Russia, Afghanistan And The Big Lie

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Far from being an enemy, Russia assisted the U.S. and its coalition in their fight against the Taliban.

“Russia is the nation least likely to do business with jihadists.”

There is no end to the Russiagate fraud. All major charges have been disproved. No one was convicted of the dreaded “collusion” that was reported endlessly for the last four years. Damning information is now declassified and casts doubt on the veracity of the whole story. CrowdStrike, the Democratic National Committee cybersecurity firm, admitted under oath they had no proof of hacking by Russia or anyone else. Robert Mueller ended his two-year-long, multi-million-dollar investigation with nothing except convictions for process crimes.

Why then did the New York Times print a story with an unnamed intelligence agency source claiming that the Russian government paid the Taliban to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan? The charge is ludicrous on its face but the story is quite useful to people who want to hide their own criminality while simultaneously keeping Trump hamstrung in an election year.

Russia is the nation least likely to do business with jihadists. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, jihadists nearly tore Russia apart. Separatists from the Chechnya region terrorized the entire country which was weakened and divided after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Because of that experience Russia eagerly assisted the United States after the September 11 attacks. Far from impeding the U.S. presence, Russia and other former Soviet republics were steadfast participants in the Northern Distribution Network  (NDN). NDN was a supply line carrying materiel from Russia, through central Asian nations and finally to Afghanistan. Russia allowed the use of its air space in troop transit flights. Far from being an enemy, Russia assisted the U.S. and its coalition in their fight against the Taliban.

“The charge is ludicrous on its face but the story is quite useful to people who want to hide their own criminality.”

Russia’s NDN cooperation lasted until 2015 when U.S. meddling in Ukraine poisoned relations between the two countries. Hostility towards jihadists remains a focus of Russian foreign policy decision making. The concern that ISIS might take control of Syria was the primary reason that Russia finally helped president Assad in 2015.

Not only does this latest claim make little sense, but there is no source for this information. We are told that an anonymous intelligence official revealed the Russian bounty and that Donald Trump was aware of it but did nothing. Anonymous intelligence sources are the cause of much mischief. They will tell the public that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction or that Muammar Gaddafi is planning a massacre. In both instances, the rationale for lying was to get public approval for U.S. aggression. In this case keeping the failing Russiagate narrative alive is a motive for more disinformation.

The timing of this dubious reporting is significant. An appeal’s court recently ruled that a federal judge must dismiss Michael Flynn’s conviction for lying to FBI agents. Flynn was set up by James Comey and Barack Obama with some involvement or knowledge on the part of Joe Biden. The timing of this development could not have been worse. When Flynn’s charges are dismissed, the story will truly begin to unravel and the corporate media will lose its monopoly on information.

“Anonymous intelligence sources are the cause of much mischief.”

It is also important to mention that the Trump administration has been in peace talks with the Taliban. A troop drawdown would certainly help his electoral prospects. All the more reason to generate confusion.

The deep state is also quite bipartisan. No one knows who carried the phony story to the Times but it certainly wasn’t anyone friendly to the president. Trump has enemies in the intelligence agencies, who often harbor their own agendas.

The New York Times was joined in this new scam by the Washington Post, owned by Jeff Bezos, the Amazon CEO and richest man in the world. Amazon’s activities include a $600 million cloud computing contract with the CIA. The imperialist newspapers are not disinterested in this matter. They play an important role in creating propaganda tropes for public consumption.

This election year is putting the rogue’s gallery of American politics on display. The loathsome Trump is confronted by people who couldn’t beat him at the polls. But they can create a phony scandal which deliberately misinforms millions of people for base and cynical reasons.

“The imperialist newspapers play an important role in creating propaganda tropes for public consumption.” 

Russiagate was dead after Mueller’s disastrous judiciary committee testimony in 2019. It was resuscitated by Trump’s stupidity in a phone call with Ukraine’s president. But the Democrats chose an uninspiring candidate with his own ethics issues tied to Ukraine. They need all the help they can get to pull him over the finish line. The same people who banded together to create dirt on candidate Trump have no compunction about doing the same thing four years later.

Trump is a train wreck who presides over a worsening COVID-19 pandemic and who tweets videos of his gun toting mobs shrieking about white power. He is on the ropes politically and another well timed scandal could hurt him. That is certainly the hope of the Democratic wing of the duopoly. They have better manners but they offer no decent alternative. They want to continue the Afghanistan forever war and they want their domestic crime to remain hidden.

Democracy is for the rubes, the little people who want to believe that the country works in their interests. They can be easily fooled because Trump’s presence in the White House makes a lie of their belief system. What they can believe is anything negative about him, no matter how outlandish. Of course when good information is kept from the public the truth is the outlier while the lie gets credibility.

Margaret Kimberley’s Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR, and is widely reprinted elsewhere. She maintains a frequently updated blog as well at and she regularly posts on Twitter @freedomrideblog. Ms. Kimberley lives in New York City, and can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)

  • rgaura

    Spot on. Democrats have disgraced themselves repeatedly, now trying to prevent the president from withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and Germany. The idea of trying to foist the loathsome criminal Biden on the country is preposterous, and indicates their depravity.

  • mmckinley

    The stupidity is lying in the first place about Trump’s venality regarding Russia. There was no need to lie, the truth would have been quite enough to take him down. Trump was friendly with Putin for the same reason he has been friendly with all autocrats: he admires the Russian gangster-capitalist mafia oligarchy that Putin has assembled, and aspires to have this system in the U.S. for himself, for his own family’s enrichment. There was (and is) quite enough to solidly impeach Trump, even around emoluments alone, not to mention serious constitutional transgressions. The problem was that Trump’s illegalities would have opened the doors to numerous Democratic Party illegalities, and this Nancy could not abide. So impeachment was limited to peripheral, trivial offenses, and doomed to exoneration in the Senate.

    Russiagate was concocted by the neoliberal, corporatist deep state to 1) distract and absolve the Hillary campaign from corruption in the primary and incompetence in the general election, and 2) to demonize Russia and resurrect the most lucrative cold war, ever. I don’t think Russiagate was ever meant to be a serious impeachment investigation. Things just got a bit out of hand, to be smoothed over by Pelosi and wiped clean by McConnell.

    The problem is, because it was a lie, and has been proven to be a lie, Trump was absolved. He was exonerated, and has emerged stronger than ever in the eyes of his devoted disciples. And he hasn’t even started his campaign against the weakest Democratic presidential candidate in history. Truthful accusations against Trump are seriously weakened. And the U.S. bipartisan march to war is stronger than ever. Can anyone else see a most lovely October surprise in the the near future? Perhaps the invasion of Venezuela? Or Iran? Or both! Our socialist enemies! And think of the oil! Think of the martial law! Think of the exoneration!

  • Bill Rood

    Margaret should read Scott Ritter’s article on Bountygate, found in this same email. I agree that Trump is loathsome, but the Democrats are worse. Who’d have thought it possible? I’m torn between voting for Trump, the less effective evil who has crossed my red lines multiple times, and voting for a third party candidate. If the Democrats win, we will be on a short, steep road to totalitarianism.

    One thing Margaret says that I disagree with is the “worsening COVID-19 pandemic.” It’s not the “pandemic” itself that’s worsening, but the COVID-19 response. The anti-Trump media and pro-vaccine fanatics have done a great job of convincing people that the sky is falling, constantly trumpeting and increase in “cases,” about half of which are asymptomatic, and a small minority of the symptomatic requiring hospitalization. They’re going to have an awful time continuing the mass murder of nursing home residents, as people generally don’t die twice, and if deaths don’t rise to match the number of new “cases” discovered by the increased testing, they’re going to have to admit that the case fatality rate is actually less than the seasonal flu!

    So far, they’ve done a great job of frightening people and stampeding local governments into declaring that masks are now “required,” but people are getting really tired as more and more of the finest local restaurants close for good. As the fatalities fail to increase commensurate with the cases, more and more of the sheeple will start paying attention to Del Bigtree, Rashid Buttar and Pam Poppens. They’ll start wondering why YouTube censored world famous experts like John Ioannidis and Knut Wittkowski and practicing doctors like Dan Erickson, Artin Massihi and Vladimir Zelenko. They might learn Didier Raoult’s name and might turn to Swiss Policy Research’s Facts about Covid-19 and start reading the OffGuardian. What then?

    Will people draw the logical conclusion that the Covid-19 response and murder of old people in nursing homes and younger people on ventilators didn’t result in a high enough death count and the Gates/WHO/CDC/Fauci crowd was forced to falsify death certificates? Perish the thought; the need to persecute whistle blowers like Dr. Scott Jensen will become unbearable, but such persecutions, vilifications and censorship will become more and more obvious to the proles, who might then start looking for alternate sources of information. Who knows, maybe even Margaret Flowers will start questioning the persecution of Judy Mikovits. As they become more and more aware of the deliberate manipulations of trials and studies to try to discredit the HCQ/zinc/zPak cocktail, they might search the web for HCQ and fraud and become even more skeptical of pseudo-science funded by Gates and Big Pharma. They might stumble on JFK, Jr., and discover that Big Pharma has been totally immune to liability since 1986. Anyone want Big Pharma to continue with unlimited moral hazard? They might start questioning Fauci for allowing developers of Covid-19 vaccines to skip animal trials for a virus that should have killed less than the flu but was allowed to kill far more in nursing homes and on ventilators. They might learn about mRNA, gene drives, nanotech and the potential to affect fertility. Anybody for mandatory vaccines now? What could go wrong?