c0cf3a1cd54f6ba10f88830.jpg

  • voza0db

    The DNC is, very likely, going to replace Biden with another scoundrel. Pocahontas or some other billionaire…

    If they move forward with Finger Biden, it’s just because they LIKE mutTrump and want 4 more years of him in the White Horse.