Russian Activists Call For American Indian Genocide Monument

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Above Photo: The U.S. Embassy in Moscow. Iliya Pitalev / Sputnik

 Near Moscow US Embassy

Russian activists are requesting permission to install a monument near the US embassy in Moscow dedicated to the genocide of American Indians. A member of the Russian Public Chamber says the move could soon get official support.

The activists have launched a petition in support of the monument on the website. It says that “despite assuming the position of a ‘global policeman’ the United States still refuses to accept the responsibility for killing over 15 million Native Americans.”

The petition goes on to call for public support for the monument, which would be dedicated to “the memory of American Indians who perished as heroes in the unfair war with treacherous invaders.”

According to the author of the document, the request will be forwarded to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, and to the Russian Public Chamber.

Public Chamber member Valery Korovin said in comments to RIA Novosti that the petition was timely and official support for it was very likely.

The initiative to install this monument is very urgent today because it would remind everyone how the history of the United States started. It must become a silent reproach to the modern-day American elites who have seriously diverged from the ideals that were made a foundation of American statehood,” Korovin told reporters.
He also noted that activists should consider a separate petition calling on the US Congress to recognize the genocide of American Indians and to pass a law on the rehabilitation of Native Americans – which is necessary for the US “be done with this dark spot in their history.”

Without the repentance of US society it is impossible to talk about this country’s leadership. The United States now has no moral right to speak about the rights and freedoms of any ethnic groups,” he added.

  • tsyganka

    It’s still going on. The Paris so-called climate talks erased all mention of indigenous people from the document (which still failed to meet reasonable requirements); and if the fascist TPP is approved, it will subject indigenous peoples in the US and signatory countries to abuse and/or annihilation by corporations (i.e., by the immoral people who are CEOs and BoD members).

  • il corvo

    “the memory of American Indians who perished as heroes in the unfair war with treacherous invaders.” From article

    Using the Doctrine Of Discovery, the most horrible atrocities have occurred, the genocide of the American Indian being just one. The other that comes to mind is the struggle of the Palestinian people against against their “treacherous invaders”.