Russiagate Smashes Human Survival Attempts

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Jill Stein speaking at the Green Party Presidential Candidate Town Hall hosted by the Green Party of Arizona at the Mesa Public Library in Mesa, Arizona. Image credit: Gage Skidmore/ flickr.

“There’s millions of commies in the freedom fight

“Yelling for Lenin and civil rights

“How do I know? I read it in the *Daily News*”

—Tom Paxton

Humanity faces climate and nuclear threats to its existence, spearheaded by the U.S. government. Survival proposals, or what your television calls fringe leftist schemes backed by Vladimir Putin (who, for the most part, does not back them), face many hurdles just to be heard. Unless you’re a 15-year-old girl from Sweden or the Pope or have found some other magic loophole, there are many things that you just cannot say in U.S. corporate media: the earth’s dying; the U.S. government is an oligarchy; meat and dairy are deadly; nuclear apocalypse is highly likely; war is illegal; weapons dealing is evil; military spending has made the U.S. a third-world nation; single-payer healthcare more than pays for itself; a peaceful sustainable society would be easy to create and cost less and make us safer and not slaughter so many people; a position shared by two major political parties can nonetheless be catastrophically awful, unpopular, corrupt, illegal, and sadistic.

In recent decades there has been one way an ordinary decent person could say such things and have at least a little fraction of them distorted and mocked in the corporate media. Such a person could tap into the ridiculous, anti-democratic, immobilizing pretense that the only things people can do are gripe and moan or vote. Such a person could run for office. But the returns on such efforts have been diminishing. The corporate media has largely whited out unwanted candidates. Lesser-evil voting is more firmly established than ever. And, just to seal the deal, any candidate not operating under the banner of one of the two corporate parties is now reported to be a product of a demonized foreign government, as indeed are various candidates belonging to one of the mega-parties also reported to be.

According to NBC News, Jill Stein in 2016 was a “fringe” candidate backed by Russia. The evidence for this — or, rather, the excuse to claim this — is the typical alleged puny amount of bizarre social media posts that nobody even suggests could have possibly impacted anything, allegedly posted by people with some sort of connection to the Russian government. To make this particular twist on Russiagate especially laughable, it relies in part on a company that has openly admitted to manufacturing  phony “Russian” support for a U.S. Senate candidate in order to falsely claim exactly what it is claiming about Stein, and that has openly admitted to posting weird inconsequential stuff on social media in that race in exactly the style depicted in Russiagate lore, but apparently without any of the unacceptability, much less the comparisons to Pearl Harbor, by virtue of the fact that, I guess, no Russians were employed in the efforts.

I asked Jill Stein to comment, and she said:

“The NBC attack article is a pathetic example of the political intimidation and warmongering that go hand in hand with resurgent McCarthyism. This puts us all at risk, and gives more reason than ever to mobilize for peace and a Green New Deal to transform our economy, turn the tide on climate change and make wars for oil and empire obsolete. The attack by NBC, mirrored by the operatives at Center for American Progress, suggests the Democratic establishment is revving up its attack on progressive voices as the illusion of Democratic progressivism unravels – with the return of their opposition to Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, peace in the Middle East etc., now that election day has passed. This underscores again why we need independent, non-corporate politics capable of representing everyday people, not the economic elites pulling the strings on the establishment political parties. Putting the Democratic Party back in the driver seat will continue the bipartisan policies of austerity, inequality and war that are generating right-wing extremism all over the world. It’s time for a politics for people, planet and peace over profit, and voting reforms – like Ranked Choice Voting – that will liberate the political will to make it happen.”


True believers in all things Russiagate will have to conclude that any left-leaning initiative in the United States is a Russian plot. There’s no upcoming major the-WMD-are-nowhere-to-be-found moment of something happening or failing to happen that will erase that nonsense from people’s minds. But they may not have to go on believing that Trump and Putin got together and rigged the election that defeated the Democratic nominee who had rigged a primary against a stronger candidate with zero help from Russia, ISIS, or the tooth fairy. That’s because there may come a moment when the corporate media admit that Russiagate uncovered all the sorts of crimes one would expect of powerful political figures in the United States but nothing to support the original fantasy of a Trump-Putin swindle.

When Russiagate ends without its central case, its fans ought to take serious consolation from the fact that numerous other allegations against Donald Trump are indisputably established, and articles of impeachment drafted and ready to go, even if none of the other charges that can be brought against Trump boosts the risk of nuclear apocalypse so well as the Russiagate scandal that is simultaneously serving to discourage survival thinking.


  • mwildfire

    This is why I’ve begun to wonder whether the establishment really was caught flat-footed by a Trump win; whether those at the top really intended Clinton to be it, as we all expected. If the objective was to slide through the next decade with nothing done about the increasingly extreme emergencies facing humanity–because what obviously has to be done would slow the profits of the weapons industry, the insurance and drug industries, the oil and gas industries, and maybe others–they could hardly do better than to put in the Oval Office someone who would reliably generate endless scandals and keep the spotlight obsessively on himself while Congress cuts taxes for the rich, ends net neutrality (well Pai did it but Congress failed to undo it), sends even more money to the Pentagon, including over a TRILLION dollars for, insanely, a new generation of nuclear weapons, and gears up for a level of constant surveillance of all citizens that goes beyond anything in even recent dystopias. And on climate change, does–nothing. With say Obama in the White House, they couldn’t have gotten away with such outrages. But Trump throws things like family separations at us, to suck up the time and energy and money of activists–and the Democrats fall back on this lame Russiagate crap as their “don’t look at us, look at the naughty men!” gambit–it’s discouraging how many of my friends are falling for this bullshit.

  • chetdude

    I suspect that we would be seeing the same result if the other neoliberal, war mongering tool had been elected with the republican Congress her nomination insured.

    Although I think that it would be a lot harder to rally the real Popular Resistance with “Her” in the WH paying lip service and pushing LOTE and you have no other alternative buttons…

    It would have been nice to see what the old Jewish guy could have done with a Democrat Senate and possibly House instead…

  • TRipp

    Quite obviously,, truthful contrary voices are silenced or character assassinated. Those coming close to the truth are “allowed” as they’re usurped by the Dems and rendered meaningless by that wasted vote. Will the real heroes, hopefully not eventually martyrs, emerge? seem possible..but…

  • mwildfire

    Yeah well. Might as well dream of Jill Stein in the White House, and a Congress where the Greens fight the Democrats and Republican whimper in their tiny caucus.

  • chetdude

    Dang it — since I put a link in it and it’s “waiting to be approved”, I can’t delete my response with the “snark” in it. I don’t mean it, my friend…

    Can you’all delete it and leave the one paragraph version with just the link to the Green New Deal.

  • Jon

    Study dialectics–the science of how internal contradictions sharpen exponentially until a rupture occurs–just like an earthquake fault or a volcanic eruption in the physical world.

  • mwildfire

    If you mean, a hero like people wanted Sanders to be–there are plenty. Few will be politicians–that game is so heavily rigged. We can’t sit back and HOPE for someone to take office and save us–we have to all work to make change, against enormous odds and likely risking our freedom or our lives if we do anything effective.

  • mwildfire

    It’s actually possible, some say, that there are various parallel universes. In which case, I say, I want off this one. No transfers allowed, though, I’m afraid. If that’s how it works, I think this is the one they use as the warning, the horrible example to bad leadership in some of the other universes. Let em put on some special glasses, through which you can read some newspapers from our world, or watch some broadcasts…