Sanders Drops Out, Old Guard Keeps Death Grip On Power

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Above photo: Biden for President, via AP.

Unsurprising. There was always a stark contradiction between Bernie’s call to a political revolution and his steady promise to support the eventual nominee at the Democratic convention.

The new crew of young socialists who were inspired by the Sanders campaign must now learn their own lessons on their own timeline. Some will be willing recruits to the paid apparatus of the Democratic Party. Some will take Bernie’s advice to vote for Biden. Some will refuse and finally split to an independent socialist movement.

In a week in which the death toll of the new coronavirus pandemic is still rising in this country, the actual fractures and failures of the existing medical and political system are also brutally exposed.

Biden is barely able to read partisan talking points from cue cards in his socially distanced home studio, but remains explicitly committed to opposing single payer improved medical provision for all. In this way, he continues the retrograde managerial politics of Obama, of the Clintons, and indeed of all the old guard still holding a death grip on power in the Democratic Party.

If Biden wins the White House, it is just absurd to hope that “centrist” Democrats in power will be committed to the basic elements of social democracy. We already have the evidence of the recent bipartisan bill that guarantees immense bailouts to big business, but gives only bare life support to workers and small businesses. Even the provision that there would be an oversight committee over the required public funds proved to be a contractual phantom, which Trump has already dismissed in the next news cycle. The Republican and Democratic parties keep each other in the truly big business of the corporate state.

If Trump wins the White House, the Democratic Party career pols and apparatchiks will blame Sanders and his supporters, and no doubt the Green Party and any independent socialists as well. Again. As if we needed more lessons that the devout mission of “centrist” Democrats is to denounce even a mild reform of their party in the direction of social democracy. They always tell social democrats: “You have nowhere else to go.” Then they lose their minds when social democrats, and indeed frank socialists, get up and go.

Pragmatism? What does that word really mean in politics now? The “progressives” who merely vote by rote, and have done so for decades with the comfortable fatalism guaranteed by professional incomes, are the people least likely to reckon with the exploded fictions of the previous century.

Class conscious popular resistance against the corporate state will continue to evolve, and in this larger movement democratic socialists also belong. Even under the conditions of a pandemic, essential workers have waged a series of wildcat strikes. That means strikes not only against company bosses, but also against the more conservative and managerial union leaders. No one can predict the exact strength and course of labor militancy once workers return to workplaces in greater numbers. We do know that general strikes have punctuated the history of class struggles in this country and around the world.

  • Marble Rye

    There is no “if”, Trump will win the Oval Office once again. Because loss is what any powerful political party deserves when it trots out a poor candidate (i.e., McCain ’08, Kerry ’04, etc). However, the Dems could win if the Electoral College meddled like they did in ’16 and ’00 in favor of the candidate who loses the popular vote. A reach to be sure but I suppose it’s possible. In which case, this would be just deserts for right-wing voters who believe God or Odin or whatever intervened on Trump’s behalf last time, yet who still wouldn’t get it that this is proof we don’t live in a democracy.

    Then again, way too many Americans continue to vote on charisma and platitudes and other shallow metrics instead of policy and meaningful achievement. That much is clear.

    Regardless of who wins, the fact is the American people will lose. And lose big.

  • Rapha

    Re read biographies of Eugene Debs, histories of US Socialist Party and IWW. And read about how Wilson crushed antiwar and labor movements so he could invade France and make sure Britain would carve up colonies after the war. You might decide you are not or ever will be a Democrat.

  • Rapha

    Who gives a Ruck?

  • Steven Berge

    Two good modern books on our anti democratic governance system are The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins and Democracy Inc. by Sheldon Wolin

  • Nylene13

    Is there a list somewhere, that shows the Issues, and Biden and Trumps positions on each issue?
    I think that there is little if ANY difference, but I have not been able to find such a list online. There are plenty of Biden VS Bernie, but none showing Biden VS Trump.


  • Nylene13

    Trump will be re-elected. The DNC will see to that.

  • Nylene13

    My IWW Grandparents would have Loved Bernie!

    Modern Socialist’s bashing Bernie is one reason Bernie lost.

    Screw Debs, you Socialists read him like he is your BIBLE.

    Debs is DEAD, Bernie is alive and fighting-or was -now you get President Trump or Biden.

    Way to go Socialists.


    A MASS REVOLUTION. The socialist revolution needs thousands of men and women who will clash and interact with diverse social groups, parties and organizations. The empire goes through crises that make it vulnerable to the socialist revolution. The trick is to find the weak links and act upon them. There comes a time when the ruling class is unable or unwilling to act in the face of vigorous and organized resistance. The giving way from capitalism to socialism does not happen everywhere and at once, but it happens inevitably in different settings and at different times, until capitalism has disappeared as an economic system. All countries are on this path.

    REACTION TO EMPIRE.These revolutionary movements were the result of the wars of empire. The first world war resulted in the Russian revolution of 1917. The victory over fascism made the emancipation of China, Korea and Viet Nam possible. Capitalist wars resulted in the de-colonization of India, Burma, and African countries. We can see that war leads to a negative reaction to war, which often results in a revolutionary emancipation of the oppressed classes in the affected countries. A third world war would signal the end of capitalism in the whole world, forever. This does not mean of course, that a revolutionary victory always has to be the result of war. Wars may result in revolutionary reaction, but peaceful, democratic revolutions are perfectly possible, as shown in Venezuela and Bolivia, due to internal weakness and corruption in those countries under capitalism, where the people became fed up with the previous regimes.

  • Edward Winslow

    Honestly, why is anyone surprised that Sanders tossed in the towel to ensure the Democratic Party would continue its efforts to destroy the working class? Once again he fulfilled his role as the sheepdog to keep the gullible from bolting the two-party dictatorship.

  • malcolm smith

    Given Trump’s position on climate change it is absolutely essential that he is defeated. Even if the Democrats ran Mickey Mouse we need to vote for the alternative to another four years of Trump.

  • It isn’t just the old guard. There is a younger generation of Right-wing Conservocrats waiting in line and eager to continue the proud Clintonian tradition of self-serving service to Big Money and the MIC. Harris, Buttigieg, Cuomo, Sinema . . . .

    The Democratic Party of FDR is effectively dead. I am sure the Conservocrats are happy about this.

    Time for #Demexit–to the Green Party and a coalition of the Left.

  • No it isn’t.

    You are parroting empty partisan drivel. Trump’s position on climate change is exactly that of the Democratic Party’s dominant Right-wing leadership. It is the position of Nancy Pelosi, who sneered at the Green New Deal. It is the position of Barack Obama, who offered trivial measures at best to fight climate catastrophe. It is the position of Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton and the new generation of Conservocrats in line to inherit the Democratic Party establishment.

    Your “lesser of two evils” is not only still Big Evil–it is the more insidious and effective Big Evil.



  • SamandClaire

    What can be learned from Sanders failed campaigns (twice) is that trying to transform the Democratic party is a futile exercise.

  • malcolm smith

    I would suggest that the recipe for revolution does not exist. True, a depression is an often necessary ingredient, but what is missing is solidarity or any genuine community. We live lives of anomie and isolation in this postmodern world. If there were any real possibility of radical disruption, politicians would respond, eventually, with the reforms needed to put out the fire. What is hopeful is the next generation of politicians such as OAC and Sanders’ legacy. Meaningful reform is possible. This pandemic provides a glimmer of hope. Recall that after WW I and II reforms took place – the National Health Service was born after the war and after Churchill was defeated in an election.
    What is most important is ridding the country of a psychopath. As a physician, I mean that term in the medical sense,

  • Collectivist

    “Modern Socialist’s bashing Bernie is one reason Bernie lost.”

    Definitely one of the reasons.
    Mant of them just couldn’t see the strategy.

    Even though a Bernie nomination, at the very least, was only one of several possible strategies to mobilize progressive and left forces, the dogmatic, categorical rejection of Sanders, by some left forces, has been deplorable, esp. on the part of those who offered no real alternatives.

    Now, they’ll get (perhaps, have gotten already) the ‘acceleration’, of mass misery they were praying for.

    Hope they got enough toilet paper.

  • Collectivist

    Clearly, they’d rather have Trump, again, than Sanders.

  • RickW

    Regardless of who wins, the fact is the American people will lose. And lose big.
    Americans like to vote for clowns and charlatans, as it seems to cement their self-perceived notion of American Exceptionalism.

  • RickW

    The bigwigs of the DNC and the GOP make money regardless of which party forms government. The only (slim) chance that they might actually lose was Bernie – assuming that, had he won the whole enchilada, he could have implemented even a tenth of his platform.

  • mwildfire

    The last president we had who was not a sociopath was Carter. No, getting rid of Trump is not the most important thing much of what is so supremely awful about him amounts to STYLE. You could not have had a greater different is style than between Obama and Trump–but when it comes to POLICY, there isn’t a huge difference. I don’t think presidents set policy. And me, when it comes to politicians, I don’t care what age, race, religion or gender a politician is or whether it cheats on its spouse. I care about POLICY. Will we finally get universal healthcare? Can we finally stop putting most of our budget into attacking other countries and feeding the war profiteers? Can we finally begin doing too little too late about climate change and other ecological crises?

  • Big Brother Sam Other

    I’ll never vote for biden.

  • My message to the Democratic Party leadership: Bye! Done!

  • MrRedwoodGuy .

    Bernie generated tons and tons of energy, and even collected quite a lot of money. It’s a shame it all went into a doomed Campaign II, instead of into building a long lasting organization with some structure, some fresh leadership, some direction and a mission.

    In the end? All for vanity.

  • V4V

    Thank you, I said “Bye” to the Democrats after 1996. After Clinton, I never voted for Democrats for president. I would maybe vote for them for lesser office but I have ceased doing even that. I would no more vote for a Democrat than I would vote for a Republican.

  • iowapinko

    The curiously devoted anti-Sanders cult that was so active on Truthdig represent only a small segment of U$ socialists, Nylene. They were arm chair ideologues who rarely, if ever, engaged with working class organizational efforts. They are unfamiliar with the actual WORK that is an inherent component of the process of community organization.

    Many socialists supported the Sanders campaign as a strategy to build the anti-capitalist movement. Many supported the campaign as the best strategy to improve the lives of the U$ working class.

    Many socialists were active within the campaign itself, however, the untimely withdrawal of the campaign signifies that the moderate elements within the campaign were more influential in the end.

    There were numerous weaknesses within the Sanders campaign. We need a unified and independent left party to represent the interests of the working class. The people of the world and the earth herself need the U$ left to organize a political vehicle with the ability to restrain the insatiable imperial aggression of the corporate empire.

    We need a united front left party to challenge the corporate capitalist monopoly on power. We need a viable 3rd party.

    The primary benefit from the Sanders campaign is that it expanded the national dialogue beyond the restrictions of capitalism. And it educated and gave voice to a young generation who are more inspired and more prepared than ever to engage in the WORK and struggle to achieve power.

    The outcomes of the Covid-19 pandemic are proof that Medicare-4-All, living wages for those performing critical services, and a shift of resources from military to social service are all sound, vitally critical policies.

    Those who engage now to do the work of building a political force to challenge the capitalist oligarchy that is threatening all life are the legitimate heirs of your IWW grandparents and the Socialists.

    We have WORK to do.

  • Nylene13

    Well Said!
    Thank you.

  • Collectivist

    Well said.

  • Collectivist

    “Democrats seem to think that voting is a federal entitlement program in which anyone not a Republican OWES THEIR VOTE TO DEMOCRATS!!! Wrong! I don’t owe Democrats a thing. Votes are won not assigned or allotted. The votes Democrats don’t get are the votes they didn’t earn.

  • Excellent article! The “Democratic” Party is a Neoliberal Fascist Handmaiden of the US Oligarchy, just like the Republican Party, but with slightly better Pig Lipstick.

  • A vote for a Democrat is still a vote for the corporatocracy. In the last seven consecutive presidential elections, I’ve voted for 3rd-party candidates after supporting the most progressive Democratic candidate in the primary. Like their Republican counterparts, centrist Democrats are addicted to corporate money.

  • V4V

    Like their Republican counterparts, centrist Democrats are addicted to corporate money.

    -true that

    I believe that and also that they probably buy into the ideology of U.S. exceptionalism and what they see as their natural right to extract resources from poorer and weaker nations (imperialism).

  • kevinzeese

    It wasn’t the socialists who defeated Biden it was the Obama-Clinron-corporate-DNC Democrats who united because for them a New Deal Democrat it is radical.

    If the Democrats lose to Trump, the selection of Biden will be the reason why. Don’t fall for whatever scapegoat they come up with. The reason the Dems will lose will be corporate elitism that is out of touch with the people.

  • kevinzeese

    A united left is what we need. Howie Hawkins the Green Party candidate is seeking to form Left Unity. See

  • GMOs Live Long & Prosper

    Lets hope so!

  • Imperialism is what gives capitalists a license to steal.

  • I think you meant to say Sanders, not Biden. And I agree with that. The Conservocrats torpedoed Sanders on Black Tuesday, and here we are now . . . .

    Even moderate progressives and New Dealers are anethema to the Democratic Party’s Right-wing leadership, and their zealously loyal partisan rank-and-file, who can be relied upon to drag well-meaning, liberal-minded people along with them.

    That however doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been a profoundly dogmatic sub-set of professed socialists/Lefties for whom Sanders’ decision to run as a Democrat was enough to taint him–it was a total capitulation to the enemy–professed socialists/Lefties who’ve unequivocally and consistently derided and rejected Sanders as a sell-out, a fraud, at best a sheepdog for the Democratic Party–and that sadly has been what he’s been pretty much reduced to at this point.

    But Sanders knew from long first-hand experience–as I think you and Margaret also know from first-hand experience–that running as a third-party, Lefty candidate would have pit him against not only the Democratic Party Machine, but would have earned him nothing much better than vacuous ridicule and dismissive laughter from the “mainstream” corporate media. It’s gets more complicated than that, but that’s why I think he chose to run as a Democrat.

    We need to lure people away not only from the Democratic Party to a coalition of the Left, but away from corporate media and even a lot of what passes today for Left-wing or liberal media–from NPR to AlterNet to Daily Kos to the sickeningly neoliberalized Mother Jones. To outlets like this one, MintPress News, the Gray Zone, Moon of Alabama, Consortium News and others.

  • MrRedwoodGuy .

    Lure people how? The obvious first problem is that there is ZERO organization on the left. Nothing, nada. Unless and until there is an organization with an agenda, with some leadership, with contact lists, with workers, with tools, there is no method or means of “luring” anyone to do anything.

    That’s the Sin of Sanders. He leaves nothing in his wake but spent energy and memories.

  • Nylene13

    As was recently pointed out by a poster here, the “Socialists” who attacked and insulted Bernie are not the majority of Socialists, if they are even really Socialists at all.

  • Rapha

    He seems very coherent and able. State laws though are shamelessly rigged against third parties.

  • Nylene13

    Another reason to join 3rd Parties, aside from voting, is to organize progressives locally and overall.

  • Nylene13

    These Socialists who treat Socialism as a Religion and Worship Debs, drive me crazy.

    They have these meetings where they sit around and argue with each other endlessly over small points of Socialism and accomplish Nothing.

    Maybe we need to come up with a new name-Modern Radical Socialists or Environmental Socialists or something….

    Thanks for naming some alternative websites….

  • Nylene13

    I agreed with you until you blamed Bernie.
    Bernie got us started.

    Now we need to unite all the various Progressive Socialist and Environmental First Groups

    First we need a name.

    I like Radical Socialist Environmentalist Party.

    But too long.

    Maybe Green Socialists….

    Radical Green Socialists.
    I like that.

  • Nylene13

    I think the Rich are going to be surprised at just how many of We the People feel like that.

    The Hell with Biden!

  • MrRedwoodGuy .

    Not so much “blame” for Bernie, as much as misdirected effort. He never stood a chance at becoming the nominee of the Democratic Party, and everyone but him understood that.

    What Bernie had was a national stage on which to reach many millions at a time. Bloggers don’t have that. There isn’t going to be a “national” progressive party, because there is no national figure to lead it. It’s that simple -over and done.

    When will the next MLK arrive? Who knows? But without that level of leadership willing to form a party, and organization, a rebellion, don’t expect to hold any political power.

  • Nylene13

    We are all MLK. We are all Bernie.

    “Don’t waste time mourning. Organize”
    Joe Hill

  • In These Times–on Disqus–is another outlet that’s usually pretty good.

    I think you’ve already been to World Socialist Web Site–also on Disqus–lots of good analysis there, and also lots of dogmatism. It is also associated witht the Socialist Equality Party, which I think is worth investigating.

    Not on Disqus but there’s also Truthout.

    Common Dreams and the Intercept–home of Scahill and Greenwald (surprisingly) still–have become much more of a mixed bag in recent times.

    The Independent Media Institute and ZNet are both online clearinghouse sites which provide updated links to articles elsewhere–by the likes of Greenwald, Nader, Naomi Klein, Medea Benjamin, V. J. Prashad and others.

    There really are quite a lot of Lefty media outlets operating online–including YouTube channels and audio/video podcasts. Flashpoints with Dennis Bernstein, originating from Pacifica’s KPFA station in Berkely, is an excellent, radical Lefty radio program; Democracy Now!, also from Pacifica, I used to listen to or watch nearly every weekday, but hardly at all lately–since it seems to have been spending far too much time and energy chasing “mainstream” corporate media disinformation. I should give it its due and check it out again soon, perhaps.

    I am going to try to put something together on my own personal blog over the next week, a comprehensive, critical list of liberal–and not “liberal” as defined by Fox News or MSNBC or National Petroleum Radio–media outlets online.

  • MrRedwoodGuy .

    Well said.

  • Nylene13

    Sounds good.

    We also need a list of 3rd Political Parties.

    DSA -Socialist Democrat Party, The Green Party, Seattle Socialists Sawant’s Party-I forget the name, the IWW- and

    Environmentalist groups-
    We need to organize all these kinds of groups into One Big 3rd Party that agrees on simple basic things such as the Environment being a Priority and a Socialist Based form of Government.

    Radical Green Socialists.

  • Rapha

    Long meant well but was a failure. This was recognized in radical and militant black organizations as early as 1965.

  • Nylene13

    Long? What do you mean?

  • Possibly Huey Long?

  • Nylene13

    Yeah maybe. I still don’t know what Rapha means. Do you?

  • No idea. Possibly elucidation may be forthcoming.

  • Nylene13

    That would be nice! (smile)

  • Rapha

    Typo I tried to correct. So sorry. Frozen screen.😵. Should be “King”.

  • Rapha

    How hard is it to beat Joe? The rape allegation isn’t going away because his Democrat friends created a rule in Kavanaugh hearing that time passed is irrelevant and corroboration can be conflicting.


  • Nylene13

    OK- King. “King meant well but was a failure”.
    That still does not make sense.

    MLKing was Assassinated.

  • marcosnanto

    Howie Hawkins has been trying to politely win support from the DSA. Unfortunately, some so-called “DSA members” are showing their true colors in the form of rude and snotty reactions especially from Emma Caterine who loves collecting money from suing but doesn’t seem genuinely interested. Lucky those phonies got rebuttals. I wish the DSA would wake up and break away from Pelosi, DCCC, and DNC rather than looking like another soggy gatekeeper for the staggering Pelosi/Schooper-crats.

  • SamandClaire

    I am more than disappointed with Sanders. I am not a socialist and yet I have supported Sanders because I thought Sanders cared about the needs and wants of the forgotton people. All these ideologies (Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, or Anarchism) are tools to solve problems and depending on a problem, a different combination of tools can be employed in a flexible way. Somehow Sanders felt it was more important to distinguish himself as a DSA whereas what he was selling was the Green New Deal for 2020.

    A political party at the present time has to put people in the foreground and the ideologies in the background. Why is it so difficult to create a unified political party that works for the 90% of the people? I have to scratch my head on this one for a long time.

  • All is clear now.

    Interesting coincidence though that Long, like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was also assassinated. Not that I wish to proselytize on behalf of Long’s reputation, but he was nonetheless an interesting and important figure in U. S. political history, particularly during FDR’s administration at the outset of the New Deal. Worth a look-see for anyone interested in Left-wing populism in the U. S.

  • Rapha

    I referred to the growing criticism of him prior to his death. Any of the extensive biographies or histories of sixties will elucidate your gaps.

    As for assassination, it neither promotes one’s long term significance, nor, detracts from it. As Jack Kennedy might say, bump in road.

    Assassinations rarely are unexpected or a surprise. King was criticizing Johnson harshly during 1967 and early 68, about the Vietnam War. His assassination was simply a matter of assembling a team and creating physical evidence supporting an alibi.

    Malcolm X is far more worth your time and effort than the often confused and troubled King.

  • kevinzeese

    DSA is not a political party. It is a nonprofit organization that endorses candidates, almost always Democrats, occasionally in local races they will endorse a Green or other third party candidate. There is division within DSA about whether to stay aligned with the Democratic Party, so far those favoring Democrats are keeping the DSA tied to that party.

    Howie Hawkins the leading Green Party candidate is calling for a Unity Campaign to bring left parties and electoral groups together. See

  • Nylene13

    John F Kennedy
    Robert Kennedy
    ML King
    Huey Long
    John Lennon
    That’s just some of the old guys.

    The ‘interesting coincidence’ list keeps getting longer….

  • kevinzeese

    It is important to recognize how FDR was pressured to put in place the New Deal from third party pressure. FDR came from two of the earliest banking families in the US (the Delano’s and Roosevelt’s) and came into office concerned about deficit spending but was pushed to the left.

    Huey Long’s speeches Every Many a King and Share Our Wealth called for economic fairness and sharing the wealth of the nation in 1934. He was a threat to FDR as a potential rival in 1936 who was threatening to run a third party campaign with the Share Our Wealth Party. He was killed before that campaign. See

    When he died there was talk about Father Coughlin running for president with Francis Townsend. Townsend was an advocate for an old age pension, the Townsend Plan and there were thousands of Townsend Plan clubs across the country. FDR passed Social Security in 1935 in part because of the pressure of the Townsend Plan.

    Third party pressure has always been a key ingredient, along with soclal movements for making change throughout US history.

  • marcosnanto

    Why is it so difficult to create a unified political party that works for the 90% of the people?

    I think part of it is due to how badly we the Left are divided on priorities on the issues. As for Sanders, I think he still cares but since 1996, he thinks that the only way out is in. I don’t think I’m alone on this but I often find myself ambivalent on the idea that the only way out is in at least when it comes to politics and the left. This brings me to my other reason – the left has been shut out of US politics for decades and is divided on whether it will succeed by working from within or battling from the outside what with having to cope with the painful truth that repairing is turning out to be just as difficult to demolish and build from ground zero.

  • SamandClaire

    When the Left people are divided on priorities on the issues, it could mean a lack of a good leadership. As an alumnus of Truthdig, people on the Left are passionate and highly opinionated but I always felt that their hearts are in the right place unless the factions are there by design to divide the Left at the comment section. I rather work with people who think the elimination of capitalism would solve all the problems in a society than people who think more hyper-capitalism is the answer.

    I am in agreement with you. Bernie’s revolution cannot happen within the Democratic party when the DP is managed by the corporate elites. Bernie’s New Deal plans can happen within the DP for a handful of limited issues. The minimum wage could go up. The tuition debt might be eased or erased. No Medicaid4All. No lower drug prices. No removal of military bases.

    Too many areas require repairing for sure. We need strong and uncorrupt congress to reign in the big and powerful corporations. We need strong and uncorrupt congress to check the asymmetrically powerful executive branch so that a war has to be declared by congress. People need to demand more and be seen on the news more than Trump. The masses of people need to turn up. Otherwise we are handing over the country to the elites and they do not have to go that far to see the finished product that they have been building. They will rule more completely.

    Other countries have a mixture of socialism and capitalism to a various ratio. China has its own combination that has been working for them. Norway has its own combination that has been working for them. I hope the US can find its own combination that will work for us. How? No new ideas other than people need to vote more the third party or progressive dem candidates into the congress. How long would it take? Better get to work then. 🙂

  • Whether you’re looking at state level leadership such as Janet Mills, or Andy Beshear, or Michelle Lujan Grisham, or Jay Inslee, or Andrew Cuomo, or Roy Cooper, or Laura Kelly, or Kate Brown, or Gavin Newsom, or Gretchen Whitmer, or Gina Raimondo, or Tom Wolf, or David Ige, or Phil Murphy, or Jared Polis, or Steve Bullock, or Ned Lamont, or J. B. Pritzker, or Ralph Northam, or John Carney, or John Bel Edwards, or Tim Walz, or Steve Sisolak, or Tony Evers, or Lolo Matalasi Moliga. or Lou Leon Guerrero, or Albert Bryan there’s far more efficient, effective, professional, productive, and compassionate outcomes at each state and territory level than there is in this current Administration.

  • marcosnanto

    That’s also true especially in light of the pandemic. I hear there’s a lot of political meltdown going on in the R Partay on reopening vs extending both staying at home and social distancing. In sharp contrast, the Democrats seem to be united at least on issue and rightfully choosing the latter. All this makes me wonder how this nation (or at least half anyway) could be so badly hostile to public health care for all yet keep falling falling for “reopening the economy” never mind the fact that the economy today is less for Main Street and more for the top 1%. Oh how I wish Truman had succeeded in putting health care for all first.

  • marcosnanto

    Hi Kevin. One of my comments on this thread went into “Pending”. I take it that my posting a link might be causing this. Please let me know. Thank you.

  • Indeed. There is a preponderance of evidence that is clear and convincing that Republican governors waited too long to act positively by enacting social distancing rules because of fake president Cadet Bone Spurs’ lies, his willful deceit in downplaying the virus’s severity, which Fox “News” aka entertainment and other conservative media equally deceitfully magnified hour after hour after hour in the crucial early stages of the pandemic, and they feared retaliation from their vindictive Always Be Nice To Me Mob Boss. The Republican cult followers were, well, cult followers. Schizotypal, highly susceptible to suggestion, constantly blame others, are always angry, have low self-worth aka are insecure, are fanatic, are lacking in education and impulse control, display aggression toward non-cult people, are submissiveness to authority, have total resistance to new experiences, are bigots, have a rigid hierarchical view of society, feel entitled, are absolutists, are easily triggered and controlled by fear, and have a “religion” that has convinced them that there’s an invisible man in the sky who watches everything they do, there’s 10 things he doesn’t want them to do or else they’ll go to to a burning place with a lake of fire until the end of eternity, but he loves them!, and he needs money! all the time and more and more of it, yet he’s all powerful, but he can’t handle money!