Russia’s Day of Revolution Protests

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Rallies of Leftists in Moscow Results in More Than 20 Detainees

An Unsanctioned Rally on the Day of Revolution“-Anarchists on Bauman

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Crackdown of the “Left March”

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[Video] 7 November 2013 in Moscow anarchists marched near Bakuninskaya, the procession dedicated to the birthday of Nestor Makhno and the October revolution of 1917:

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In the center of Moscow, more than 20 participants in the unsanctioned actions of leftists were detained. On Tverskoy Boulevard six people of the Left March were detained. Total participants of today’s rallies reached several hundred; activists of the Left Front, The Other Russia, Communist Russia, Union of Communist Youth and other activists of leftist movements were present. They marched along the Boulevard from the monument of Timiryazev on Nikitsky Gates and in Pushkinskaya Square the procession was stopped by Riot Police.

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One of the organizers of the “Left March”, the representative of the of left forces committee, Denis Zommer said that the Mayor’s Office did not respond to the notification of application. According to the organizers, city authorities have violated the due terms by not responding to their request.

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At the rally near the metro station of Barrikadnaya, several members from the Red/Black Bloc were also detained according to ATS-info. The Moscow Police also arrested The Secretary of the”Rot Front”, Alexander Batova. After refusing to remove flags from the rally, riot police called in reinforcements and began detaining protesters. Total detained were 21 people. Later, anarchists and leftists still managed to participate in an evening procession near the Metro station of “Pushkinskaya”. About 50 people were there with lit torches/Fireworks and smoke bombs, none of the participants was detained.

The agreed traditional procession of the Communist Party was attended by about 1,500 people. The Communists marched under the rain and went from Pokrovsky and Tverskoy boulevards and gathering at end in Theatre Square, were there was a rally. Speakers included Gennady Zyuganov and former candidate for Mayor of Moscow, Ivan Melnikov.

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Additional photos @Новая Газета “7 November: Festive Parade of CPRF and Unauthorized March of Anarchists:

#Kirov: 7 November — No Reconciliation with the Class Enemy! [RU] Article Details/Photos:

Today, November 7, in Kirov a march and rally was held by the leftists and dedicated to the Great October Socialist Revolution. Activists of Autonomous Action and also independent leftists took part in the event. Under the black-and-red flags gathered about 40-50 people.

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The rally was held in the town square. Speakers from the “Autonomous Action” touched on themes of history of that date, the current political situation and the inevitability of the “left turn” in the mood of the masses and revolutionary poems were read.

96 years ago there was an event of enormous significance for the entire Left. The working people, driven to despair, decided to take charge of their destiny, take back into their own hands and throw off the yoke of capitalist oppression.

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Activists also paid tribute and respect to Nestor Ivanovich Makhno, leader of the rebel movement in the Ukraine during the civil war in Russia, who was born on this day. It was his Anarcho-Communist ideas that were the basis for our current organization.