Russia’s Presence In Venezuela Helped Scale Down US Aggression

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Above photo: Tanks during a military parade to celebrate 206 years of independence in Caracas, 2017. Federico Parra, AFP.

La Paz, Bolivia – Russia’s presence in Venezuela helped scale down US aggression, according to the head of the Bolivian presidential administration, Juan Ramon Quintana.

“I would say that Russia is playing a role of a geopolitical mediator in Latin America. We think that we can find a balanced framework for the relationships in the region, with Russia and China. I think the most important example at the moment is the Russian-Venezuelan relationship. Russia’s very presence in Venezuela helped diminish US aggression regarding their intention to destroy Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela”, Quintana said.

Venezuela has been embroiled in a serious political crisis since January when US-backed opposition leader and head of the National Assembly Juan Guaido proclaimed himself interim president in a bid to replace incumbent president, Nicolas Maduro.

The United States and its allies, including a number of EU nations, immediately recognised Guaido, while Russia, China, Cuba, Bolivia, Turkey among others voiced their support for Maduro as the country’s only legitimate president.

In April, the Russian Embassy in Venezuela said that Russian military specialists were in the country to train technicians and work on repair and maintenance of weapons systems, which were previously sent to Venezuela under bilateral defence industry cooperation agreements. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in turn, said that the presence of Russian military experts in Venezuela was completely legitimate.

  • Infarction

    The imperialist thugs in the White House and Pentagon quickly lose their bravado when faced with a nation that will bloody its nose if they step out of line.

  • chetdude

    I consider this highly ironic.

    In its insatiable greed for power and money, ever since their beginnings in 1917 and 1946 the USAmerican Empire kept the pressure on nascent attempts to institute Socialism in the USSR and the People’s Republic of China. They were willing to do anything up to and including nuclear war to keep them from succeeding with an alternative economic model.

    In the 70s, greedy USAmerican capitalists decided that China would be a great place to outsource U.S. manufacturing to take advantage of gobs of cheap labor using cheap petroleum to transport the goods. They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams and now China can stand on its own as a completely state capitalist operation with very few remnants of Socialism remaining.

    Then in the early 90s, the USSR disintegrated (thanks to their bloated war machine and domestic neglect) and USAmerica swooped in and interfered with their elections to make sure they became a gangster capitalist mirror of the U.S. – greedy capitalists.

    And now, thanks to USAmerican capitalist’s greed for profits which included wasting its treasure on a Police State, massively bloated war machine and severe domestic neglect (sound familiar?) is disintegrating and its global power, even in its “back yard” being threatened by these two, more successful capitalist operations they spawned.

    The irony, it burns…